"Dilly, this isn't up to you! You're coming home RIGHT NOW." My Aunt almost yells.

"This is up to me, actually, it happens to be my life!" I retort.

"But, Paige says…"

"Oh, has Paige not got anybody to bully now?" I ask, sarcasm dripping off my voice, "Well, I'm sorry that I don't really want to go live with that BITCH! Do you think it was okay, her bullying me? Well, I don't want to go back to her punches and kicks and rumours, I just don't!"

"Dylan Ashley Fox!"

"She told the entire freakin' school that my Dad murdered my Mom, deliberately! THE ENTIRE SCHOOL! My boyfriend dumped me because of it, and it was a lie that Dad knew what the gene would do! You know that! She knows that!" I scream, desperate not to fall back into Patrice's care.

I can hear whispering outside the door. Great. Everyone else has been listening to our screaming match.

"I'm not going, and you can't make me." I say, and then storm out, with her yelling after me, "Dylan! Get back down here at once!"

I'm in my room alone for a few minutes before Ketty comes in.

"Piss off." I tell her, but she insists on staying.

"What's wrong?" she asks.

"Oh, don't give me that! You were listening outside the freakin' door!" I remind her.

"All we heard was yelling, I only made out that you don't want to go back to America and you don't like your cousin Paige." She lied.

"What you mean to say is 'Yes, Dylan, I heard everything'" I contradict.

"You make it sound so bad." She tells me.

"It is bad!" I say, "Patrice and Paige aren't any of your business." She opens her mouth to answer but I cut over her, "Or Ed's, or Nico's or anybody else's."

She sighs, "I'm sorry, Dylan, we shouldn't have listened in."

"Bit late now." I murmur sarcastically.

"Patrice is saying she won't go back to America without you." Ketty fills me in on what I've missed.

"Well she's going to be here a while." I retort.


"Oh, what? You want me to go, don't you? You want to get rid of me!" I sob, having a total drama-queen meltdown moment.

"No, Dylan, It's not like that!"

"It's exactly like that, Ketty! That's what you three were talking about. My own cousin doesn't want me around!"

"Dylan, we do want you around! We just think maybe you should go with Patrice for a week or so, then come back."

"A week or so in the same house as Paige? Forget it. I never want to be within 300,000 miles of her!"

"Stop being difficult, Dilly, and open this damn door! You're coming home!"

Ketty goes to open it, but I rush over and grab her wrist. "Don't you dare."

"Sorry." She says, moving back.

"Don't let her bully you, Keturah, just open the door for me, dearest." Patrice coaxes.

"Go to Hell, Patrice!" I yell.

"Watch your language, young lady!"


Ketty glares at me, walks over to the door and unlocks it. Patrice bursts in and grabs my wrist, digging her manicured nails into my arm. But two can play at that game. I take my own long and perfectly polished nails and dig them into her arm. She yells in pain and lets go of me. I take this chance, and make for the door, only for Ketty to grab me.

"I knew it!" I spit in her face, "You don't want me around."

She lets go and I stumble down the stairs, rubbing my sore wrist.

Nico blocks my path and asks, "Dylan, where's Ketty?"

"Get lost." I tell him, shoving him hard in his stomach.

"What was that for?" Uncle Fergus protests.

Ed and Nico glare at me, and then someone comes into the house and I feel like dying. Paige.

"Hello, Dilly!" she smiles evilly, "Long time no see."

"Not long enough bitch." I say.

"Hey!" says Ed, "Don't call my girlfriend a bitch!", and Paige goes over and hugs him.

No freakin' way. Ed and Paige.

"What happened to Alexander? Or Samuel? Or Thomas?" I ask her.

"Old news, bitch, keep up!" she says, "Where's your boyfriend? Don't see one, do we? Nope!" she giggles.

"FYI, Paige, I do have a boyfriend." I inform her.

She giggles again, "How many times has he kissed you, Dilly? Once? Poor him!"

