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Through chaos and despair, a leader must rise to ascertain order and lay waste to the enemies of the state, by any means necessary.

The grand ballroom was in a complete uproar as the Vampire king sat in silence upon his throne. With his chin in his hand, he observed the company before him, squabbling like children. The nobles, their advisors and their personal guards bickered amongst themselves, arguing over what their next course of action was to be after the bold assassination attempt upon King Vladislaus. The attempt on Alucard's life had put the all vampires in the kingdom on high alert. The King called his noblemen and their banner-men together to find the assassin and his co-conspirators.

His eyes then traveled to his right noticing his progeny sitting on her throne, silently. Alucard could see an indistinguishable look on her face as she watched the arguing display between the nobles. Something inside of her had clearly changed. Her demanor was more sullen compared to her usual, albeit, unspoken flightiness, the King could sense it. Alucard then tried to reach into her mind to see what plagued her thoughts, but he was thwarted as he hit a mental wall. Whatever was bothering her, she was doing her best to keep it from him.

"Police Girl?" soothingly his voice called for her in her mind. At first, she didn't respond, her mind and expression held that blank stare. A grimace formed on the King's face, she never took this long to reply before. Rather than react with anger, the King carefully grasped his progeny's hand, rubbing his thumb along her soft skin.

"Seras?" the moment that he called her name, the blank stare vanished. Her head turned to look at her master but she reminded silent. "What's ailing you, Childe?" Alucard watched every movement she made as she shifted in her seat. The younger vampire sighed impatiently as her attention switched between her master and the bickering crowd. Then her red eyes locked with his, in an instant. "Anger- Master, is what's bothering me." She spoke mentally. He then felt a wave of tumultuous emotions flood his mind; and his concern grew more as he continued searching for the reason. "For what, Police girl?" His grip on her hand tightened a little, he could feel her starting to withdraw again.

"Because I failed you, Alucard." The King could sense that there was more to it than that. His would-be assassin had done nothing more than what his previous enemies tried to him before. She had seen him get shot, set ablaze, impaled, blown up, gutted and decapitated once in her life, and he would always rise. Why would this time be any different? "The slippery bastard. He tried to outrun me, and when he knew he couldn't, he tried to poison me with a laced knife." Seras' hand clenched into a tight fist; she thought she had outgrown this kind of incompetence. "I had him in my grasp and I let him escape." Her failure in catching the shooter almost made her doubt her usefulness to her master, the King.

Suddenly, Alucard sighed curiously, "You're right, Police girl." The younger vampire sneered at her master, wondering if he was teasing about her failure. "He was cowardice...So cowardice to bring a holy water-blessed dagger with him, as a way of suicide in the chance of his capture." Seras' eyebrows furrowed, trying to understand what Alucard was getting at. "What's its significance, Master?"

The King's tapped his fingers to his lips, pondering on his theory. "Maybe it is nothing, Police girl. Although, this assassin, rather than, allow his capture saw an opportunity to escape." "And he was cowardice enough to use the dagger to do it." Seras interjected. "Cowardice, Police girl? Or clever?" Alucard looked at his progeny as her eyes widen slightly at his supposition. She hadn't considered the possibility. The dagger wasn't even sharp enough to pierce her skin or stab her heart. That was why the shooter cut into her stomach with the serrated edge. It wasn't meant to kill her, it was meant to slow her down.

"Now we can only assume that this assassin was not working alone." The King and Seras mused as the nobles continued to quarrel. Based on the collected evidence, the assassin shot Alucard with a hallow point bullet, designed with the specifications to penetrate the skin and leave no exit wound.

"Not to mention, my master, that he knew where to run in order to escape." Seras' eyes narrowed as she contemplated over the possibility that one of the noble had a hand in the assassination attempt. Turning his attentions again to the total chaos, it suddenly came to stop when the King raised his hand and bellowed out "Silence!" The crowd came to a complete stillness. Alucard projected firmly, "Gentlemen, a month has already passed and you have yet to bring me any results!"

