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Asterisk Spot (Twilight Pie at FimFiction, if you're interested)


The ability to bypass natural laws, bringing forth the desired results produced by the innate abilities of the caster. That is the broader definition of magic that has been used by scholars for centuries. The study of the arcane sciences has always been a delicate issue, pertaining to the research and development of new spells, and improvement of existent ones, a never-ending process. The standard syllabus for magic study in school only touches the most common, universally known theories on magic, from the most recognizable names, such as Star Swirl the bearded. This work strives to provide a meaningful introduction to the work of magical theorists across the ages as a starting point for deepening basic theories studies.

Basic Magical Theories Abridged

Azure Gleam

The load of books Twilight poured onto her was absolutely astounding. Sweetie couldn't believe the table, which looked a little feeble, wasn't coming down any moment with the weight it was supporting. Basic Magical Theories Abridged, Anatomy of Magic: Details of a unicorn's magical structures, Compendium of the History of magic.

The small unicorn looked at her left, where her purple colored mentor bore a blissful expression on her face, her eyes looking at her apprentice gleefully. Twilight Sparkle was filled with expectancy. Sweetie Belle noted a pang of nervousness running through her body and gulped before addressing the elder mare.

"Um, Twilight?"

"Yes, Sweetie Belle?" Her voice was as high pitched as what Sweetie could conjure during her singing, peppered with barely contained joy.

"Where should we begin?"

"Oh, yes, yes, yes! Well, let's see. There are many useful things around here and…" she paused as her gaze fell on the material that she had brought for them to begin with the lessons. For minutes, the only sound was that of other ponies walking around the zone, the wind rustling the tree's leaf outside and the melodies of birds. Twilight lost herself looking at the books, not noticing at all when Sweetie waved a hoof in front of her face. Finally the small white unicorn resorted to calling out to her.

"Twilight? Can you hear me?"

The purple unicorn turned around with an unreadable expression on her face.

"Yes, Sweetie. Why don't you go and take the rest of the day free? I'll have some things to take care of first. Have fun!"

Something about her prospective mentor's voice told the little unicorn it was better to retreat now, so she took the advice in stride.

"Ok, Twilight… I'll go out now…"

The Royal Library was a really large building, possessing vast collections of books. Every academic study, thesis, and similar documents produced by Equestria's bright minds in the different schools had a copy available in its shelves. As Sweetie Belle walked through the aisles, she looked at the different subjects magic, mathematics, biology, biographies, science, arts and many other topics that were available at the knowledge depository. She decided to come back later and do some reading.

Through the windows, thin sunlight came inside. The hallways seemed empty as she advanced. Her hooves took her to her room in the castle. The bedroom was twice as big as the one she had with her parents, or the one she used in the boutique. As she opened the room, she was surprised to find a pony inside, letting out a little gasp. The pony inside turned back to see her and beamed, trotting up to her.

"Hello, Sweetie Belle! It's so good to see you!"

Recovered from her shock, Sweetie smiled broadly, going to nuzzle the elder unicorn.

"Patchwork, I love to see you too! I never expected to see you here!"

The addressed pony giggled, separating from Sweetie Belle. "Well, I was seemingly assigned to assist you in your stay in the castle. Apparently the Princess herself arranged it. I'm happy, though, to be able to see you, even if is just a little. Speaking of which, I assumed you'd be studying at this time."

The little unicorn's expression saddened slightly and she let out a little sigh.

"I was supposed to study with Twilight, but I don't know what happened with her and she told me I could have the day free. But the castle is so big, I don't know what to do, and I'm supposed to be studying."

Patchwork trotted back to the other side of the room, and with the glow of her horn –a dark green one, such as half of her mane- a broom continued to sweep the floor.

"Twilight Sparkle? One would think there would be no better pony to teach one magic, as Princess Celestia's personal protégé and the Element of Magic."

A brief pause followed as Patchwork looked behind her at Sweetie. "Though I have heard certain rumors about her, I prefer not to give too much credit to such musings. They may turn out to be false and cause distraught to the involved pony and others around her. Sweetie approached her with curiosity.

"What kind of rumors are those?"

Patchwork looked at her, her lips strained. "I don't think it's very good to talk about if, but some say she's somewhat unbalanced." She turned back to her chores, as the white filly pondered on it; she flashed back at the Smarty Pants incident, as well as some things her sister had briefly mentioned when telling her about some adventures. She had been so glad the issue with the doll had been resolved that she had never given any thought to it, but it now occupied all her mind, as she pictured the purple unicorn on her head.


She jerked herself out of her introspection to find a pair of deep dark eyes staring directly at her. She blinked, before remembering who was with her in the room.

"Sorry, I spaced out a little."

"I can see that. Say, since you're free right now, would you like accompanying me in the castle's cleaning? We can go and talk while at it."

"Sure, I'll go with you." The two ponies trotted out of the room, going down the corridor.