I sigh, and stalk outside, calling, "I have something you'll never have, Paigey! And that's a bloody freakin' heart!"

I'm walking down the path with my nose in the air, unwilling to allow the tears to seep from my eyes, and bang into somebody. Harry Linden, my boyfriend.

"Dylan? What's up? Are you crying?"

"No." I lie, but the tears keep coming, "Okay, yes. Nobody wants me here anymore. Nico, Ketty, Ed, they all want me back in America with Patrice and Paige."

"Oh, God, Dylan, I'm sorry." He says, pulling me into a hug, "C'mon, you'll be okay. They can't make you go."

"Harry, don't tell anyone I cried." I whisper into his ear.

"Okay." He replies, taking my hand.

Paige looks up when we go in, then sniffs dismissively, "Oh, it's you Dilly! Shame, I thought you had gone for good!"

"Shut your face for once, Paige." I tell her, "Nobody really wants to hear you droning on."

"Shut up, Dylan, and stop being such a hurtful pig." Ed says to me.

"Well, you've got nerve to talk to me like that when you're the one dating that… thing." I remind him.

"Dylan, go away if all you're going to do is piss people off." Nico orders.

"Don't tell me what to freakin' do!" I shout.

I feel Harry's hand on my arm, and force myself to calm down.

"Oh, Paige, what happened to you? Did all the boys at school finally work out that you're a two-timing slut, I mean, you've slept with practically all of them in the past year?" I say, sweetly.

She turns to Ed, her eyes worried, "Don't listen to her, she's full of lies."

Ed looks a little uneasy, and I smile. "The truth always comes out in the end, Paigey!"

"Oh shut it, you fugly little $*?%!" she laughs that fake giggle again.

That's it. I slap her. On her cheek. As hard as I possibly can.

She screams, "MOM!"

Patrice and Ketty finally come down, and, of course, immediately notice the slap mark on Paige's cheek.

"What happened, sweetie?" Patrice coos.

"It was Dilly!" Paige whines in response.

"Yeah, and I'll do it again!" I say, stepping forward, only to have Ed block my path.

"Move!" I yell, "She deserves everything that's coming to her! She gave me mental scars!"

"Stop over-reacting, Dylan." Nico frowns.

"Stop telling me what to do!" I scream, clawing and hitting, until Harry yanks me back with so much force that I fall over. By that time, she's gone crazy as well.

"Don't you understand, Dilly?" she calls, "We're replacing you… with me!"

I stop fighting, and walk out, and when Harry tries to follow, I push him back.

It's been about an hour when Ketty, Nico and Harry find me crying at

The top of a tree far to high for any of them to climb without falling.

"Dylan! Come down." Ketty calls.


"We're sorry."

"No, you aren't! Why did you even come? You've got Paige now." I say, sarcastically.

"God, Dylan! Stop being so frigging annoying and just come down! We're trying to apologise!" Nico shouts.

"What? You seemed pretty happy to replace me earlier." I remind them.

"Hey." Harry says, "That's not fair! I mean, c'mon, Dylan!"

"Fine-not Harry, but both of you were!" I change my mind.

"Dylan…uh, we just wanted Ed to be happy, and he's got a girlfriend who's pretty…" Ketty starts.

"No." I cut through her voice, "Don't dare compliment her in front of me! Try being her bully victim for 14 years!"

They're all silent.

"Didn't remember that, did you?" I ask, "But I remember. I remember being 5 years old, where she sat me down and told me that I was ugly. I remember being 3 years old, when she sat me down to tell me She didn't like me because I was stupid. I remember being 13, where she told the entire school I was messed up because my Dad murdered my Mom deliberately."

They can't say anything.

"See?" I ask, "Paige isn't the best person in the world. In fact, she's the worst in my opinion."

"I'm sorry, Dylan, we didn't know," a tiny voice comes out of Ketty's mouth.