The first noble to speak was the Grand Duke Machouiensis; his fat face blushed a light red as he spoke nervously, "Your Grace, w-we've searched throughout every travel station, e-every airport, even the ports; looking for any indication of the a-a-assassin's attempts to leave the country, b-b-but none of our surveillance cameras or teams was able to find any trace-" The fat noble trailed off as he noticed the King's annoyed sneer.

Count Dele'Roşu's voice firmly spoke, "A ballistics team within the city's police force looked into the weapon that the shooter used in his attempt to kill you. Reports show that the rifle is a Blaser R93 tactical rifle; German-made; specially equipped with special hollow point bullets. Silver-tipped and laced with a composite of hyacinthus orientalis albus and juniperus oxycedrus." A collective gasp and low whispers filled the room, upon hearing the information.

The King was more intrigue than enraged; Seras, on the other hand, was confused. "White hyacinth is a well-known vicious poison, Police girl," Alucard informed her mentally, "and despite its beauty, its application has been used for a millennium, from truth serum to a way of execution." His eyes locked with hers, as his face grimaced. "But its main purpose is torture; slow and painful torture." She couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had studied Van Helsing's chronicled research on vampires for years, but she had never read anything like this before. "Whoever this assassin is, he is sure well-informed upon how to kill a vampire. While hyacinth is lethal to humans, its effect on vampires is truly diabolical."

"What does it do to us, Master?" Alucard turned his head back towards the nobles, he said nothing for a moment, but he then entered his Childe's mind, and began displaying vivid images of what the poison did to vampires. "When it enters into a vampire's bloodstream, hyacinth begins to thicken the blood, making it harder to flow." Seras' hands became clammy with blood as she watched a female vampire crumple to the floor into a fetal position as blood oozed violently out of her pores, making her slowly bleed to death. The image of a male vampire showed his skin turning a dark red wine color as his eyes, nose, and mouth began bleeding out profusely.

A chill went up Seras' spine; the blonde vampire continued listening to her master explain. "Then it will begin depleting the blood of its iron. Then it will do one of two things, it will either weaken the vampire to a slow crawl, or it will kill them outright."

Seras placed a hand over her mouth to stifle the gasp from her lips. It was totally horrific to watch how the effects of hyacinth on the vampire body. But that was only one of the poisons laced on the bullet. The other was- "Juniperus oxycedrus, better known as Sharp Cedar. A pain-wracking plant which all vampires remain wary of. This assassin is, indeed, cunning." Alucard's voice turned noticeably amused as he considered the shooter's method. It was a bold plan; stupidly ineffective, but bold nonetheless.

The younger vampire was becoming fixated on finding the assassin; she would love nothing more than to break his neck and then inject him with hyacinth. "What the hell does sharp cedar do to us? Is it anything like the hell that the white hyacinth could give?"

"No, it is a completely different kind of hell. Once it's ingested, it paralyzes the vampire. Afterwards, its oil from its plant skin seeps into the vampire's bone tissue, disintegrating its dense structure to ash." The younger vampire's fists tightened around the arms of her chair, threatening to crack the solid wood. "The worst part about the sharp cedar is that it does not kill vampires; the horrific pain that it induces is, within itself, a fate worse than death. Hence, its better-known Latin name, Ossium Cinis." Seras gasped as she realized the meaning, "Powder of bones."

A bullet laced with white hyacinth, mixed with sharp cedar; the assassin wanted to make sure that Alucard suffered. If he was a weaker vampire, he would've been completely paralyzed while his body was being destroyed from the inside. This plan was truly malicious, truly wicked. "When I find this bastard, I'm going to strangle him with his own guts." Seras snarled out. Her claws, at this point, were puncturing holes into the solid wood. He had nearly killed Gio, and had tried to kill her beloved King. There was no way that she would let him live.

