The mummy– Part I

Cross over between Supernatural and The mummy. (you don't need to know The mummy to enjoy the story… at least I hope lol)
Dean/Castiel, Sam/Ruby
warnings: Dean's potty mouth XD, characters death (minor, and only people dead in the show… what do you mean almost everyone is dead and it's not helping ? XD)
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural, nor The mummy, I'm just having fun.

Since I can't speak old Egyptian or current Egyptian to save my life please pretend "lfsdjf ldfjsj" is Egyptian thank you .

Oh and English isn't my native language so please bear with any mistakes T_T you can point them out to me, I will correct them ^^
A special thanks for LadyValtaya who betaed this fic.

*** The mummy: A supernatural AU ***

"Oh crap" muttered Dean under his breath as his back collided with a wall.

He was stuck in a dead end. He had no more bullets, not that they worked on the thing but hey, he always felt more protected knowing he could shoot something. Un-strapping the knife at his waist, he crouched slightly, ready to struggle till the end like his father taught him. At least Sammy had managed to escape, if he could buy him more time to run for it, then so be it.

He gulped down as the thing turned the corner and spotted him, even without eyes. Creepy.

"Yeah that's it asshole, come closer so I can strangle you with your bandages," he provoked, his own bravado mainly serving the purpose of making him feel, well, braver.

Anyone in his situation would think this couldn't be happening. Like come on, a mummy rising from the dead and fully attending to eat people to go back to its original form? Seriously. He had seen one of the other archeologist team transform from meaty human to dehydrated corpse. Not pretty. But Dean wasn't just anybody; he was Dean Winchester, brother of one Sam Winchester who was a crack at Archeology and son of John and Mary Winchester a well known team of archeologist too. He had had his fair share of that-is-only-a-legend-curse-it-cannot-happen happening.

The mummy raised its hand to grab him and Dean promptly cut it off. Feeling overjoyed as the appendage fell to the ground with a thump. Then he had to fight a very unmanly shriek as it began to fucking crawl to him, grabbed his ankle and pulled.

"You fucking mother fucker piece of shit!" he yelled, shaking his leg erratically to try and get rid of the skeletal hand happily tugging on his jeans.

"lsjdfi jslfjq dmfoisdf mùdoifmsf"

Dean blinked. Where was Sammy when he needed him huh? Like when a mummy was trying to communicate to tell him whether or not he would end up being sucked dry for dinner.

"ljsdf psidfpos mldjflsj fpdefiood Lucifer"

"What the fuck? Can't you speak English like everyone else huh?" growled Dean.

He was still trying to get rid of the hand currently climbing his leg, at the same time as avoiding any attempt from the mummy to come too close. For all he knew the walking curse was telling him to surrender gently and get eaten for the greater good. Like hell.

"dlksjf osdifsj sdlkfjslijdf"

"Stop speaking in ancient Egyptian or something! It's dead language man!"

And Dean promptly began to chuckle at his own involuntary joke.

"Dead language, and you're like totally dead yet still speaking, ya get it?" he asked the mummy as he plunged to the ground and rolled away from the thing that had been inches from catching him.

But once again he was cornered, back fully pressed to the wall, creepy hand still climbing up and impeding his movements as it clutched his knee. And now the mummy was on him again, too close and he couldn't run away anymore. In a last rebuttal he stabbed it right on the chest only to have the knife go between fleshless ribs. He closed his eyes; chin tilted up even as his last hour had rang. He thought of Sammy and hoped he would be safe and manage to find a way to send that fucking mummy back to the dead. But it was his beloved nerdy little brother, of course he would manage.

And then a hand closed on his shoulder and he fell backwards with a yelp. Was that what dying felt like? Falling? He got a mouthful of sand as he ungracefully connected with the ground. God dammit he hated sand! He hoped his eyes muttering about asshole gods making hell or heaven a fucking desert, turned on his back, spitting sand and was met with two incredibly blue eyes staring at him. They kinda stood out as they were lost in a sea of dark clothes covering face and body and a mop of wild dark hair, he could barely see anything but them.