"But I've told you she was a bully before." I say, "I've told you she's horrible, I told you but you ignored me. Now, do you see why I don't like her? She made fun of my parents, MY DEAD PARENTS right in front of my eyes!"

"Wow." Nico says, "Sorry Dylan. We'll uh…talk to Ed."

I jump down about 8 feet from my tree, force field engaged.

"I'm coming too." I say, "There's no way at all I'm getting left out of seeing that bitch getting kicked out of my Dad's house."

We go back, and again, Paige makes nasty comments on me being here, and another about me supposedly 'borrowing' Ed for a second.

"Look, she's not staying in this house for 10 minutes longer-it's an insult to my father." I tell him.

"Shut up Dylan, you're just ruining everything for me!"

"No! I WILL NOT have her in his house! She has insulted him and my mother too many times, and it's either she goes, or you both go." I say.

He looks helplessly at Ketty.

"You have to, Ed. If Dylan feels like that as strongly as she obviously does, you have to get Paige out." Ketty agrees with me.

We go through and I say to Paige, "Get out."



"No, Dilly, you can't tell me what to do!"

"Yes, I can, in this house!" I push her, straight onto the path outside, where she falls over, scratching her arms.

Patrice comes through, and sees Paige lying on the ground outside, and, unfortunately, the satisfied smirk on my face, which clearly said I was guilty.

She walked over and said, "Dylan Ashley Fox! What have you done?"

"I taught her a very important lesson that is going to benefit her life later." I answer.

"Enough of this cheek, Dilly! You are coming home RIGHT NOW, whether you like it or not!" Patrice storms, not believing me.

"Oh, good, because, this was my father's home, and it's my home now." I tell her, "And, I agree, you should go back to your home, and take that pathetic excuse for a human being that you named Paige with you."

Ed scowls at me, "Come on Dylan, you might not want her in the house, but she can stay with my parents and I, and she's coming on a mission with us!"

"WHAT?" I scream, "No WAY! She is NOT coming with us on any missions, understand?"

"Sorry, Dylan, but we need Paige." Nico agrees with Ed, "She's a normal girl. She can help us get into places."

"We have Harry." I remind them.

"And Foster, Carson and all the other criminals know who he is." Ketty says.

"Not Carson." I say, stubbornly.

"But Foster does, and we could come across him." Ed argues.

"Then choose someone else!" I plead, "Lola from Fox Academy, or Laura, Harry's mom, anybody! Just not Paige!"

"No." I'm surprised to hear Harry speak up against me, "my mum isn't putting herself in any danger, as she would if you asked her."

Great. Now everyone else is frowning at me.

"Come on!" I mutter, storming out of the room, and back upstairs, when I lie on the bed, under the duvet, sobbing and sobbing.

I hear the door creak open-Ketty.

"Get out." I say, but the duvet muffles my voice.

"Look, Dylan, I think we were a little hard on you earlier." Ketty starts.

"You think?" I murmur.

"Paige is still coming with us, but only once, to see how it works." Ketty then decides to let me know.

"Great." I hiss, getting up, walking over to the window and punching straight through it, force field engaged.

"Dylan!" Ketty sounds vaguely irritated.

"What are you, my mom?" I ask, then, remembering my mom, tears fill my eyes and I have to sit down, blinking fiercely to keep them back.

"Oh, Dylan," Ketty sighs, putting an arm around my shoulder, "She'll only come once, and we'll keep her as far away from you as possible. This is good for Ed, he's never really had a proper girlfriend beside me before."

"Fine." I say, "but only once, no more."

"Okay." Ketty agrees.

I then hear her go outside, and say, "She's okay with it."

I sigh; walk over to window I smashed, and start pulling out the bigger shards, to create a hole big enough for me jump out of, force field engaged, of course, so that I land lightly, rather than snapping my neck.

I'm off shopping in seconds, because it's something I love to do, and I have huge amounts of money. There are certain places I hate to shop now, though, like the shops I went to when I stayed with my Godfather, Jack.

I come home about 4 hours later, with bags and bags of clothes, make up and accessories.

