"We shared a ... a kiss," Tuck said with a bit of embarrassment but a dreamy look on his face. FDR stared at him for a few moments, obviously trying not to laugh, but then held his hand over his heart and wiped away a fake tear.

"Well we shared much more," FDR wiped away the look on Tuck's face with those words and a smirk.

"WHAT?" Tuck yelled, his neck snapping to FDR.

"We shared a ... a snog!" FDR exaggerated Tuck's expression at the beginning of the exchange. No, he didn't think it was amazing – after all, he did usually end up doing homeruns after every first date, if you know what I mean – FDR just wanted to piss off Tuck. However, that plan certainly backfired.

"What, you mean like the frozen yoghurt?" Tuck said in confusion. FDR stared at him blankly.

"Holy crap, you sad little man," FDR said slowly while pinching the bridge of his nose.