"fdsi fklshd ùmfio lkdfqs efrzef"

"Oh for fuck sake! English dammit English!" he yelled.

"We have to go before it comes for you," hurried the young man, his voice like gravel.

Unceremoniously he hurled Dean on his feet and pushed him forward, visibly adamant about leaving now. The roar coming from inside the grave seemed to be agreeing, indeed they had to move.

"Wait wait Sammy? Where is Sam? Who are you?" asked Dean, trying his best to lock his knees and stop the man from dragging him.

How one smaller than him and looking rather slender could be so fucking strong? Not to mention the vice like grip he had on his leg.

"Your brother his safe with my brethren Uriel, and my name is not of import."

Dean felt relief flow through him as he heard his brother was ok. At least for the moment. Because he didn't have a clue about that man all dressed in black, and seriously wasn't that just screaming he was bad? Who wore black and hide his face huh? Furthermore they had been attacked twice already by men wearing the same outfit.

"Who the fuck are you!" he yelled, throwing a punch.

The dude took it, his head barely moving with the blow.

"I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition," he said, voice so low it was almost a growl.

Dean blinked at that peculiar answer. And could the man just stop gripping his leg already? He froze. Because the man was in front of him, sure totally in his personal space, but with both arms crossed on his chest. Dean gave a very manly shriek as he realized the hand gripping his upper tight was none other than the mummy's one.

"Tell that fucking thing to stop groping me!" he shouted as he began to furiously yank on a bony wrist.

The cryptic man pulled on the fingers, breaking them and yanked hard enough for the hand to finally let go. Then he simply tossed it away and pushed Dean between the shoulder blades once again, urging him to move forward. Since Sam was with the dude's relative Dean decided that he was going to play nice and follow. He gulped as he noticed the skeletal hand slowly getting itself back together and crawling toward them.

As usual everything had started with something small and innocent looking and now the shit hit the fan. Typical. This was the Winchester's curse.

**** Weeks before ****

If you asked Dean how exactly he had managed to get his hands on that little golden box, he would tell you he had stumbled upon it. Which essentially meant: the box had been thrown at him by an angry dude whose girlfriend he had been hitting on. It happened. It wasn't his fault he had a thing for ladies right? And she had been looking all lonely and ready to have some fun, not his fault if the dude didn't take good care of her. Not his fault she hadn't told him she had a boyfriend.

He had kept the box to use it as a gift for a random chick. It looked nice enough: made in gold, lots of funny looking drawings on it, Egyptian maybe. Too nice in fact. The dude had certainly stolen it, or maybe won it at poker or something. Anyway since it had collided, rather harshly, with his head, now it was his. It was certainly an old Egyptian thing taken from a grave, it was commonplace to raid graves.

Hands in pockets he strolled in the big yet stuffy library. Without minding the people pouring over books, nor those sending him curious looks as he didn't exactly fit in, he went straight for the back door where the books and artifacts waited to be classified. Surely enough Sam was there, looking like a five years old in a candy store. Well a normal five years old, because at that age Sam was already a bookworm, so right now he only looked like his old five years old self when dad brought him back a book from some obscure corner of the world.

"Hey Sam, found something interesting?" he called.

"There are a few leads; I think killing that thing won't be too hard."

Dean dropped on a chair, feet unceremoniously probed on the table and books. This was the family business: protecting people from curses and creatures.

"Are ya idjits already looking for troubles?" wondered Bobby, pretty much their surrogate father.

He was the library's owner and was always more than happy to have Sam help him out. He used to be their dad's best friend. A bit rough around the edges he was in fact very kind and dedicated to his job. Grumbling he pushed Dean's feet off the table, sending him a look that promised hell if he dared put them back on his precious books.