Paige isn't here, or Ed, so I figure they must be at his house, since I kicked her out of here. The others are all eating, and I decide to go straight upstairs, on account of not being hungry.

I change into a silky pair of violet pyjamas, furry blue slippers and a lilac dressing gown.

The next morning, I wake up and Ketty isn't in the room. I get up, wash, dress and go downstairs.

Ketty, Nico and Harry are sitting around the coffee table, deep in conversation. Why am I getting left out of everything? Well, I guess, to be fair, Ed's missing out too, but I don't really care about him right now. It's his fault this whole Paige thing happened in the first place.

"Dylan." Nico looks up first and spots me.

"No, no, continue," I say icily, "I wouldn't want to disturb you three. After all, it's not like it was my Dad who-" I start.

"Come on, Red." Harry says, "You weren't up! We didn't want to wake you."

"Well, you did." I lie, "I heard you all talking!"

"No, you didn't, Dylan." Ketty contradicts.

Nico sighs, "You know, Dylan, your getting pretty frigging difficult not to scream at every time you're in the room!"

"Wow, Nico, that makes me feel so wanted, because, I mean, it's totally my fault you all managed to get Paige involved in everything!"

"Calm down, Red." Harry is using this singsong voice, as if I'm a disobedient child.

I take a deep breath, "So," I say, "what's so important that you couldn't wait until I got up?"

"Our next mission." Nico replies.

"Oh, God." I whisper under my breath.

They have this whole complex plan about using Paige as a distraction, while we sneak by. Well, I have a complex plan about pushing Paige in front of whoever has a gun and letting her die.

"Dylan, are you even listening?" Ketty asks, infuriated.

"Yes." I lie, "we push Paige out before us, sneak by and abandon her alone with the guy who has a gun so that we can do the mission in peace-right?"

"Dylan!" she exclaims.

"I was going to say, that plan sounded to good to be true, especially if you guys were making it up…"

"Hey." A voice at the door makes us all turn around, before anyone can scream at me.

Cal is Nico's younger brother, or, half-brother I guess.

"What are you doing here?" Nico asks.

"Nico!" Ketty glares at him, running to give Cal a hug.

Okay. Now I understand. Seeing Cal must give Nico about as much joy as seeing Paige did for me.

"I'll get rid of Cal if you get rid of Paige." I offer in a whisper.

"No. We need Paige."

"No, we don't. You're just saying that because Ketty thinks so!"

"Shut up, Dylan!"

"Fine." I stalk over to Cal and whisper in his ear, "Would you mind getting Ketty to realise that if we need a 7th member to this team, we can phone Amy. I don't care what Ed thinks."


"Because they want to use my cousin, and she's a bitch."

"Okay…I guess."

"Just tell her we have 6 people already and we'll be fine."



I walk back to Nico. "We'll see what Cal can do." I say to him.

"What did you do, Dylan?"

"I asked him to talk some sense into Ketty, that's all."

"Dylan! She won't listen to him anyway, we've already decided!"

I shrug, "She might-you never know."

Cal and Ketty walk back over.

"So, where's Ed?" Cal asks.

"With my cousin." I reply smoothly.

"We have a plan," Ketty starts, "We need Paige, Dylan's cousin to help…"

"Why?" Cal's playing along with me.

"Because she doesn't have any psychic powers, so we can use her as a distraction." Nico replies, glaring at me, assuming, correctly, that I have something to do with Cal protesting.

"Neither does Harry, right?"

"Correct!" I cry, "So we can count Paige out!"

"No, because Paige would be safer." Ketty retorts, an edge in her voice.

"Why wouldn't Harry be safe?" I demand.

"Because he's a trouble maker!" Ketty forgets that Harry is sitting next to her.

He gets up, and walks out.

"Thank you, Ketty." I say, "That was very kind."

I stalk out after Harry, and I'm slightly aware of Nico, Ketty and Cal following me, but I'm not bothered.

