Sorry I've not been updating much, but I will try, I promise! There's a story I'm working on, and it's eating up my time, and there's school and stuff, soo, ya know...

My twitters changed, by the way, but oh well.

Anyway, just a few words to some people:

PastaKolCheeseburger-SanPastaKolCheeseburger-San: I will try, random citizen :) Thanks for reading :D

Ghost Hand: Sure you can, no probs :D * brofist * I would so like to see that!

Pewdiepew 3: Haha, thanks :D

Haylee: I'll try, and thanks xD

Brofist to all who read and enjoy this, and you guys are just the best. I owe you all a cookie.

I'll update soon!