A story for hetainazumapony: (Fumiko x Toramaru) [One-shot]

Normal P.O.V.

Ichiyou Fumiko was sitting in the car and staring out of the window. In front of her, a truck was driving with all the furniture of her house outside Inazuma Town. Today was the day that she was returning again. It were seven longs years without her best friend and secret crush Toramaru.

''Will he recognize me?'' Fumiko mumbled.

She thought about seven years ago, the week before she moved out of Inazuma Town.


''Fumiko-san, you're too slow!'' Toramaru squealed. They were playing soccer against each other in Fumiko's garden. Toramaru stole the ball from her again.

''Tsutto matte yo!'' The eight year old girl with beige-colored hair, green eyes and a fair skin tone said a bit pouring. ''You're way too fast.''

She putted her favorite green hair band back in her head, because it fell out. Toramaru stopped and turned around at her.

''Does that mean that I've won?'' He asked teasingly.

''Of course not!'' Fumiko shouted.

She ran towards him and stole the ball from him again.

''HEY!'' Toramaru said laughing.

Fumiko started to giggle.

''Gotcha!'' She said.

Toramaru started to tickle her.

''Hahahaha, no stop… hahaha, Toramaru, please!'' Fumiko squealed.

She tried to get out of his grip. Then, they both fell into the grass. They looked at each other and they both started to laugh really hard at the same time.

''You're really my best friend, Fumiko.'' Toramaru said to her.

''And you're mine.'' Fumiko replied to him.

They grabbed each others hands. Then, Fumiko's face expression went from happy to sad.

''What's wrong?'' Toramaru asked a little concerned at Fumiko.

She removed her glare from him.

''Toramaru, there's something you need to know.'' She said.

''What is it?'' Toramaru asked a bit confused.

''I-I'm moving out of town.'' Fumiko whispered.

But Toramaru heard every word clearly.

''NANE?'' He shouted out.

Fumiko looked at him with a sad expression.

''I-I'm sorry. In about a week we leave.'' She said to Toramaru.

Toramaru looked shocked.

''But…But… I can't live without you! You're my best friend!'' He shouted.

Fumiko started to cry.

''I don't like it either, but my parents found a better job out of Inazuma Town. It's better for them if we move towards there.'' She explained.

Toramaru bald his fists.

''They didn't thought about your feelings! Don't they realize you don't like moving out of Inazuma Town?'' He said to Fumiko.

She shrugged her shoulders.

''I guess not…'' She whispered.

Toramaru sighted and pulled Fumiko in a hug.

''Come here.'' He said.

A blush appeared on Fumiko's cheeks. Then, she wrapped her arms around him.

''I don't want to leave you.'' She whispered.

''Me neither.'' Toramaru said.

He sighted.

''But I guess we have no choice.''

Fumiko nodded.

''Well, this is goodbye then.'' She said a bit sad.

Toramaru nodded and gave her a big hug.

''Goodbye, sweet Fumiko.'' He said.

The day Fumiko left, Toramaru waved her goodbye.

''I know I'm gonna see you someday again.'' He said.

Fumiko nodded.

''Let's hope so. But for know, bye!'' She said.

She gave him one last hug and stepped into the car. Fumiko turned around in her seat and watched the waving Toramaru becoming smaller and smaller, until he disappeared out of her sight. A tear rolled down her cheek.

''Goodbye, sweet Toramaru.'' She whispered.

-End of flashback-

''Toramaru…'' The thirteen year old Fumiko whispered.

Then, Fumiko started to recognize Inazuma Town.

''We're here.'' She said excited to her parents.

Her mother nodded.

''Are you excited to be back?'' She asked Fumiko.

She nodded.

''Yes! I can't wait to see everybody again. I wonder if they changed a lot.'' She said.

Her father laughed.

''Well, I'm sure you're going to have a great time here again.'' He said to her.

Fumiko smiled.


Then, they stopped in front of their new house. It was a big, white-bricked house with a black roof. The door was made of wood and the front yard was surrounded by a black fence.

''It looks a bit like a fairytale.'' Fumiko said speechless.

She had never seen the house before. Only her parents did.

''Do you like it?'' They asked her.

Fumiko nodded.

''Hai, I do!'' She said.

They walked inside and Fumiko's mother showed Fumiko her room.

''Here! The whole second floor is yours. Your father and me are sleeping on the first floor. You can also find the bathroom there. The kitchen and the living room are entirely downstairs on the main floor. Just like our old house.'' Her mother explained.

