All had become quiet in the wake of the biggest, noiseless battle in English history. Half of the city was laid in ruin and the other half was practically deserted by its inhabitants from mass panic. A gigantic zeppelin laid in a blaze of fire; metal, iron and steel and bronze has melted away as it was consumed by the flames. The streets were broken and torn by the massive impacts of multiple explosions from the zeppelin; its weight, alone, had already torn down about dozens of building yet the bulk of it didn't touch the ground. It was an empty warzone. A silent graveyard, frozen in time, almost to canonize the fierce warriors who had fought for the good, and the evil.

The Hellsing Organization had once again destroyed the Millennium Army, a rogue German militia who had been transformed into monsters, artificial vampires; freaks. Their plan was to rampage through England and destroy the Organization, enabling them to conquer the world, but they failed. Their leader was now dead and the army itself was completely destroyed.

It was over; but now the living must grief for the dead. An old retainer, who was revealed to be a traitor in the end; but despite this, he had died as a friend. And an undead warrior King, a demon held in captivity by his enemy but proved his allegiance by the ultimate sacrifice.

The commander and sole female heir to the Hellsing Organization, Sir Integra Hellsing stood in victory along with her vampire servant Commander Seras Victoria as they lamented their lost ones. Alucard, the eldest and most powerful vampire in history was gone; he didn't die, not in that sense, he simply faded out of existence, never to be seen again.

And Walter, dear Walter, faded into death peacefully at the feet of his once-good vampire friend. Integra had lost a dear friend to the family and a faithful servant, her heart was broken with sadness. Seras, a faithful servant to her master, cried tears of blood at the realization that he would never return. Nevertheless, both women had to be strong; there was work to be done. With London half-destroyed, the organization had its work cut out; and in time they would restore the city to its former glory.

The battle was over and their mission was completed, so now the big question was: where did they go from there?

Thirty years later

After three decades, the city of London has finally been restored; its streets repaired and its infrastructure reconstructed. The people had slowly returned as their city was restored the way it was. The Hellsing was appointed, by the Queen to repair the extensive damages and renovate London to its former glory. Sir Integra took the responsibility with honor, and with her wealth restored the city. The city was in a state of peace now that Millennium was destroyed and the source of the freak vampires was cut off. Sir Integra could now rest with the knowledge that the city was completely safe. Although Alucard was gone, Sears did her best as a loyal servant and companion to the elder woman; though she didn't age, Seras had matured greatly since her changing. Her hesitation to drink blood had vanished and her powers had increased ten-fold; now she was truly a child of darkness, a true vampire.

Four months later, the organization was astounded by the return of Alucard. The elder vampire reappeared to Sir Integra, fully intact and no longer inflicted with the Schrödinger cat's blood which had taken him away. Both Integra and Seras were joyful to see him again, Seras especially, to see him back among the living, so to speak. All was well in Hellsing again.

Until a year later, Sir Integra had finally departed this life. She went down fighting after a ten-year battle with lung cancer. She had worked until her very last breath and now the last living heir to the Hellsing Organization was gone. Alucard was now free to roam the Earth; his debt to Hellsing was over.

The Elder vampire decided that he had enough of England, wanted to return to his homeland Romania. He would take his place as the Romanian King of the Vampires and rule the country with his iron-fist.

Seras was charged with running the organization as its head commander but she was conflicted with her loyalty to Alucard. As his progeny, she had an obligation to follow him faithfully however, she wanted to honor Sir Integra's dying wish.

The young vampire sat in her chamber to think hard about her decision; should she stay and be in charge of Hellsing or should she follow her master in his home? She was torn between both responsibilities and she didn't want disappoint her master.

The female vampire sat in her coffin-bed and mused over her choices; she had soon become so lost in her thoughts, that she didn't notice her master appear in her room. Alucard looked at his young progeny and smiled casually. He took a seat in the chair by her bed and silently watched her; she still wasn't aware of his presence. After a moment and a half, he instantly became bored and decided to see what she was thinking. He carefully probed her mind, grinning amusedly as he saw the child's dilemma.

Amused by her frustration, he spoke into her mind, "Your place is by my side, police girl." His voice had instantly snapped her out of her reverie. Her head turned sharply to look at him; her eyes widened slightly when she saw him sitting next to her. She remained silent. "But if you so adamantly want to stay, you may." Seras' eyes glowed with mixed emotions; she wanted to fulfill her promise to Integra, but her loyalty was with her master.

She turned in her head away, not wanting to see the disappointment for her lingering attachment to Integra. "Police girl," Alucard began sternly, "the choice is yours, and I will not force you to return with me." Then he put his hand under her chin, pulling her head back in his direction. "But know this, I am still your master and your first obligation is to me."

She knew he was right, her promise to Integra would always be second to him; her place was with him by will and by choice. Although by his blood, she too had a great amount of power; enough to take care of herself and finally be on her own as a true vampire, but she could never leave him. He wasn't wearing his shades, allowing Seras to see his eyes glow with a bright hue of red. It was amazing to her, to sense the insurmountable amount of power that he possessed; and in that moment she wasn't afraid, she was captivated.

"I will go, Master. I will go with you." Alucard flashed a smiled at her resolve; she smiled back shyly as she usually did. Despite her age, Seras still felt childlike around her master; although, he was ten times her age, she felt so different when she was around him. His presence, alone, awoke something powerful that laid dormant inside of her, and his dark eyes made her feel naked at times, but she knew better than to put much emphasize on her affection for him. Alucard didn't believe in human emotions, especially love; he had no reason for them; Seras figured that was probably the reason why he didn't attend Sir Integra's funeral. It didn't invoke an emotion inside of him when he found out that she had died. So what could she do to change that in him?

Alucard finally released Seras' chin, he finally arose from his seat and made his way to the door. He suddenly disappeared through a dark portal that he made in the door, not before he said without turning his head, "Police girl, don't forget to pack your weapons."

Seras smiled casually; somehow she knew her master would want to take their guns with them. Not that she mind, she'd grown accustom to her Harkonnen cannon, she wouldn't dream of leaving without it.