"I will kill you!" Spiritomb hissed. I wasn't sure who he was directing it to, but he was trying to wreck everything in his path. Everyone was advised to evacuate the town, but I knew I just had to stay. If I can't return Spiritomb back to his senses then no one can. Spiritomb tried to throw some shadow balls at me, but I didn't understand why. All I could do was shrug them off because I am immune to ghost-type moves. So whenever Spiritomb would use a ghost-type move, I would be there to take it so there was no damage done.

"SERENA! WHERE ARE YOU?" I heard a woman's cry on top of the sound of stomping. There was a woman riding a rhyhorn. The rhyhorn must have been a racer holding a choice scarf because there is no way a pokemon with low base speed could charge that fast. When the woman rode past me, I turned my attention away from Spiritomb and over to the woman.

I gasped. A mixture of nostalgia and painful memories hit me. Was it who I thought it was. Was the girl I saw skating, her daughter? There was only one way to find out. "Grace?" I called out. Grace was the name of my trainer. We were forced apart after her drug scandal and I was forced to work with Team Rocket.

"Matron?" The woman responded. It was her. For the first time in so many years. "AGH!"

Spiritomb's shadow crept below Grace's Rhyhorn and shook Grace off. Her forehead banged against the pavement and she landed in a twisted position. I rolled over to help her. Rhyhorn was fine, as had really good physical defence and shadow sneak had a low base power which didn't make use of Spiritomb's new found power.

"Grace!" I said. "Are you all right?"

"I think so," Grace murmmered.

"Out of my way you filthy scumbag!" Spiritomb cackled as he threw blue flames of will-o-wisp around intending to burn anything he can find. One of the flames hit Grace and she screamed. Blood oozed from her face as I used aromatherapy to return her back her normal state. I left her where she was as Rhyhorn came back to defend her.

"Stop it Spiritomb!" I yelled. "You're hurting my trainer and everyone else."

Spiritomb floated around the pokemon centre as he stopped to take one look at me and laughed. "I thought you hated your trainer and wanted nothing to do with her. Now I know why, she humps filthy rocks."

"All types balance each other out," I explained. "Some are more common than others, but we are all equal. You can't do this to yourself and this town. You worked so hard to get to where you are. Remember all all those patients we saved."

"It means nothing!" Spiritomb roared. "I've been trying to destroy the hacked syndrome for years only to find that I have them inside me." His body slopped to one side and ran down to the floor like water.

Mrs. Swanna was paralyzed from the beak down. Despite her best efforts she couldn't land an attack on Spiritomb. Zelda had been using a calm mind to boost both of her special stats. Using her physchic powers she levitated Mrs. Swanna to the pokemon centre where she could be quickly healed from her paralysis. Good idea, I thought.

"You're not gonna like what I'm going to do," Zelda confessed. "But I have to do it. Spiritomb is dangerous. He is the worst hack I have ever come across."

"How dare you," Spiritomb yelled. Spiritomb huffed and with all of his might blew to Zelda one of the biggest shadow balls anyone could have seen. It didn't even leave a scratch on Zelda. I knew what was coming and when Florges waved her arms and created a giant pink ball that resembled a moon I was right. Before I knew it, Spiritomb smacked in the face with a moon blast.

It was the most horrific scream I had ever heard. It was a one hit knockout and he was back to being his regular self again. Poor Spiritomb was battered and bruised and his purple skin peeled. I could see the bad eggs exploding from him. He gasped for breath and heaved. Mrs. Swanna, Zelda and I gathered around him as fast as we could.

"Spiritomb..." I held onto his hand.

"There's nothing you can do," Spiritomb croaked. Black blood dribbling on his mouth. "This is where I have to say goodbye."

"You mean..." Mrs. Swanna lowered her head and buried it under her wing. "You're going to die."

"I'm sorry." Spiritomb coughed. "Domino had made a concoction of illlegal drugs. When consumed it would turn any pokemon into a killing machine. She made gallons of it. I couldn't stand there and let her make any more so I burned the recipe and when she was arrested, I drank every last drop of her concoction."

"Is that how you became hacked?" I asked.

"No," Spiritomb grumbled. "I was born with it. I had thirty-one individual values in every stat. I couldn't save that phione, but I was determined to save you all." His eyes steered towards me. "Especially you... Matron. You cared for me as if you were my sister or maybe something more. Please keep an eye out on my daughters for me. Let them know that I love them all. "

As I watched Spiritomb crumble to nothing, I had learned that even ghost-types had to die at some point. I had never seen a ghost-type patient die so it was a bone chilling experience to me. My eyes felt heavy and I just couldn't move even if I wanted to. Why did it all have to come to this? I had so many questions that I knew I would never find an answer to.

The training had to be cancelled and was to be rescheduled for following month. Zelda and Mrs. Swanna returned to Sinnoh. I decided that I would stay and catch up with Grace for just one night. I rang Minerva up to tell her the news. She was devastated of course, but I had a feeling that she would be a lot closer to Little Wit and Lavender from now on.

It was horrible to lose Spiritomb the way we did, but we've got to carry on. Come tomorrow I will be back to work as usual doing what I do best: saving lives.

I want to thank everybody who has read and reviewed this story. I'm happy it's gotten good feedback. This I'm afraid to say is the final chapter of Carry On, Blissey. I hope you stay tuned for my other fan fiction projects.