Fumiko nodded.

''I understand.''

Then she looked around in her new bedroom. There was no furniture left and the white walls and wooden floor were looking boring.

''I'm going to make it an amazing room!'' Fumiko said enthusiastic.

''All right. The school you're going to be on gave you a week off, so you could get familiar again with Inazuma Town and decorate your room.'' Her mother said to Fumiko.

She nodded.

''That's nice. I will use the time at his fullest.'' I said optimistic.

''Good! Your father and I will help out as much as we can. If you need us, just call us.'' She said.

I nodded.

''All right. Well, if you'll excuse me. I have a room to decorate.'' I said.

My mother laughed and nodded.

''All right, dear. Good luck!'' She said.

The movers brought my stuff inside, along with my new carpet and wallpaper.

''Arigato.'' I said to them.

They smiled.

''Time for coffee.'' One said.

The other nodded. They walked downstairs again. Fumiko opened the boxes and checked her stuff. The rest of the week, she was busy to gave her boring room a make-over. When it was the end of the last day, she called her parents to let them look at the result.

''Come on, come on!'' Fumiko shouted excited, while she grabbed her mothers hands and pulled her to her room.

Her father followed her.

''All right, easy. We're coming.'' Her mother said laughing.

Fumiko opened her white door.

''Tadaa!'' She said.

Her parents stepped into the room. The wooden floor was replaced by a carpet and instead of white walls, the walls were divided in different colors of purple, who were divided in stripes. Her white bed stood in the left corner and her white desk in the right corner with her black chair. In front of her bed, her closet stood, and next to that, her mirror was placed. On the ceiling, her favorite white tatami lamp was hanging. For the rest, the room was filled with frilly things, decorations, little tables and flowers.

''So, do you guys like it?'' Fumiko asked her parents.

''I love it!'' Fumiko's mother said.

''It sure fits your personality and your style.'' Her father continued.

Fumiko smiled.

''Arigato!'' She said.

Then, Fumiko went downstairs to watch to the finished house.

''It looks beautiful!'' She said.

Her parents smiled.

''We're glad you like it.'' Fumiko's father said.

''Yeah, we really did our best.'' Fumiko's mother continued.

Fumiko smiled.

''I love the house. I can live happily here.'' She said.

''That's good.'' Her mother said.

''Hey, who's ready for dinner?'' Fumiko's father suggested.

''We are.'' Fumiko and her mother replied.

They all walked to the kitchen and Fumiko's mother prepared dinner. After dinner, Fumiko went upstairs to her room. In her room, she hung up her photo's against the wall. She kept staring at a photo of her and Toramaru when they were both eight.

''I miss you…'' Fumiko whispered.

She let her hand glide over Toramaru's face on the photo. Then, she showered, brushed her teeth, putted on her pajamas, red a manga and went to bed.

''Good night.'' She whispered into the void.

Then, she turned off the lights and fell asleep.

Ayumi's P.O.V.

The next morning, I woke up from my radio clock. I turned it off and stepped out bed. My school was so friendly to send me my new school uniform. It was a green, plaid skirt and a white blouse with a orange ribbon. I pulled on my uniform, along with high, white socks and my school loafers. I brushed my hair and putted in my green hair band.

''I'm ready.'' I said to my reflection.

Then, I grabbed my schoolbag and went downstairs.

''Ohayo.'' I said to my parents who were already sitting down at the kitchen table.

''Ohayo, Fumiko.'' They both replied.

I sat down and my mother putted my breakfast in front of me.

''Enjoy your meal.'' She said.

''Thanks.'' I replied.

I ate my breakfast and putted my obento in my schoolbag.

''Well, I'll be leaving now.'' I said to my parents.

They nodded.

''Do you still remember how to walk to your new school?'' My mother asked me.

I nodded.

''Yes, I do. Well, I'll see you around dinner time.'' I said.

''Hai, good luck.'' My father said.

''Make lots of friends.'' My mother said to me.

''Arigato.'' I replied.

Then, I left. I walked the way towards my school and made sure I was going the right way. After a while, I saw students wearing the same uniform as me, so I followed them. Then, I stopped in front of a big school building. I looked up at it.

''Raimon Junior High.'' I red out loud. This was the place I had to go. I made it! I smiled and crossed the school yard. I opened the door and headed towards my class.

