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[This story is set RIGHT after how the ending of 'I know he's real, I've Felt him' so if you wanna get caught up then I suggest you read it (I think it's a good read, and a nice lemon to make it worth your while ^^) but if you don't then let me break it down to you;

18 year old Ichigo Kurosaki has a life far from a normal young adult. Instead of enjoying his last year at Karakura High with his friends, going out and enjoying life, as he is ready to fly on his own, he is locked up in his room. After an incident where the orange head experiences a pair of gold on obsidian eyes, he is left traumatized. Nightmares plagued his mind for months, he began screaming in agony in hopes someone will help him, which resulted in Isshin Kurosaki going over the edge. In hopes that no one will have to witness his son losing his mind, a worried father takes Ichigo out of school, and forces him to cut all ties with his friends. It was only a matter of time before the orange-head had enough, unable to bear the life he was handed, he wanted to die. Little did he know his own salvation was hiding by closely, anticipating for the perfect time to catch his King when he fell. After a night with Shirosaki, the orange head's faith is restored for the world. And now, with Ichigo's new love, is Isshin willing to accept the fact that he was wrong the whole time?

'Maybe I can stay like this forever, maybe I can eventually exist all on my own.'

Normal POV

The middle aged raven stared at the white figure before him, a pale copy of his own son. Standing at about 5'11" with a swimmer-like body type and spiky locks, the two could've been twins. The man had an eerie yet beautiful look about his aura; his hair rivaled that of moonlight and his skin like ivory, but Isshin couldn't bring himself to look into the eyes of his son's new boyfriend; they were inverted, molten gold irises floated on top of an onyx sea that were his sclera. A quick glance at the eyes proved to be a bad idea, the raven could've sworn he saw a hint of malicious intent in the albino's eyes, but it was quickly replaces by a playful glint.

"Yo, pops. Are ya there? Ya just keep lookin' down is everythin' alrigh'?"

Isshin cleared his throat and smiled confidently, only a fraction of his façade, truthfully the teen scared him a little. He grasped the albino's hand and gave it a firm shake.

"Nonsense, I'm more that perfect, my boy's got himself a man! And call me Isshin, what are your intentions with my son exactly?"

"Dad that's none—"

"Nah Ichi, it's alrigh', yer dad needs ta know abou' me alittle don't he?"

The raven lifted an eyebrow in question at the albino left his son's side and walked towards him slowly. He stood in front of him and gave a smile that resembled more of a smirk as he cocked his head to the side.

"Ya wanna go somewhere ta talk, sir?"

The raven only nodded as walked towards the front door, Shirosaki following close behind and leaving the oranget with awestruck eyes. Questions and assumptions whipped around the middle-aged man's head like an angry twister, who is this young man exactly? Why Ichigo? Why does he seem so familiar? Was he wrong the entire time?

Isshin's POV

"So, what exactly did ya need ta talk to me abou', Isshin?"

I turned to look at the boy in front of me; his eyes hand long lost their previous glint but were now on me waiting for an answer, his arms were crossed over his chest. I cleared my throat and stuffed my fists in my pockets and rested my weight on my left leg. I gave my best poker face and smiled at Shirosaki.

"Well. I just want to know, what exactly do you want with my son? Are you able to treat him right?"

The albino raised an eyebrow as he pondered for a moment then chuckled softly. "Well of course, I really care abou' Ichi, sir." His answer came clear and without hesitation, so I figured it couldn't have been a charade.

"What exactly do you do, Shirosaki?"

"M' still a student, so I don' really 'ave a job righ' now."

"Oh? And where are your parents living?"

His honey gold eyes widened suddenly as his whole body stiffened, he seemed embarrassed for a moment as he rubbed the back of his neck like a kid being scolded.

"Uhh, w-well ya see—"

"Dad can I talk to you for a sec? Shiro, you can wait inside I got this."

Shiro's POV

'Bam. Jus' perfect.'

"Ne, ok Ichi I'll see ya inside alrigh'?"

He gave me a quick look and a small grin. "Yea, I'll be there in just a little."

I turned and headed back inside, grinning wildly. I was pretty fucking happy that I didn't have to answer that question, I hadn't thought of an answer to something like that yet. I walked back into the living room and plopped down onto the couch comfortably, and closed my eyes.