The Count continued on with his report, "However, my specialists have informed me that the rifle's identification numbers had been carefully sawed off, making it extremely difficult to find the factory in which it was manufactured or who had purchased it-"

"SO WHAT YOU'RE SAYING, DELE'ROŞU- IS THAT YOU'RE NO CLOSER TO FINDING THE KING'S ASSASSIN THAN ANY OF US!?" roared Baron Róka-Szürke as he angerily slammed his fist on the table. The bickering quickly resumed.

The King only watched in annoyance as the new wave of bickering flooded the silent room. The shouting matches and a tapestry of meaningless threats spewed in the grand room, leaving the monarch to watch his council fall to ruin. His eyes again traveled to his right to see his progeny sitting silently with the look of pure rage on her beautiful face.

"Do not fret, Police girl. The assassin will be found; and you will have your revenge." His attention turned back to his insufferable noblemen and their boisterous arguing. His expression turned into a harsh frown as he quickly stood to his feet and bellowed out, "ENOUGH!" A new wave of silence fell in, and the noble's were shocked from their reverie to see their King rise from his seat and address them, in annoyance. "You infuriating fools, have you forgotten yourselves? You've set your reliance on technology so much, that you have disregarded the old ways. Send out your best hunters through the vampire population and pursue every probable trace to find this traitor." Alucard's eyes turned to the left and he pointed to the noble sitting closest to him.

"Viscount Byssoneus. Start in the North; hunt down every weapon-dealer you can find, gather any information on the assassin's weapon of choice. Do not return until you do." The Duke arose from his chair, placing his fist across his chest and bowing swiftly, as he shouted, "Yes, your majesty!"

The King then turned to his left and point to the noble sitting farthest away from him, "Viscount Chakvekeuz, travel to the West, search throughout the rank of the outcasts. See if they have any involvement in the plot." The Viscount did the same action as Byssoneus, as he shouted "Yes, your majesty."

"Duke Machouiensis, stay within the country-side and hunt down any known and unknown mercenaries that is operating in the area." The fat nobleman stood up nervously from his seat, bowed awkwardly, and shouted, "Yes, your majesty."

Baron Róka-Szürke then stood up from his chair to address the King. "Your majesty, I and my banner-men will travel to the East and search out the Deținătorii Gaiei and see if any of their people are responsible for this poison." Alucard turned his attention to the Baron, and commanded that he make preparation to leave at once. "And Baron," the King called out, "Bring back the Deținătorii Elder, I wish to speak with her as well." The nobleman turned to his King, placing his fist over his chest and bowing swiftly, as he shouted, "Yes, your majesty."

The nobles scrambled to leave for their assignments, leaving only Seras, Viscount Lazrerek, Count Dele'Roşu and the Imperial Guards in the grand room. The King then called to his Imperial Captain. As he approached the throne, the guard made a point to address Seras with proper respect. "Captain, prepare the Army. We are traveling to the summer palace. We maintain a stronghold there until the other noblemen return with their findings." The Imperial Captain bowed and went to make his preparations.

The King turned to the remaining nobles and his progeny, then turned to leave, gesturing that they follow. "Your Grace, I suspect that you have kept Viscount Lazrerek and I close, because you wish to keep us in confidence." Count Dele'Roşu spoke firmly as he walked behind Alucard. The King remained silent, as they traveled passed four flights of stairs and entered into the second door on the left. The four vampires then gathered into the King's private study, to convene in secret. Seras noticed that the study was similar-looking to Sir Integra's office, back at Hellsing. The younger vampire walked over and stood next to the large desk standing in front of a tall window.

"I have gathered you here, because you are the chosen few, so far, that I can place my trust." He placed a hand on the Viscount's shoulder, who nodded in acceptance. The King walked over to his desk and sat in the large chair behind the desk; placing his elbows on the top and resting his chin on his folded hands.

