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Shirosaki's POV

Shit fuck damnit!

Why did it have to be so goddamn freezing outside?! It was barely mid-November, and it was like, a hundred below!...

Ok, maybe that's a fuckin' exaggeration.

But seriously, after I had left the coffee shop, I started walking back home through the deserted streets. It's almost like Kami took white out and just went fuckin' berserk all over town; the streetlights, cars, sidewalks, rooftops, all of it were covered by the snow. And it didn't really help that I got this huge headache right after the little.. I don't even know if I should call it an "incident", with Kisuke. My eyes pulsed and my temples bulged, it almost felt as if something was trying to escapes the confines of my skull using a goddamn jackhammer.

I haven't had a headache like this since the night I came out of Ichigo's head.

Scowling at the ground as if it personally wronged me, I continued pushing against the unforgiving frozen wind that prickled against my face like miniscule needles.


It took about 30 minutes to get back to the house; I sighed in relief as I slammed the door shut then locked it, effectively locking out the biting wind. My body trembled when I felt the warmth coming from the heater going full blast.

'Fuck, so quiet in here… is no one home yet?'

I looked around for any sign that anyone was around as I flipped on the light to the living room. After pulling off my soaked cons and socks then setting them onto the floor by the door, I called out to the room.

"Ey, Ichi, , you guys 'ere?"

I paused to listen for a second before determining that no one was home. Karin must've been with her weird punkass redheaded friend Jinta at the video game store, Yuzu at dance practice, Mr. Kurosaki late at work and Ichigo…

… wait where WAS Ichigo?

I huffed and scowled before pulling my phone out of my pocket and quickly dialing my aibou. I held the phone up to my ear before going up to our room and stripping off my scarf, coat, and sweater. The receiver kept ringing. And ringing.

Then his voicemail message.


I growled before hitting the end button on my phone then stripping my under shirt off furiously, then throwing it onto the floor. I whirled around and pounced onto my comforter before crawling under its warmth, I sighed happily at the feathery feel of the material. I stared out into the darkness in the room before my tired mind began to wander, the effects from the migraine I had earlier was beginning to wear off and now all I felt was an overwhelming exhaustion crushing my body. A head of orange head filled my thoughts and tantalizing coffee colored eyes had me buzzing for a moment, before I felt a stinging feeling behind my eyelids. I cussed loudly at the awful feeling that was threatening to burn my head up.

"Fuck… Where's Ichigo?..." I could barely hear myself whisper before I was out like a light.

Ichigo's POV

I had the biggest and goofiest smile slapped on my face after I left Grimm's place. I stayed for longer than I had intended, but shit, it was worth it.

Grimm was one of the most entertaining people to talk with, we never ran out of things to talk about. He always had something to say, and luckily, I always had something to respond to it. We switched topics so many times; it's a miracle that I could recall the whole night clearly, especially since after I had finished off that cocoa, I bravely asked for seconds. Grimmjow had no objections to that request and I had no problem finishing that delicious concoction.

I chuckled as I thought about that blue haired menace; I realized that I wouldn't find another friend like him even if I had a million lifetimes to try to. It's no surprise that he was such a great boyfriend right before things went downhill with his job. He was sweet, caring, an extreme sexual deviant…

I felt my cheeks light up as I shook my head furiously to rid myself of those heavy, dirty thoughts that used to plague my mind like some sweet disease once upon a time ago.


Before I had gotten there, I was in what seemed like an unbreakable funk, my depression was practically seeping out of my pores and rubbing off onto everyone else around me.

Well, except Shiro, of course.

But after I sat down and talked with Grimmjow, just asking him for advice and just speaking generally about our lives, I felt like I can handle anything Shirosaki throws at me.

Still smiling I looked down to check my missed calls and messages while I toed off my shoes and closed the door behind me, the house seemed a little chillier than what it normally was. My smiled faltered a little when I realized that Shiro tried calling me a little more than half an hour ago. I shrugged off my jacket and left it on the coat hanger before my lips quirked up into a small smile. When I stayed quiet, a soft snoring could be heard from upstairs in my room.

I skipped the stairs by two as silently as I could until I got to the top. I shuffled over to my room and peeked inside only to see a shock of lily hair peeking from the pile of black comforter. I chuckled and walked over to the bed before I sat down next to my boyfriend's sleeping form. I patted and stroked the soft locks between my fingers haphazardly, idly musing about how I needed to take him for a haircut soon. The soft tresses already dangled past his collarbone, Shiro had taken a habit of pulling his hair back into a ponytail lately, I teased him actively for it, saying he looked like a girl, even though it actually suit him pretty well. His undeniably masculine form looked good no matter what he did with his hair, it's just his reactions were priceless. His form shifted slightly when my fingers brushed against the shell of his ears towards the line of his jaw, trying to get away from my touch. Chuckling, I decided to lean down and give him a kiss before I went off to start dinner.