''Geographic.'' I red on my schedule.

I followed the way to the class and almost bumped into someone.

''Gomenasai.'' I said quickly, while I looked up.

Then, my heart stopped. I looked right into the face of Toramaru.

''It's nothing. Hey, are you new here?'' He asked me.

No way… He doesn't recognize me?

''H-Hai, I'm new.'' I said to him.

I changed a lot in those seven years I was away from him. My hair had grown waist-length and I became taller. And I started to look like a lady, so maybe it wasn't strange at all that he didn't recognize me.

''Welcome to Raimon Junior High.'' He said with a smile.

I bowed.

''Arigato.'' I replied sweet.

''What's your name?'' He asked me.

Maybe it's better if he doesn't know that I'm Ichiyou Fumiko. I guess… he forgot about me… I looked a bit sad.

''Hey, are you all right?'' Toramaru asked me.

I woke up from my thoughts and looked at him.

''H-Hai. Gomen. My name is Yiruui Ione.'' I said to him.

''Nice to meet you, Yiruui-san. You can call me Toramaru.'' He said to me.

I smiled.

''H-Hai.'' I said to him.

''Do you also have to go to geographic class?'' He asked me.

I nodded.

''Yeah, can you show me the way?'' I asked him.

He nodded.

''Of course!'' He said excited.

We walked together through the corridor. I was looking nervous to the ground. Gosh, I didn't know Toramaru was in this school too. And he doesn't recognize me! I almost felt I had to cry.

''Hey, are you really all right?'' I heard Toramaru's concerned voice.

''Yeah… I'm just nervous, I guess.'' I said to him.

''That's understandable.'' He said to me. ''But don't worry. I'll help you as much as I can.''

I smiled at him.

''Thanks, that's really sweet.'' I said to him.

Then, we reached our class. We entered the classroom and the teacher approached me.

''Hi you must be…'' He started.

''Shh…'' I shushed my teacher.

Toramaru was still standing behind me, only he was talking with a friend.

''You have to call me by my nickname.'' I said with a weak smile to my teacher.

''Huh? But on this paper stands that your name is…''

''I know! But just call me Yiruui-san.'' I almost begged him.

My teacher looked confused.

''Ehh, all right then. Well, Yiruui-san, you can sit next to Otonashi-san in the left corner over there.'' My teacher said to me.

He pointed at a blue-haired girl with red glasses. She waved at me. I waved back.

''But first, we have to introduce you.'' The teacher said.

I nodded. The teacher clapped in his hands and asked for attention.

''Minna, from now on, we have a new student in class. Please welcome her.'' He started.

I took a step forward and bowed.

''Ohayo, minna. Call me Yiruui-san or Ione-san.'' I said to them.

''Ohayo, Yiruui-san.'' The class replied to me.

I smiled. Then, I went to my spot next to the blue haired girl.

''Hi, I'm Otonashi Haruna.'' She said with a smile.

''Hi! Nice to meet you.'' I said to her.

''Is it okay if I call you Ione-san?'' Haruna asked me.

''Yeah, sure. Can I call you Haruna then?'' I asked her back.

She nodded. I already felt comfortable with this girl. We might could become great friends.

''All right, minna. Let's start the lesson.'' The teacher said.

After school, I heard some people talk about soccer practice.

''Do you guys have a soccer team here?'' I asked Haruna.

She nodded.

''Yes, and we're really good!'' She said. ''Don't you remember the FF and the FFI?''

I thought about it.

''Now you mention it… It is this school!'' I said happily.

Haruna smiled anime-style with her eyes closed and her head a bit to the side.

''Maybe you should come too.'' She said to me.

I smiled.

''I would love to see it.'' I replied to her.

Haruna took me to the soccer field. It didn't surprise me to see Toramaru there too. I sat down next to Haruna and two girls who introduced themselves as Aki and Fuyuka.

''We're the three managers of the team.'' Haruna explained.

I nodded.

''I understand. Nice to meet you all!'' I said.

Then, I noticed the man with purple hair and a blue-green jacket.

''That's my father, the coach of this team.'' Fuyuka explained to me.

I smiled anime-style.

''Wow, it's cool to see them playing soccer live in front of you.'' I said.

My eyes were immediately drawn to Toramaru.

''Ione-san, do you play soccer too?'' Aki asked me.

I nodded.

''Yeah, I do.'' I replied to her.

''Then why don't you play now?'' Fuyuka asked me.