"I have gathered you all here, to tell confide in you three, Dele'Roşu." As he spoke, the noblemen walked slowly and stood directly in front of his desk. "I suspect that one of your fellow noblemen had a hand in the assassination attempt on my life." Both of the noblemen looked at each other, before turning their attention back to the King. "Have you any evidence that may indicate who, your Grace?" Count Dele'Roşu inquired, as he folded his arms. The King looked up to the Count with a look of frustration.

"Not yet. But with the other nobleman traveling to in separate directions, it will prove difficult to ascertain which of them, is a co-conspirator." "Would you like us to investigate them quietly, your Grace?" the cool, smooth voice of the Viscount sent chills up Seras' spine; he really did have the voice of a snake-charmer. "Yes, Lazrerek, that is my intention. I want you and Count Dele'Roşu to pursue a traces of treason and sedition with the ranks of your fellow noblemen and their banner-men."

Seras' eyes widen as the King was sending his nobles to spy on the others, "Master?" she spoke to him telepathically, "If you suspect that one of you noblemen are involve with a plot to destroy you, why would you send your trusted nobles to reveal them? Are you sure that you can trust Count Dele'Roşu and Viscount Lazrerek entirely?" Alucard shot a quick look at the younger vampire to silence her; meaning that, that discussion would be addressed out of the presence of the noblemen.

The two noblemen nodded and bowed to the King in acceptance of their mission, and turned to leave at once. Once they had closed the doors behind them, Seras found herself alone with her master, again. This time, he stood from his chair and walked over to look out the window. Silence fell between the two vampires. Seras became increasingly nervous, she wondered if she had angered him with her questioning his decisions. "Master?" she finally spoke, when he didn't reply, her fear increased. The younger felt that it would be better if she went along to pack her things for their departure. But when she turned to leave the room, Alucard appeared in front of her; a look of malice was etched on his face.

He grabbed her by her face and pulled her to him so suddenly, that she practically rammed into his tall body. A gasp flew from her mouth as his lips then slammed into hers. At first, she was still in shock to fell his lips pressed to hers, but not a second after, she responded to the kiss with the same passion. His hands then left her face and traveled down, rubbing over her shoulders, down her arms, before they tightly grasped her hips. With that, the blonde vampire pulled back from the kiss to look into her master's eyes. The passion between them was invoking her bloodlust, and she wanted to make sure that the feeling was mutual. She smiled as she noticed his usual grin formed over his face. Seras leaned forward once again, allowing her lips to meet his more assuredly than before. A moan escaped her mouth catching her unaware and causing Alucard to retaliate in kind. Her King was liquid fire in her mouth, spicy and hot. The younger vampire reveled in the reaction, kissing him with renewed urgency. She could feel him tense as she spread his lips with her tongue, probing softly with each stroke as she explored the boundaries of her master's mouth. She wrapped her arms around his torso; dark claws began digging softly into the muscled flesh of his back. "Such a fiery one, aren't you? My beautiful Police girl."

Seras couldn't get enough as her claws began tearing holes in Alucard's clothes, in her efforts to pull him closer. His hands made their way to her large breasts, exploring the virginal flesh, taunting her with his rough treatment; she gasped sharply when his claws began digging into her soft skin. She wanted Alucard to take right then; the blonde felt the hardness of his erection pushing up against her core. As they continued their actions, the younger vampire then shouted in her mind, "Master, what are you doing? You almost died!" the Elder vampire chuckled darkly as he continued his hands continued their assault on her supple flesh. "When has that ever mattered, Police girl?" She whimpered, as her cheeks flushed with passion. She could feel her panties flooded with wetness and he could smell the arousal wafting in the air. A wave of euphoria crashed down as she writhed against hiss erection, threatening to break through her clothes and penetrated her. He was incorrigible, undoubtedly. She wondered if he was like that with all of her past lovers. Suddenly, images of the red-haired woman that she witnessed fondling her Master rushed back.

