For all the men and women who served and continue to serve on this Veterans Day. Thank you.

After parking his car in his driveway he looks at his house. The house looks like it always does, but somehow it was different he could feel it. Something was off, drawing his weapon out of its holster he made his way up the stairs.

Hearing a car he sees Fornell pulling up and parking in front of his home. He waits until he is joined on the steps.

Seeing that Gibbs has drawn his weapon he does the same. "Something wrong Gibbs?" Fornell asks.

"Don't know yet something is off, call it my gut."

"Good enough for me. Your gut has saved us before." Fornell acknowledges.

He knew that it was wrong not to lock his door, he stopped locking his door after his girls died he never saw the point in locking it after that, there was nothing left worth protecting.

He carefully moves one hand and flips the light switch, both men enter the home and split up going to different rooms calling out clear everywhere they go.

Finding the home completely empty. The only difference they can find is it's cleaner spit and polish clean. Never one to be a slob Gibbs was not a bad housekeeper, just sometimes things like dusting and window cleaning were left for down days. But his entire house is immaculate.

The two men walk into the kitchen, Gibbs opens the fridge and pulls out beers and steaks enough for the two of them.

Fornell looks at his friend. "You're tired, that's all it is. I wouldn't worry about it Jethro." He tells him as he accepts the beer.

He still can't shake the feeling that something is off. They make their way into the living room so that Gibbs can start the fire for the steaks.

As he reaches for the long matches on the mantel for the fire. He sees what it is that has made his gut churn.

Sitting on the mantel fourteen little blue men with white hats dressed as SEALS, surrounding one little man with a red hat dressed as a Marine. They are all at attention saluting the miniature flag placed not five inches away.

Seeing a folded piece of paper he snatches it up and reads its out loud.

"Thanks for your service Gunny. Semper Fi."

"What in the hell" Fornell says.


"I get a pornographic pool party and you get a flag salute."

"Yeah. I like it." Gibbs says with a chuckle as he spots a small airplane next to a little blue man dressed in scrubs and an old bomber jacket kneeling down to fill a dog bowl with the name of buddy painted on it.

"Yeah I like it a lot." Gibbs says as he raises his beer. "Semper Fi."