Ok, so I'm a biiiiig fan of PewDiePie, and as I was watching his 'Happy Wheels' videos, I couldn't resist writing a story on the dad and son, without a dangerous quest on a bike! Very random! Includes swearing! SO, please no hating! ~If you havn't seen the videos, you should check them out on YouTube~

P.S. It's written from the son's point of view! And, he's American.

"Honey, time to get up!" Mom shouted up the stairs. I sat up, and beamed, as it was Sunday. Sunday meant spending time with Dad. Natrually, he usually took me on biking trips, which always resulted in dangerous injuries, and he showed me no love, but I loved having a fun afternoon with my dad.

I went downstairs, pulling on my Sunday clothes; orange top, green shorts, and a pair of scuffed trainers.

Dad was wearing his biking gear, minus the hat, and glared at me over the Cap'n Crunch. Mom was buttering some toast for me, and smiled lovingly at me as she passed me the plate.

I munched enthusastically, and asked with a muffled voice, "So, what are we doing today?"

Dad scowled. "You fucking disgraaace. Where do we usually go on Sunday's, you little homo?"

Mom frowned, and said with a steely voice, "Yourself and your father are going to go to town, and have some lunch. Then, you're going to come back and do the gardening."

Dad breathed in and out deeply, and muttered, "You little shit."
"Yaaaaaaaaay!" I cried out, giving Dad a big smile.

At least we wouldn't have to have another fatal accident this week.

Sitting in the packed resteraunt, with large, loud families all around us, me and Dad got a small table in a cramped corner, and he sent me to get some food.

I got a burger with fries and a milkshake from him, and a hotdog with fries and an icecream for me.

"What are you doing with that junkfood, you fucking greedy shit?" Dad snapped, picking at his fried irritably.

"I'm hungry thoooough!" I whined, my shoulders sagging.

"I don't caaaaaaaare. Give your icecream to that woman!" he ordered, pointing at an overweight, short haired woman who was nom-nom-nomming on a massive pizza with all the toppings.

"I don't think she wants one." I murmered weakly, before Dad kicked me under the table.

"Goooooo!" he insisted, pointing at her.

I stood, tears streaming down my face, and wordlessly handed the fat lady my icecream. She scooped it out and put it on her pizza, before choking that down too.

I sat back down, and started picking at my fries.

"Be happy, you fucking disgrace!" Dad insisted, frowning moodily.

I gave a massive smile, and ate quickly.

"Ugh." he sniffed, looking away.

"Mom told you to be nice to me!" I said hopefully, starting on my hotdog full of gloopy, ruby-red ketchup.

"I don't caaaaaaaare! Your mom's a fat, ugly disgraaace!" Dad moaned.

I sighed and carried on with my hotdog, feeling sorry for myself.

As we walked home, I hugged Dad in the street.

"Get off me, you little gaaaaay!" Dad spat, pushing me off.

"But Dad, I love you!"

"Well, I don't love you, son, you're just one big disgrace! You were an accident! Mom never meant to have you!"

"Dad, why don't you love me? I love you!" I sobbed, hugging myself.

"Stop complaining, that's all you ever do!" he replied venomously.

At home, Mom smiled expectantly.

"So, how did it go?" she asked, wearing her baggy leggings and flowery top, a duster in one hand.

"It was so fun! I had fries and a hotdog!" I skipped along the hallway and hugged Mom, feeling hurt inside.

"Great!" Mom beamed, just as Dad retorted with, "Shut up, you little disgraaace!"

"Honey, don't take that tone with your son!" she snapped.

"Shuttup!" he replied. "I'm going cycling!"

And that's how we ended up in hospital this week.

TGI over! This was quite hard to write, because I couldn't think of anything, but it's a try, and a practice! Please don't judge me, but this was hard! Thanks for reading, and sorry it was so pointless!