The King sensed his progeny's hesitation and quickly withdrew from her. She didn't speak, but the expression passing over his Childe's face gave him an idea of what was holding her back. She lightly pushed him away from to straighten her clothes. Another wave of silence fell between the two vampires. All of the passion he had seen in her eyes vanished as quickly as it appeared; he probed her mind to see images of him and a red-hair woman sitting next to him, touching intimately. Seras felt embarrassed for her jealousy, she was his progeny, his dark child.

Technically, she didn't have a claim on his heart as a mate or a Queen. Why would she feel jealousy towards any woman of their kind to gain his affection? Rather than break down like a child in front of her master, Seras decided to go to her room and start packing. Any place was better than being there with him at that moment. "I'll go and pack up to leave." The Elder vampire didn't stop her from leaving, nor did he say anything. Now was not the right time.

Not to mention, he wasn't in a proper setting to seduce his future Queen. He saw the images that flooded Seras' mind; he then felt a wave of jealousy slithered through him. The red-head was tempting but she wasn't enough to what he desired. He desired Seras; she was only vampire that he would consider as a mate and Queen. Right now, she was too distressed about his transgressions with the red-headed woman; but after they traveled to the summer palace; his plan would set motion. For now, he would have to wait.

A dark figure slinked its way to the darkness part of the forest, making sure to avoid prying eyes and sharp ears. It made its way to a ground of ancient runes, long forgotten by time, waiting something. The figure looked around quietly as it went over to sit on a large stone. The figure steeled itself as the howls of wolves and the calls of ravens resonated in the distance, setting an ominous feel in the night. Suddenly, another dark figure slinked beneath the first. "You're late." It hissed maliciously to the sitting figure, making it cringe in fear. "Forgive me. It was difficult trying to get around the Imperial Guard without being spotted."

The standing figure walked and sat on another large stone, "As I thought, King Vladislaus proves to stronger than we had anticipated. The assassin's bullet was only enough to slow him down." The first dark figure loudly snarled, "And that progeny of his is not as weak, or as stupid as she looks." The second dark figure nodded in agreement. "If we cannot remove Vladislaus in secret, than we would have to resolve to full-out war." The first dark figure suddenly became anxious, "Do you believe that is wise? The King may have been imprisoned by the humans, but he is as much of a warmonger as he was centuries ago."

"And that is, precisely, what will lead to his downfall." A third figure boomed out the darkness towards the others. Even the pitch black of night, this figure was that of a woman. Mysterious and dangerous in every way. The female figure moved unnaturally fast towards the other two figures, seeming dwarfing them in her stance. "If we must remove Vladislaus by war, then we will declare war." "Are you mad?" the first figure stood to meet the dark eyes of the female figure. "He is more powerful than all of us combined. A full-front war will not be enough to defeat him."

"That is true, but what about a three-front battle?" looking back at the second figure, which remained silent, the first figure became both confused and curious; "How would we accomplish this? The King has sent us in different directions." A sinister smile then formed on the female figure, "Then we will attack from different directions. We will gather our collected armies and attacked the King's armies from all directions, simultaneously." It was a brilliant plan but there was only one problem. "The King is moving to the summer palace in Hungary. Their fortified walls are second-to-none in the country. It would be more difficult trying to break through those walls."

"In addition, King Vladislaus has asked for one of his nobleman to bring back the Deținătorii Elder. With her power combined with his, they would be insurmountable." The second figure, still sitting, interjected its thoughts to other two, nonchalant. The female figure growled out in annoyance at the other two's doubt in the ingenious plan. "Not if one of us slay her before she can assist the King. Without her, Vladislaus' armies would falter to a three-way battle."

The first figure was cynical about agreeing to the heinous plot to begin a civil war. But the choice was already made and the pieces were falling into place as they spoke. "Fine, I will do my part. And I expect my reward after this is over." The first figure spoke firmly, knowing his decision was final. "As do I." the second figure finally arose to stand next to the first figure, looking at the female figure with determination to succeed. The female figure responded with an evil stare and a sickening smile at both of her cohorts.