It was silent in the church, which was unusual all by itself. Aerith's usual useless chatter was gone, but she was in the building with Aeris. Sitting right across from her, in fact, staring down at her flowers and running her fingers over the petals.


There. It's going to start right there. Aeris thought, rolling her large crimson eyes.


"I was wondering… Are you a serial killer? Or a lesbian? Or maybe a super-villian?" she asked, slowly looking over at her younger sister.

Aeris' hand snapped up to her mouth as she shook with stifled laughter. She wasn't sure why the questions were so hilarious to her but they were, and Aerith didn't look all too thrilled.

"I'm serious!" Aerith exclaimed over Aeris' laughter. Aeris stopped her giggling when she heard a creak overhead.

"Do you hear that?"

"Hear what?"

The ceiling gave another small series of squeaks.


There was a loud bang and a limp figure fell on top of Aeris, pressing her face into the flowers. Bits of wood fell around her (One hitting her particularly hard in her exposed shin).


Aeris could barely breathe, let alone see who had made Aerith's breath hitch in her throat. But man, they were heavy.

"Oh wow he's... Hello? Hello~!" Aerith finally called, causing the figure above Aeris to stir.

"OhGoddess. Help!" Aeris wheezed, attempting to lift herself up. She didn't even move an inch.


"Not Quite. Church in the slums."

"Are you an angel?"

Aeris stopped squirming and felt her eyes widen.

"No. Just Aerith."

Is that… Zack? Aeris thought, feeling the man's body lift from hers.

She and Zack locked eyes for a minute and let out a mutual shriek.

"Zack?" Aeris screamed shrilly. Aerith's smile fell.

"You know him?" Aerith whispered.

"Aeris, what are you doing here?"

"I live in the slums, you dope! What the hell did you do to fall through the ceiling?" Aeris pouted, narrowing her eyes at her raven-haired companion. Zack blinked a few times, then scoffed, turning to Aerith with a charming smile.

"So, what's your name?" he asked, drawing a girlish giggle from Aerith.

"I'm Aerith. You scared me." she said cutely. Aeris wrinkled her nose and crossed her arms.

"Zack! Don't you dare ignore me!"

"I'm sure you guessed it already, but I'm Zack. For helping me out, I have to repay you somehow, right?" he said, paying no attention to the smaller teen buzzing in his ear. Aeris' face softened and fell.

"Don't be silly, you!" she said, giving Zack's shoulder a playful hit. Zack snickered, turning around on his heels to leave.

"Not the flowers!"

"Oh sure, worry about the flowers. Never mind the fact that my heart is broken. And possibly my spine." Aeris muttered under her breath as she watched the exchange between her sister and best friend.

Aeris bit down on her lip so hard she felt as if it might rip off. She cringed when they laughed together; dug her nails into her upper arms every time they made a flirty little quip.

Aerith's beautiful, emerald green eyes stared dreamily up at Zack, and Aeris suddenly realized she was jealous of her sister.

"You… you bitch!" Aeris insulted, stomping her foot. That caught both of the slightly older teens' attention.

"Aeris, you alright? What happened to your arm?" Zack suddenly asked, pointing to the bleeding scratches on her biceps. Aeris glared harshly at him before she reached down to pull off her shoe.


She chucked her boot so that it hit Zack right in the face, leaving a large red imprint on his cheek. Aerith immediately went to cup his wound.

"What is wrong with you?" Zack exclaimed. Aeris slid off her other shoe and examined it for a few seconds.

"Aeris, what's wrong? Really!" Aerith looked over to her sister with a worried expression.

"Things." she said, deciding against throwing the shoe. Aerith walked slowly over to her, taking in the dark expression she wore.

"Aeris…" Aerith gently placed a hand on the top of Aeris' head.

"It's nothing." Aeris snapped, pushing her away and briskly walking out of the old building.

Ignoring the odd looks she got from people in the area ,she walked out to the abandoned playground and stopped to sit on a swing. Her body shook with dry, frustrated sobs. She buried her face into her hands and frowned once she calmed down.

As soon as she felt well enough to go back to the church and apologize, sorrow coldly wound itself around her shoulders. The only thing she was able to think about was suddenly Angeal, Genesis, and ShinRa.

Aeris shivered.

I have a feeling something's about to go horribly wrong, she suddenly heard a voice in her head say. She blinked, shaking her head, and continued back to the Church.