Ok, I squeaked, yes and honest to Kami SQUEAK when I suddenly felt a cold hand pull me back down, I landed and bounced right next to my previously sleeping boyfriend. I turned to meet very awake, very angry topaz eyes gleaming with a soft sheen of tears.

Shirosaki's POV

"…Where ya been, aibou?"

My voice felt like sandpaper had thoroughly abused it, and afterwards someone had stuffed cotton balls into it for extra measure as I spoke. My head was still pounding, shrieking as I mean-mugged my orange haired boyfriend as best as my post-sleep delirious self could do. Ichigo shrunk back ever so slightly at my look, but he immediately straightened back up all defiantly and feisty.

I wasn't in the mood for that shit of his right now.

"Well, if you gotta know, I was with Grimmjow just hanging out at his place, Shirosaki"

Normal POV

The orange head wasn't entirely sure what had made him so brave (the alcohol, perhaps?), but he soon realized that he had yanked his arm away from the albino so fast the latter had actually moved a little off of the bed, whilst Ichigo was now standing, looking down at Shiro. Ochre eyes narrowed defiantly as Ichigo crossed his arms over his chest and shifted his weight onto one of his legs; completely ignoring the seething look Shiro was sending him that would've turned any other person to a pile of ash in a second. Molten gold locked with fiery chestnut as Ichigo spoke slowly as if he were talking to a child, a tick slowly forming on the albino's eyebrow with every word that came from the soft peach lips.

"You can't tell me what to do, you don't want me around lately so I went to apologize to Grimm, and you have no right to be mad at me, Shiro. You do not OWN me..!" he finished with a hiss.

A carnal growl escaped the confinements of insanely sharp canines as Shiro stood up so fast he knocked down the nightstand next to his bed, a cry mixed with shock and pain flew past Ichigo's lips as the demon pinned his wrists to the wall opposite, his furious face merely centimeters away from Ichigo's own shocked one. Another pained whimper left Ichigo as Shirosaki unknowingly gripped onto the orange head's wrists, slowly cutting off circulation.

"I do NOT want to hear this shit from your pretty little MOUTH right now Kurosaki, I haven't been very happy with you as it is, I don't wanna hear it!

A snarl mixed with a cry left Ichigo's abused pink lips as he tried prying his wrists away from the alabaster grip, only becoming even more frustrated when he couldn't. He could feel his eyes watering as Shiro only gripped harder as his lips neared his ear, his watery voice barely audible with the ringing in Ichigo's ears.

"Don't ya get it? You ARE mine, and that blue haired motherfucker is only ganna fuck things up, Ichi!"

A startled whimper was cut short when Ichigo was slammed onto the bed with Shiro on top of his body, pinning him down and smashing his own cold lips onto Ichigo's the moment he cried out, swallowing his cry like a thirsty man to water.

Even though Shirosaki was being unnecessarily rough and wasn't considering the orange head's physical state, the berry couldn't help but blush at the sudden jolt that went straight to his groin and made a small moan escape the confines of his throat.

Goddamn his hormones.

A cold marble hand snaked its way up Ichigo's shirt, making the oranget yelp in surprise from the sudden invasion that practically froze his skin blue. His body shuddered violently as the lily digits pinched mercilessly as a pebbled nipple; effectively simulating it with each tug.

Fuck, despite the fact that Shirosaki's hands were freezing, they could work magic..

Ichigo felt heat pooling into his groin, dripping heavily to his awakening cock that made his body suddenly much too hot for its skin. As if reading the thoughts of the berry, Shirosaki ripped off the offending material from the toned body, snarling downright carnally when the cloth caught on Ichigo's chin. A pleased smirk that made unadulterated shivers go down Ichigo's spine plastered itself onto cold lips while the demon's sly fingers pressed and rubbed against the tenting erection in his lover's stone washed jeans.

"Nnn—auugh! S-stop it Shi—oh fuck…!"

Ichigo's body was in an utter state of confusion as he simultaneously attempted to thrash about in order to escape the albino's deadly embrace and at the same time press his now straining erection into the persistent hand that was currently palming against it. Orange brows furrowed together in a desperate grimace, a small whimper reverberating against the bruised lips.

"P-please stop Shiro stop!..."

The plea fell on deaf ears as a plethora of sharp nips were applied to the skin of Ichigo's toned abdomen, drawing a light connect-the-dot scatter plot of blood on the skin. Shirosaki's snarl turned fierce as he slid Ichigo's left wrist closer to the right in order to be able to grasp both of them in his left hand, which his long fingers allowed him to do. Angry, swelling marks traced all around a previously unscathed peach body, the marks of the demon himself painting his own sadistic and euphoric portrait of pleasure.