I'm too late, and Harry's already in Laura's car, driving away. I turn on Ketty.

"What did you say that for?"

"I forgot he was next to me! And it's true, he is a trouble maker!"

"You sound like a teacher, and Paige is 300 times worse, especially if I'm around!"


"Get lost. Poor Harry. I hate you, by the way."

"Dylan, you don't have to be so harsh!" Nico storms.

"You're one to talk!"

"Shut up, you're the trouble maker here, Dylan!"

"Are you sure you're talking about this Dylan? Because if you are, I'll kill you, you egoistic little…"

"DYLAN!" Ketty screams, "NICO! Stop arguing! It isn't helping!"

"No? Well I'm so very sorry, your Royal freakin' Highness!" I say, sarcastically.

"Don't talk to my girlfriend like that!" Nico walks over to Ketty.

"Hey, don't single me out!" I remind him, "You were arguing as well!"

"But you've been arguing since the start of this whole Paige thing!"

"And that's my fault? Who even introduced Paige and Ed? Who started this?" I realise I don't even know this basic kinda-important information.

Ketty looks at me, and then starts to speak, "When Patrice first arrived in Scotland, she brought Paige, and Paige seemed really nice, and they just…got together, I guess!"

"Brilliant," I mutter under my breath, "Just brilliant."

"God, Dylan!" Nico cries, "It's not our fault! Or Ed's!"

"Actually, I think it is Ed's fault-as well as Paige's-of course."

"Oh, Dylan, don't start blaming Ed!" Ketty wails, "What did he do?"

"Go out with Paige, haven't you been listening?"

"Ketty, Nico!"

Oh, God. That oh-so-horribly-familiar voice is coming from behind us.

"Hi, Paige!" calls Ketty, turning around.

"Oh, Dilly, you're here too!" she sounds disapproving, a little like Patrice, "Where's the boyfriend? Gotten tired of you already?"

I storm past her, banging into her bag so hard that it falls onto the ground. I can hear her squealing, "That's Gucci! How dare you?"

"Because I'm a normal human being!" I reply from my room, which now has a smashed window.

When she looks up, I shove a handful of broken glass out of the window, and yell, "WATCH OUT!"

Paige screams and only just avoids the glass.

"Oops." I say, my voice flat, so that everyone can tell that I'm not sorry.

"Dylan!" Ketty glares at me, "Paige could've been hurt, really badly!"

"And I'm supposed to care because?" I retort, sticking my nose in the air.

"Because she's your cousin!" Nico bursts out.

"Well, so are you, and you don't care about me!"

"Leave it, Dylan." Ed calls.

"Why don't you make me?"

"Know what, Dilly?" Paige splutters, "I understand. What with your messed up, cheating parents, who killed each other, and obviously didn't care about you AT ALL…"

"Come here and say that to my face!" I scream, throwing myself out of the window and landing lightly on my feet.

"Maybe I will!"

"Go, then!" I punch her in the face.

She swings a punch, but I duck, and she whacks Ketty, whose eyes immediately flood with tears. Nico glares at me, which I don't get, because it was Paige who punched Ketty.

"What?" I ask him, "I didn't punch her!"

"If you hadn't ducked…"

"I would get hit!"

"It wouldn't hurt you! You have your Medusa ability!"

"That doesn't mean I won't avoid getting smacked if possible! She's hit me countless times when we were younger!"


"Look, blame Paige, not me!"

"But Dilly!" Paige exclaims, "I'm just an innocent little girl with no special powers to keep me safe!"

"You think our powers keep us safe?" I demand, "I beg to differ! If anything, they keep us in constant danger!"

"It's true…" Cal finally decides to say something.

"Who are you?" Paige asks, rudely.

"I'm Cal, Nico's half-brother. I have the medusa gene too."

"I didn't know Nico had a brother!"

"That's because you don't have to know everything about everyone, Paige!" I remind her.

