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Vance called him while he was still home telling him that he had to see him as soon as he came that it was important. To be called into the directors office first thing Monday morning could mean only one thing someone, somewhere is going to be in a heap of trouble.

He stormed into the bullpen, looking around he sees McGee working at his desk and Ziva walking toward the elevators. Holding a paper in his hand he walks up to McGee.

"We need a BOLO for fourteen men."

"Fourteen men?" McGee squeaked.

"Yes McGee fourteen men they went missing over the weekend, the last time they were seen was Friday, Navy special Ops. I have a partial description for you, two clones, one wolf type professor, one with a habit of stealing fire extinguishers, one that collects blow up toys, one neat freak, the rest of their description are here on this paper. All fourteen are extremely dangerous and intelligent, they have been known to drink their weight in beer and eat just as much food and still function at optimum levels. The so called leader of this rag tag group has been known to touch an ice cube and get a splinter a walking talking magnet for all things impossible that can hurt a person. Between them they speak twenty plus languages."

"That's not much to go on Boss. I mean don't you have any names at all?"

"Special ops McGee." He tells him as he hands him the single sheet of paper.

"I'll do my best Boss." He mutters.

Gibbs walks over to his desk and sips some of his coffee. "Where the hell is DiNozzo?"

"I have not seen him Gibbs." Ziva says as she walks to her desk.

"He was supposed to go bowling with me Friday night but called and cancelled." Abby tells him as she sits at Tony's desk spinning in his chair.

He picks up his cell and hit the speed number for DiNozzo after the fifth ring he closes his cell.

He knew there was a reason he always hated Mondays. A group of special ops men missing and now DiNozzo. What else could go happen?

The ping of the elevator door makes them all looks over hoping to see DiNozzo. But what they see instead leaves them in speechless. A man standing there in scrubs and an old aviator leather jacket and a baseball cap on his head. He walks up to Gibbs desk and salutes. "I want to report a missing dog."

A/N: so how many of you miss the wonderful world of Tony and His SEALS?

I went looking today to reread them and get lost in a very fun universe only to discover that they are gone. Did anyone have the forethought to copy and save them for themselves that would be willing to share.