The orange head's body curved into an almost perfect bridge as he attempted to buck off the body leering over him and taking advantage of his weakness. He had never felt so helpless in this position, so used; the fact that the act itself was leaving his blood singing in anticipation made his bones rattle with an unsettling sorrow. Hot, labored breaths flew past his lips at an unimaginable rate as Shirosaki had finally ripped off his slightly damp jeans along with his plain navy blue boxer briefs and began slurping his member with the hunger of an animal. He winced as his arms were being forced at an awkward angle while Shirosaki pleasured him and couldn't exactly reach his torso and arm length, resulting in a slight bend of elbows to Ichigo's right.

"Haahhh-ahhnn s-stop Shir—AHHHH!"

Beads of sweat gathered at knitted orange brows as heat pooled at an unimaginable rate in Ichigo's stomach while Shirosaki began to take the hard member deeper into his throat, until his nose pressed against a nest of orange curls. The orange head strained desperately against the death grip that Shirosaki had on his wrists, he just had to tug at that silky hair that bobbed back and forth on his weeping length.

An impish grin formed its way onto the corners of the demon's ashen lips as he released Ichigo's cock from his mouth, causing a loud popping noise to ring through the air. It wasn't a moment later until the berry felt his wrists being released all while he was roughly flipped onto his stomach without any warning, Shiro climbing and pressing onto his back with an animalistic growl leaving his throat. Honey brown eyes widened with worry as he felt the albino's hard denim covered cock pressing into his bare cheeks, lily hands shook as Shirosaki desperately tried to rip off the button to his jeans while simultaneously sliding off his boxer briefs.

"F-fuck wait Shiro stop please..!"

The plea died on the orange head's lips and was replaced by a sharp intake of breath and a pathetic whimper as the demon managed to free his heavy cock from its restraints and bury it to the hilt into Ichigo's tight cavern. A choked out sob flew past reddened lips and knuckles whitened with the intensity of how hard Ichigo grasped the bed sheets below him. Tears escaped and raced down the curve of his cheek and blurred his vision, a violent shiver rippled through the peach body as the demon's hot breath wafted across the expanse of Ichigo's back. With a grunt, Shirosaki started at a brutal pace that left the orange head's entrance burning and screaming at him in protest.


Ichigo didn't know how long he endured this pleasurable torture that made his body feel ill from the invasion yet forced out lusty sighs and screams ripped right from his throat to be known to the barren room. His voice became rough and hoarse from the intensity of the cries that he barely recognized as his voice, he barely registered the primitive grunts and pants that came behind him from the man violating him. A blisteringly hot coil tightened in his belly as his muscles twitched and spasmed at a violent pace from the pace that Shirosaki set. His hips were gripped with hands of iron, and black painted nails dug into the pliant skin; making red welts rise. Ichigo felt his breath catch multiple times in his throat, he knew he wasn't even breathing heavily anymore, it was more like desperate whimpers and mewls that filled the stale air.

Within minutes, he was screaming his release with the absence of Shirosaki's name on his tongue, a change of the norm after their lovemaking. If Ichigo could even call it that, this time around. Shirosaki too, came only a few moments later with a low moan, releasing deep into Ichigo and giving a few rough thrusts more.

Ichigo's POV

I felt myself drop bonelessly into the spent and damp mattress below with my eyes wide open but blindly seeing ahead. My eyelids were heavy, and dropped gracelessly in exhaust. I felt something dribbling out of my previously used and abused entrance; I felt my lips pulling down into a scowl. It wasn't thick and incredibly sticky like normally, there was much more, and it was much thinner than sperm. I swallowed thickly and exhaled with a shaky breath.

It has to be blood, I guessed.

I barely registered the sound of denim rustling and the sharp sound of a zipper being pulled up. An undeniably disgusting wrenching grasped my already abused heart and refused to let go as I realized that the next sound was the closing of my bedroom door, and descending steps that faded slowly. With much effort, I kept the remains of his lunch into his stomach and tried my damnedest not to sit there and dry heave like an idiot for an hour straight. Shiver after shiver wracked through my body like crashing waves onto a shore, minus the tranquil feeling. I didn't have to look to know that my body was littered with bite marks, bruises and welts; I had never felt so disgusting and filthy before.