"…Che.. 'ow fuckin' annoyin'…"

I snarled quietly to myself as I peeked at the door, the Berry looked as if he was scolding his father and the old man was looking down all red and stuff, like had just gotten caught sticking his hand into the cookie jar. Ichi was probably telling his old man off for cornering me like that.

'Honestly, this kid thinks too much o' me, 'M justa fuckin' demon, nothin' great 'bout bein' one, an' this kid's all in love with me or some shit like tha'. Don't he know tha' a demon can't "love" an' that we use people for our own uses?'

I cackled to myself quietly, it was too easy.

'I don't wanna stop existing, so I migh' as well make ma creator happy. I need 'im, but there's a difference 'tween love, an' need. An' bein' me, Shriosaki fucking Ogichi, I know I don't need tha' stupid thing called 'love' if it really does exsist.'

I smirked to myself and stood up then went up the dark oak wood stairs then went into my aibou's room and lay on his queen sized bed, just taking in what this new life was going to be like. Maybe I can stay like this forever, maybe I can eventually exist all on my own. Finally, I've become whole, before it was just rage and feelings of loneliness, that's what I was made out of. I closed my eyes and waited for Ichi to come back, but soon sleep overtook me, and hard, the bitch didn't hold back when it sucker punched me in the face.

Normal POV

A vibrant orange peeked through the side of his bedroom door in search of his pale counterpart. He smiled slightly as he noticed that the albino was passed out on his bed already. Walking over to wear he lay, Ichigo nudged the body slightly, hoping not to irritate him too much.

"Shiro…. Shiro.!"

Lazy golden orbs peeked out from half lidded eyes, and looked at the teen. A half grin worked its way onto the albino's lips as he sat up a little.

"Ne, sorry bou' that aibou, didja need somthin'?"

"Err.. No," Ichigo rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly as he looked anywhere but the drowsy albino. "I just wanted to say that.. I told my dad that your parents were dead, and that you needed somewhere to crash, so he told me that you can stay here with us."

Shrio's eyes widened comically as he stared at the oranget who decided to take a seat at the edge of the bed. He scratched his chin and raised a silvery eyebrow questioningly at the teen.

"So yer sure he's totally ok with me stayin' 'ere with ya?"

The Berry nodded which caused the demon to smirk and wrap his arms around said teen's waist and pull him closer. He leaned in closely then whispered seductively into Ichigo's ear, making him blush hotly.

"Thank ya very much, King. Now, tell me, 'ow sound resistant are yer walls an' door?"

Shrio chuckled low in his throat as his cold lips trailed over the hot skin of Ichigo's neck. The oranget could only sputter and squirm in the albino's grasp, standing up so quickly it almost gave Shiro whiplash trying to follow him.

"I-I'll make your bed and you can sleep there, do you don't have to sleep on my bed." He grumbled with cheeks aflame.

Shiro only cackled manically as he fell onto his bed, tears welling up at the corner of his eyes. Truly, this Berry is way too much fucking fun to screw around with.

"Alrigh', Ichi. That's ok if ya are embarrassed." He snickered when the Berry's ears began turning red as well as he threw an extra pair of sleeping pants at his face.

"Those should fit you, now go to bed, ya bastard."

Shrio smirked as he stood in front of the other bed where Ichigo was currently lying, and began to strip in the most obscene fashion; bending and arching the most when he was only in his silk boxers, practically moaning his thanks.

"Ne, thank ya very much aibou, I REALLY appreciate this…"

"Shrio! Go to bed!"

With one last snort and smirk, Shrio slipped on the night pants quickly and jumped onto his own bed, satisfied with how much he had teased the Berry. Covering his body with the comforter and extra blanket, the demon turned to face away from Ichigo's direction and closed his eyes. It was quite a while before a soft sound reverberated in his ears; he noted it quickly as Ichigo's voice and opened his eyes slightly.

"S-shiro….? Shiro…?"

The albino stayed quiet as he was honestly extremely fatigued, getting from the recesses of Ichigo's mind to the real world with the Berry was hard work. Besides, he wanted to hear what his King was thinking next.

"Oh…. Guess you're asleep... I just wanted to say that… That I'm so glad you're here with me now… it makes me feel safe, and… and… complete… goodnight…"

The confession was no louder than a faint whisper, but the sincerity never lacked. The white demon only scoffed mentally as he frowned, he closed his eyes once more and thought to himself.

'Yea, this is ganna be way, too easy."

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