I blushed a bit.

''It's my first day here. I want to look first for a bit.'' I said to her.

Fuyuka smiled.

''I understand.''

Then, Toramaru performed his Hissatsu technique 'Tiger Drive'. It looked really impressive.

''Sugoi…'' I whispered.

The ball made it into the goal.

''Isn't that the famous Endou Mamoru?'' I asked Haruna.

She nodded.

''You're totally right.'' She said.

''And that spiky-haired boy must be Goenji Shuuya.'' I said.

Haruna nodded again.

''He's my boyfriend.'' She said blushing.

I smiled.

''Awwhh… that's so sweet.'' I said to her.

Haruna smiled.

''Why do you know so much about our players"?'' Aki asked me.

''I followed the FFI live on TV. I didn't miss a second of it. I almost know all of these soccer players.'' I said to her.

The girls smiled.

''Sugoi, Ione-san.'' They said.

I sighted. It feels weird to be called by a name that's not mine. I wished I could just be called Ichiyou Fumiko. But I think I have to wait a little longer.

''Hey, Ione-san? Everything all right?'' Fuyuka asked me.

I nodded.

''Hai, just daydreaming.'' I replied.

I turned my glare back at the practice of the boys.

''I still think you should join.'' Aki said.

I laughed.

''I still think I have to wait a little longer.'' I replied to her.

She laughed too.

''But are you going to try it someday?'' She asked me.

I thought about it.

''Maybe I will.'' I replied to her.

She smiled happy.

''That would be awesome.''

Then, I saw Toramaru looking in my direction. He looked a bit surprised by seeing me. Then, he waved at me with a big smile. I smiled and waved back.

''You know Toramaru?'' Haruna asked me.

I nodded.

''I almost bumped at him in the corridor before my first class today.'' I explained.

The girls grinned.

''What?'' I asked.

''Oh, nothing.'' Fuyuka said.

''Forget about it.'' Aki said.

''Nane, girls? What's going on?'' I asked them.

They glared at each other and smiled.

''I think we're thinking the same.'' Haruna said to Aki and Fuyuka.

I didn't understand a thing from what they we're doing, so I decided to focus on the training again. After training, Toramaru ran towards me.

''Did you enjoy it?'' He asked me.

I nodded.

''Yeah, you guys are really good!'' I replied to him.

''You think?'' He asked me.

''Yeah. Especially you.'' I said to him.

''Thanks.'' He replied. ''I already played soccer since I was little.''

I smiled.

''That must be a nice memory.'' I said to him.

He nodded.

''Yeah, I always played it with my best friend Ichiyou Fumiko. But sadly, she moved away seven years ago.'' He said a bit sad.

He remembers me!

''Do you miss her?'' I asked him.

He nodded.

''Yeah, I almost think about her every day. Now you mention it, you look a lot like her.'' He said to me, while he examined me.

I started to feel uncomfortable.

''Hey, ehmm… I gotta go. I'll see you tomorrow.'' I said to him.

I quickly walked away. I swore I could feel his glare at me burn in my back.

''Toramaru.'' I whispered. ''You remembered…''

Weeks passed by and in the mean time, I joined Raimon's soccer team, became really good friends with Haruna and Toramaru and felt really happy. I was not sure if I was starting to develop feeling for Toramaru, but every time I saw him, I felt butterflies in my stomach. But everything went all right. Until that one day: The day that would change everything.

''Hey, Ione-san! Wanna come over at my house after school?'' Toramaru asked me with a little blush.

''Yeah sure.'' I replied to him.

I discovered his blush and started to blush myself too. The rest of the day, I couldn't focus on the classed and couldn't wait for school to be over. I sighted relieved when last period finished.

''Are you coming, Ione-san?'' Toramaru asked.

I nodded.

''H-Hai!'' I replied to him.

We putted on our jackets and walked out of the school.

''So, what did you score on your math test?'' Toramaru asked me.

''A B+, why?'' I asked him.

''You're a genius.'' He said jealous to me. ''I only got a C.''

I grinned at him.

''Haha, I'm better than you.'' I said to him.

''Watch out or otherwise…'' He said to me with a grin.

''Or what?'' I asked him teasingly.

He started to tickle me.

''No no, stop! Hahaha. Please don't! Haha, TORAMARU!'' I shouted, while I laughed.

I tried to break free from his grip and I couldn't breath normally.

''Say the magic words.'' Toramaru said.