Grumbling Dean pulled out the golden box and took a closer look. It was rather odd to say the least. He couldn't read Egyptian to save his life, hey he knew latin that was enough. Maybe the thing was a rich girl's jewel box? Turning it around in his fingers he was puzzled as how the fuck it opened. Maybe not a jewel box then. Something to keep secrets in it?

As Dean put pressure randomly on the symbols the thing clicked and opened, taking the form of a star. A paper was neatly folded inside it. Carefully, Sam's nagging about treating ancient stuff too harsh was paying off, he unfolded it and stared. Was that a treasure map? Neat!

"Sammy, I found our next mission," he called, waving his brother and surrogate father over.

"Holy cow Dean! That's… that's Hamunaptra!"

Whatever was Hamanupthing, Dean was totally going.

*** Now ***

He had escaped death by mummy all thanks to that strange man, dressed in all black. And now they were waiting. In a sort of barn. Dean wasn't a man who fidgeted. Because men didn't fucking fidget. Period. But couldn't this guy lay off the staring? How long was he going to keep at it? This was unnerving and Dean was craving a nice meal and beer and instead he was stuck in a stinking sticky place with two camels and the creepy guy waiting for Sammy and a certain Uriel. And the camels where better company! He licked his mouth, his lips dry. And suddenly a gourd was pressed against his hands.

"Thanks man! I'm so thirsty!"

Uncapping the gourd he took a large gulp, some water dripping down his chin. He had half a mind of emptying the rest of it on his head to cool off a bit. As if guessing his intention, the awkward dude's gravelly voice stopped him.

"Be parsimonious. Water is more precious than gold," deadpanned the blue-eyed man, his gaze unwavering.

Sending him a dirty look, Dean obliged. He made a show of capping the gourde and settling it gently on the floor. The guy didn't even blink.

"When are my brother and that Uriel guy arriving again? You're not lying to me are you?" he glared at him suspiciously, "because if you touch one hair of my little brother's head I'm skinning you alive."

"We have only been here for ten minutes, Dean."

"I know that! But what tells me I can trust you? Your lot fucking attacked us!"

Dean was up and breathing hard now, hands balled up, ready to punch. Slowly, eyes still glued to his green ones, the man stood up and came to him step by step, he was now up in his personal space, far too close for comfort.

"Some of my brethren died too. And all for nothing. You didn't listen to our warnings and awoke the creature. I dragged you out of harm's way I can throw you back in, you should show me some respect," the man told him, tone leveled and calm.

Dean kicked the sand, grumbling before sitting down again. Unnerving blue eyes were still boring into his skull.

"At least tell me your name," he argued.

"I'm not here to babysit you, I'm a soldier. And you are here now because you and your brother can help us undo what you unleashed. Be patient. My name is Castiel."

"Whoua pompous name much huh? That's quite a mouthful too, let's call you Cas, it's cooler."

Cas just stared at him unblinkingly, head slightly tilted to the right. He looked contemplative; as if Dean was a very complex puzzle he had no idea how to solve but planned to anyway even if it took him ages. Ages of fucking staring at him mind you.

** Then **

So after discovering the nice box contained a map leading to a secret very ancient Egyptian temple they had gone to show it to Ellen. Her husband had been the head of the Museum of antiquities before passing away and Ellen had inherited it. But there had been a little accident with her daughter Jo and the map had been damaged. Hence why they were here.

"Really Dean? Really? Your guide is in a prison?" asked Sam, disbelieving.

"Hey not my fault the only person believed to know the way into your famous stupid city of the dead is in fucking prison!"

They had graciously paid one of the guards to take them to the person's cell. They now walked the dirty dusty path, ignoring the calls from the prisoners, some insulting, some begging. Sam looked rather put out, his kind girly heart aching for all those poor souls. Dean, manly powerful male that he was didn't give a damn. Finally they reached their destination, the prisoner immediately coming at the bars to look at them.

"A girl?" mumbled Dean, surprised and unconvinced.

He had surely been tricked. It wasn't possible that the only person to have seen and lived to tell the tale was a fringing girl!