Soon, I was shaking because it was just downright cold and my body was still bare to the freezing air, the windows in my room were developing a slight frost. I didn't wanna move, I didn't even feel like reaching for a blanket sprawled out on the floor next to the bed to lay it across my freezing form. I laid there numbly, unsure where to track my mind at this moment. I felt like every beam and security that kept me from going absolutely berserk was just ripped from under me, and now I was free falling to a deep and endless abyss under me. A swaying sensation overcame me as if I was suddenly on a boat and I felt my vision blur suddenly for the second time today.

And that finally did it.

I leaned over, landing on the freezing wooden floor and heaved everything that was in my stomach into a nearby trashcan. I felt all the heat drain from my body at that instance and tears clung to my eyelashes like a lifeline when I felt the next wave of nausea hit me. Except this time it included a bonus of pain.

A lot of pain.

After round two of heaving my stomach's contents into the trash bin, I felt myself rocking sideways and next thing I knew, my cheek met the unforgiving glossed wood below and fat tears were escaping onto the floor. I cried so hard that I don't think that it could even be considered as crying, it was more like those heart wrenching sobs that just explode and catch in your throat, and make your own eardrums thrum uncomfortably. My throat began burning so awfully that I began coughing and hacking until my voice was nearly gone. My body hurt so fucking bad; it pulsed sickly with every sob that shook me which only caused me to wail harder. I felt exposed and raw, like I'd break and unravel completely if anything else touched me.

It had to be hours before I finally stopped; and now I was a pathetic figure curled up in a ball, on the floor with puffed red eyes and a broken heart with a body to match. I was shocked stupid when I felt myself smile sadly, while another cold tear ran down my face.

The most pathetic part was that I felt myself beginning to lose faith in myself, and Shrio. And that I sort of enjoyed this sadistic, losing game.

And that I still loved him with everything I had.

Shirosaki's POV

I crushed the cigarette that was lit between my lip as I tried to keep my fucking nose and ears warm as possible. I should've brought my jacket with my before I left the house after my little fight with the berry. Oh well. the snow was actually kinda cool once you got used to it. I took the cigarette butt and threw it onto the snow covered floor before hiking my ass back up the street to the house, frowning as I got lost in thought about the events of today.

When I had gotten to the little park that I knew King liked to frequent that was only a few blocks away from the house, I felt real proud of myself. I felt like I had finally established my permanent mark on the little shit in the most effective way that I possibly could. But the more that I thought about it, the more I could remember the way that his body succumbed to me, yet his eyes and stature were a completely different story. What I did was wrong, at least a little bit, I guess? This feeling in my stomach wasn't a good one, and I just felt like I had to go back to the berry, I picked up from a speed walk to a jog.

"Ah! Fuck!"

I stopped suddenly when I felt this sharp ass pain lace through my head, like someone was sticking needles through my fuckin skull slowly. Visions of Ichi when he was locked in his room and screaming at the top of his lungs flashed through my vision. When he would cry out to seemingly no one but I would hear everything.

Pain, agony, desperation, loneliness.

"Damnit, Ichi!"

I fucking sprinted. I don't know how hard I just remember my legs burning by the time I raced up the stairs into Ichigo's room and almost fuckin slipping from the water that was still on my shoes. The first thing I noticed was this god awful smell that filled the room, it smelled really acid-ish and sour, like puke. Next thing I saw had my heart leaping into my throat and caused me to jump for the little orange head; Ichi lying on the floor with his eyes half-mast but glazed over, he was curled up and he was pale as fuck


I picked him up off the floor but he didn't seem to be there, like he was out of his mind or something. I smacked his face lightly and elevated his head while I cradled his limp body close to my own as if he were a kid, I had no idea what to fuckin do! I was fucking panicking my ass off until I noticed his eyes had some life restored into them, but they were filled with a moment of fear, a deep and embedded fear. The same an animal gets when a human approaches it after having a long history of abuse.

I was that human.


I flinched back at the sound of Ichigo's cracked voice breaking the eerie room before I was seeing nothing but static. I felt my mouth open into this wide, silent scream before I was tearing at my hair as if it would stop this fucking screeching in my head and the searing pain. My vision pulsed with the static that was now reddening, and the high pitched ringing that sounded more like squealing at this point made me practically go deaf. It felt as if something the size of a rhino was trying to rip its way out of my skull by force as I desperately cried out for someone to help. I felt my body sag and dared open my eyes barely, I was met with the sight of my knees bent from kneeling on the floor, but the strange thing was that they looked almost translucent, the way smoke does in the air: you can tell it is there, but it isn't completely obstructing your view to what's beyond the smoke. I felt myself becoming the static.

I whimpered pathetically before I suddenly felt something shooting through my head like a bullet going through with ease.

That was it, I was done for.

I fell backwards and crashed with the figure of Ichigo still lying in my arms, I couldn't feel my body anymore, but I could definitely feel his relaxed form in my last moments…

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