''Hahaha, what are the haha magic words?'' I asked him, still laughing and squealing.

''Toramaru is better then me.'' He said grinning.

''No way!'' I shouted.

He immediately tickled me further.

''No no! All right! Haha! I say it! Hahaha…'' I said.

''Well?'' He asked me.

''Toramaru is better then me!'' I shouted.

He let go of me with a smile.

''Better.'' He said.

I tried to catch my breath.

''You know, this reminded me a lot of my friend Fumiko-san. She laughs the same way as you.'' He said to me.

''Really?'' I asked him.

He nodded.

''When I look at you, I can almost see her…'' He said.

I looked to the ground.

''So, technically. You only acted nice to me, because I look like your old friend?'' I asked him.

Toramaru realized he said something wrong.

''No no! I didn't mean it like that!'' He said to me.

''No, I understand.'' I said to him.

''Ione-san…'' Toramaru said.

I turned around. Maybe this is the moment to confess to him who I really am. I shook my head. No, not yet. I started walking away from him.

''Ione-san! Matte!'' Toramaru shouted at me, but I ignored him.

I turned around the corner and tears started to roll over my cheeks.

''Toramaru-kun… I miss you.'' I said to myself.

I felt a hand on my shoulder.

''All right, I'll say it then.'' Toramaru said.

I turned around.

''Tell what?'' I asked him.

He looked strict at me.

''Cut it out already. I know your secret.'' He said to me.

I looked shocked. Could he be talking about…

''What do you mean?'' I asked him.

Toramaru shook his head. He looked me in the eyes and I saw that he was getting frustrated.

''GODDAMMIT, I KNOW IT'S YOU, FUMIKO!'' He shouted at me.

I looked shocked. Tears still ran down over my cheeks.

''To-Toramaru-k-kun?'' I stammered.

He looked into my eyes.

''Why, Fumiko? Why did you made up a secret identity?'' He asked me.

''Be-Because, I was scared to face you, I guess…'' I said to him.

''I guess? Why the hell would you be scared of me? I never ever hurt you or anything!'' He shouted angry at me.

I slowly backed down. Toramaru pushed me against the wall and stretched his arms besides me, so that I couldn't escape.

''Why, Fumiko?'' He asked me.

''I-I…'' I stammered.


''I-I thought you forgot about me. That you were mad about me because of moving out. And maybe because we were best friend. I was afraid that if I was starting to like you, that we couldn't be together because we were already good friends and we wouldn't want to give up that.'' I explained.

Toramaru looked shocked at me.

''You… really thought I forgot about you?'' He asked full of disbelieve.

I didn't dare to look him in the eyes anymore, so I stared at the ground.

''Fumiko…'' He said to me. ''I could NEVER forget about you. Even if I wanted to.''

I looked at him, tears running down my cheeks.

''Why?'' I asked him.

''Be-Because I love you…'' Toramaru mumbled, while he turned his glare away from me.

I looked at him.

''Toramaru…'' I whispered.

''Are you still going to say something?'' Toramaru asked.

I started to blush.

''I-I don't know what to say.'' I said to him.

''Then say nothing at all.'' He said to me.

He gently pushed his lips against mine. My eyes widened. Nane Yo? What is he doing? What's happening? Then, I slowly closed my eyes and kissed back.

''I missed you, Fumiko.'' Toramaru said. ''A lot.''

''I missed you too, Toramaru. And I'm glad we got to know each other better this weeks.'' I said to him.

He smiled at me.

''So, are you still coming to my house?'' He asked me.

I nodded. He grabbed my hand and like that, we continued our way.



''How did you found out I was Ichiyou Fumiko?''

Toramaru looked at me and smiled.

''Simple. Your hair band.'' He said to me.

''Huh?'' I said confused.

''Don't you remember? I gave it to you when we were five years old. I recognize my own present.'' He said to me with a wink.

I started to blush.

''Baka…'' I mumbled with a red face.

He gave me a little peck on the cheek.

''I'm glad you still wear it everyday.'' He said to me.

I turned red and let my hand glide over the place where he kissed me.

''Oh, you want another one?'' Toramaru asked me.

He grabbed me by my chin and turned my head in his direction. He sweetly gave me another kiss. I kissed him back passionately.

''I love you.'' I said to him, while I laid my forehead against his.

''I love you too, sweet Fumiko.'' He replied.

Then, we kissed again.

End of story