"Don't be like that Dean, girls are very capable too," admonished Sam, looking at the messy brown hair and cleverly mischievous brown eyes.

"Yeah yeah, should have guessed with a sissy name like Ruby. Just thought the dude had a knack for the real rubies," mumbled Dean.

"Helen and Jo," pointed out Sam, looking superior as Dean begrudgingly nodded.

He couldn't argue that one. Helen and Jo were awesome strong women and Dean was still tiptoeing around the older one whenever she had a bone to pick with him. Even if Jo was the reason they had to go looking for a guide. The dummy had tried to see if there was any secret invisible writing on the map and ended up burning a huge part of it.

"So what's bringing you here hot stuff?" asked the Ruby-girl.

Her head was resting against the bars, her arms languidly passed between them, dangling. She eyed them distressfully but with a point of hope, obviously thinking they might be able to pull her out of here.

"We heard you know the way to –" started Dean, huge smile lighting his features at being called hot stuff.

"I wasn't talking to you," interrupted Ruby, rolling her eyes before settling them on Sam with a wink.

Sam elbowed Dean before he could say something stupid and got closer. Dean snorted a bit at seeing his giant brother folding himself, trying to look secretive and all. He pulled down his adventurer hat and placed it next to his face as he whispered.

"We heard you could get us to Hamunaptra"

"Oh yes I can, but why would I? It's a cursed city, I'm not going back."

"We could get you out of here," proposed Sam, his face adamant, puppy look full on.

"Come closer," beckoned Ruby.

Sam did and grunted as he was shoved against the bars and kissed out of his mind. Some guards yanked Ruby away and unceremoniously dragged her to her fate, certainly hanging. Sam was kneeling there, dumbfounded. Dean was patting his shoulder proudly.

"You still got it in you Sammy, that's my boy," he congratulated.

"Get me out and you've got a deal!" yelled Ruby as she disappeared.

"Dean, we have to do something," urged Sam, back on his feet and already counting their money.

"Don't worry lover-boy, I've got a plan to get your girlfriend out," assured Dean.

Hands in pockets he made his way to the chief, leaned against the wall and gave a jerk with his chin toward Sam, still looming around, looking almost too tall and bulk in the corridor. He had his game face on and was visibly ready to bargain for Ruby.

"See my brother here is a virgin," started Dean, not minding how Sam's hand fisted at his side, "and that Ruby chick totally digs him, kissing him out of the blue and all. So poor little Sammy, he's a bit slow you know, his body's one of a giant but his brain didn't follow," explained Dean, looking pitifully at his brother.

Sam gritted his teeth but played his part, looking all giddy and embarrassed. He even went as far as stumble a bit as he reached his brother's side with the bag containing most of their money and some valuable objects they could trade. When the chief wasn't looking he mouthed "jerk" to Dean who simply winked.

"So that would be neat if you could let us buy the chick for, let's say 100 pounds, it's a nice deal isn't it? And you would be making a good deed, I'm sure God or Allah would be proud ya know."

"100 pounds to get your brother laid? That's cheap. You can go buy him a whore. I want that girl hanged, she was a pain in my ass from day one," replied the chief, showing off a vicious bite mark on his forearm.

Dean grunted but didn't relent, following the man to the stage where Ruby was currently having a nice necklace put around her neck, a sturdy cord that would snap her pretty cervical neat.

"200 pounds," proposed Dean.

"Proceed!" ordered the chief.

"500 pounds," butted in Sam.

The chief raised his hands, his men waiting obediently.

"Getting there, but even a good man like me wouldn't let such a criminal go without a price, I would feel really bad if I was to hear she wreak havoc because I let her go."

Sam was ready to offer even more money but Dean leaned toward the man, his mouth thin.

"Listen dude, 500 pounds and a rare statuette we got and you give us the girl. Little Sammy here doesn't take very well to people telling him no. Ya don't want him to break all your bones do you?" he sweetly asked.