"Oh, shut your face, Dilly." She stalks off, Ed following, like a little puppy dog.

"Does Avery know you're here, Cal?" asks Nico, "Where is he?"

"Avery's still in Australia. He doesn't know I'm here."


"He's my dad! He trusts me!"

That hurts. I hate it when people start talking about their parents in front of me. It really let's me feel what I'm missing out on, because mine are dead.

"He's my dad too, and I think he deserves to know where you are! He'll be worried!"

Why won't they all shut up? When will someone realise that I'm standing here, and I don't want to hear all this?

"Nico, I'm sure Avery will be fine with Cal being here, Cal told us that Avery trusts him!" Ketty says.

"SHUT UP!" I scream, "Just please, please shut UP!"

They all look at me, not seeming to understand. Then they all seem to understand at the one time.

"Oh, Dylan!" Ketty gasps, "I'm so sorry!"

"Don't be." I order, "Don't be sorry, I hate it! Just stop talking about Dads!" I walk away, back to the huge tree I climbed earlier.

They don't turn up until about an hour later. I guess they figured I'd have calmed down by now. Well, they figured wrong. I'm still fuming.

"Dylan?" Ketty's voice is all timid, and it makes me want to punch her.


"Are you okay? We're sorry about your Mum and Dad."

"Why should you be sorry now? They've been dead since I was a baby."

"We know, Dylan, but we're sorry about talking like that with you around."

"Well, ever heard the expression; Think before you speak? Or at least think of who's standing there with you!"

"Dylan! We're sorry! Get over it!" Nico yells.

I want to cry. He doesn't know what it's like, being an orphan, he has Fergus and Avery. But no, I won't cry. I can't.

"Nico!" Ketty bursts out, "That's an awful thing to say!"

"What was?"

"'Get over it'. That's nasty!"

"All our Mums are dead! She's not the only one. She has Fergus!"

"Do you really think it's the same?" I call, "It's nothing like the same! I've never known any parents! I've only known aunts and uncles, and the ones I spent most of my life with weren't exactly kind! I jumped for joy when Jack told me I could get away! That was all I wanted!"

"Please come down, Dylan!" Ketty begs.

I lightly jump down.

"We're really sorry, Dylan." Ketty elbows Nico.


"Can we do something to help?" Ketty asks.

I consider this, "Yes. Call Harry and tell him you're sorry and he can still go on missions with us. Oh, and, most importantly, tell Paige she can't come with us."

Ketty sighs, and looks at Nico.

"Fine." He mutters.

"Where's Cal?" I ask.

"He's going back to Australia." Nico speaks quickly, obviously not wanted Ketty to say anything.

"What about Paige?"

"Still at Ed's house." Ketty tells me.

I look at her, and I can tell she knows what I want to know.

"We'll tell her later, okay?"


I run up the stairs, into my bedroom.

I'm sitting there, real still, and I hear something. Voices. Kissing.

I go over to the window and look out. Paige. But she's not making out with Ed. This is some other random guy.

I pull my mobile out and dial Ed's number.

"Come to Uncle Fergus' house. Now." I order. He should arrive in time to see them. Maybe I can get rid of Paige again after all.

I keep watching, and five minutes later, Ed pulls in and sees Paige and the other guy.

"Paige!" he calls, frowning.

She turns and notices him, and is obviously very embarrassed and annoyed.

I laugh, and call down, "Truth always comes out in the end, babe!"

I leap down out of my window, and Paige tries to punch my face, but I grab her hand, and smack her back.

"Paige…" Ed seems lost for words.

"What did I tell you?" I remind him.

At that second, Ketty and Nico walk out of the house, seeing Ed, Paige, the random guy, and me.

"What's going on?" asks Ketty.

"Oh, nothing much! Ed just found out I told the truth about Paigey here." I inform her.

"We called Harry. He's coming back now." Nico tells me.


So we called Patrice, and Paige went back home with her, and Ketty made up with Harry.

So maybe, just maybe, happy ending are real.