Finally after ages of waiting and being stared at, they could see two figures making their way toward them. One was really tall and broad and Dean stopped his pacing, certain it was Sam. He rushed out to great them and stopped on his track at who was accompanying his little brother.

"You!" yelled Dean, pointing at Uriel, ready for a fight.

That was the black dude who had tried to kill him when their boat had been attacked by their lot! Already he had his knife in his hand; his body had crouched in a fighting stance without him even taking notice.

"Stop it Dean, they were just trying to stop us from waking Lucifer," said Sam, stepping from behind Uriel, looking positively drained.

"And you mongrels didn't listen and brought the end on us," helpfully added Uriel.

Sam looked down, his acts weighting on him. Even if he was right, Dean wanted nothing more than punch him. It was his way to deal with guilt and the guy was a douche!

"Enough," ordered Castiel, his voice commanding.

Uriel crossed his arms defiantly but remained silent. Sam looked like a kicked puppy, venturing glances to Dean as if to check if things where ok between them. Dean shrugged, busy glaring at Uriel. He didn't want to think about all that crap. Sam had chosen to follow Rubby's lead rather than his brother's advices, resulting in him waking a fucking mummy that was visibly out to eat them all. He shivered has he remembered that Andy guy scared out of his wits, eyes less and tongue less.

"Do you have any news of the others?" he asked Cas.

"My brethren are with them. Sam had insisted in going back in to save you, Uriel was dispatched to drag him back. We will bring you to them in our village," replied Castiel.

He had already mounted his camel, Uriel following his lead, Sam mounting with him, looking really awkward. Dean stayed routed on the ground.

"Them?" he made a point to stress the word.

"You, Sam and the four who opened the sacred chest will stay with us. The mummy needs them to complete its regeneration," patiently explained Castiel, extending his hand toward Dean to have him join him on the camel.

"I didn't open the chest," argued Dean.

He slapped the offered hand away, he wasn't a frigging girl thank you very much, and begrudgingly mounted behind Cas. He grabbed the saddle and nodded once to signal he was ready, no way he was wrapping his arms around the dude.

"For someone so adamant about finding his brother after only ten minutes of separation, I'm surprised you would suggest leaving your brother behind," pointed out Castiel, making a clicking noise with his tongue that sent the camel trotting.

Dean glowered silently. He could swear the dude lips were twitching in contained amusement. Sam hid a laugh by coughing and Dean mouthed a "bitch" to him, which was answered by the usual "Jerk".

The ride was long. Very long. No one speaking. Dean was bored out of his mind. Finally after what seems hours of mindless riding into sand, he could distinguish beige and black spots. If that didn't prove to be a mirage he was really happy to have reached their destination! His attempt at signing at been met by a rather mean slap of Uriel's riding crop, which was totally unfair. He couldn't wait to hop off this camel and stretch his legs. Eating would be nice too.

It was indeed the outline of a town. The rising sun played on the oasis' water and the white stones and cob of the small habitations. The village buzzed with life even at this early hour. People were milling about in the stress, all wore in the black outfit Uriel and Castiel wore, even women. The latter were dressed as men. Dean's attention was diverted from that peculiar sight as he noticed training ground surrounded the village. People from all age and sex were busy learning and teaching hand to hand combats and shooting. Where the hell were they?

"This is the Madjai's domain. We are Hamunaptra's guardians, our sole purpose is to prevent the awakening of the creature and fight it if it ever was to rise," introduced Castiel, his voice full of pride.

"Well fuck," very eloquently replied Dean.

A masked Madjai came to Castiel, motioning behind him at a group of persons being given food and water. Dean felt relief wash over him as he recognized the team of archeologist that had entered Hamunaptra with them. Even the one the mummy had attacked, stealing his eyes and tongue, was with them, being given the necessary care. Ruby was missing, Dean shivered as he remembered how gross it had been seeing her being eaten alive by flesh eating beetles. He didn't like her but he wouldn't have wished that fate on his worst enemy.

A part of him still couldn't help being happy they got rid of her. He had foreseen her being bad luck.