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Not What I Expected

Chapter One

"...and who wrote the Declaration of Independence?"

I narrowed my eyes and glared at the classroom full of hormone-driven children who were currently trembling with fear and glancing at one other. I couldn't blame them, Mike Newton and his idiot friends had already struck my nerve this morning, ruining the whole evening for the rest of my classes. Finally, Angela Weber bravely raised her hand before I lost my temper, again.

I nodded my head towards her and leaned against the worn-out, hand-me-down desk the school gave me.

"Th-Thomas Jeffers-on," she squeaked, stumbling over her words the way my love would a flat surface. I quickly shooed the thought away before I found myself smiling goofily and ruining my reputation. See, I wasn't mean to my students because I wanted to be, I was because I cared. When I first became a teacher I thought back to my past ones, remembering that I listened to the teachers that were "mean" because I was too scared to not listen.

"Very good," I murmured and walked quickly towards the white board, scribbling the famous man's name with the irritating expo marker. I only ever used three different colors, brown, green and blue, my wife's favorite colors. I shook my head and turned back to face the class. But before I could utter another word, the bell rang.

I waved my hand dismissively before folding my arms across my chest, watching as my children scurried out of there like their asses were on fire. I quickly slammed and locked the door before slumping towards my well-sat in chair. I plopped down and leaned back, closing my eyes and pinching the bridge of my nose.

It was my lunch and conference break so I wouldn't have to put up with anyone for a whole hour and a half. I sighed and sunked deeper into my chair, embracing the silence.


Damn you, Emmett!

I quickly opened the desk door open and grabbed the iPhone my sweetheart insisted I get and pressed call without looking at the caller's ID.

"What!" I snapped.

Mentally, I made a note to change the ringtone my older brother installed in my phone.

A gentle, wind-chimed laughed filled my ears and my body relaxed almost immediately. "My, my Mr. Cullen, someone's a little grumpy this evening," Isabella cooed sweetly, sympathy lacing her words.

I chuckled, propping my feet up on my desk, "I'm sorry angel, I hope I hadn't scared you." Even before she said anything, I already knew the answer. Isabella had to be the only person in the world immune to my temper. All it took was that look in her eyes that told me I better check myself and a chaste kiss to calm me down and I was a goner.

"It's okay," she giggled, "though you know your mother would have handed your ass back to you if you ever spoke to her that way."

I rolled my eyes, switching the conversation. "What's wrong? Why did you call?"

She scoffed, "can't your wife call you without something being wrong? Am I that unwanted?"

I snorted, was she serious? She had to be joking. "Trust me love, you're anything but unwanted. I have the proof right here." My cock had been pulsing with need and standing up front ever since her voice traveled through that tiny cellular device. My smile fell and I growled, "you have no idea how many times I've picture you spread out on my desk." Just the thought of fucking her tight pussy while she called me Mr. Cullen had me at the brink of coming

Her breathing hitched, before picking up speed. "E-Edward, you can't talk like that in school-"

"Are you home?" I interrupted her, standing up.

"Yes, but-"

"I'm on my way." I snapped the phone shut and grabbed my bag and shoved the laptop the school assigned every teacher in my bag and rushed out the door. I was just about to lock my door behind me before a thin, cold hand landed on my shoulder.

"Edward, where are you going?"

I reframed from shivering in disgust as the hand slid down my shoulder, to my forearm, gripping it tightly. I pulled away jerkily and turned around to face the woman that made this job even more unbearable.

Tanya Donnelley.

The smile she plastered on her face made her look even more fake. I scowled, "Ms. Donnelley." I tried to keep things professional around us, hoping that she would take the hint and leave me alone. Not even mentioning my wife and how crazy happy I was while flashing my wedding ring seemed to register in her thick skull that I wasn't interested.

"Having lunch with my wife," I muttered, letting annoyance lace my words.

Something flashed in her eyes, probably jealousy, but it was gone in the matter of seconds. Her smile looked even more strained. "How nice, where?"

She trailed a finger down my chest, leaning in way too close. I took a step back. "I believe that's between my wife and I. Now, I would greatly appreciate it if you would stop touching and flirting with me Ms. Donnelley."

She scowled and flipped her hair, "whatever Edward, it'll be sooner than later when she- I mean you leave her, might as well get a jump start."

I clenched my teeth together and balled my fists up. "Leave," I spat. She smirked, satisfied she hit a nerve before sauntering away with a "later Edward!"

I shook my head and stormed out, rushing to my car and speeding down the route I always took to our house. I was so blinded by rage that I hadn't even noticed that I parked in our driveway crookedly. The house swung open, revealing my goddess. Her hair was pinned up in curls and the robe she wore barely stopped above her knees.

"Edward, baby, are you okay-?"

I smashed my lips against her soft ones, pushing her back into the house where I blinded slammed the door shut with my foot. I pulled away, only to bend my knees and wrap my hands around her thighs, and lifted her up in my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waist and grounded her heat against my hard membrane, clutching my shoulders.

"That's it, baby," I panted-moaned, placing open mouth kisses along her neck. "Use my body for your pleasure. Only my body." I growled the last three words. I was possessive of my love and had a damn good reason to be. Everywhere we went heads turned.

I pushed her against the wall, strategically placing my hand behind her head so that it wouldn't knock her out and bucked my hips against hers.

"Edward!" She shrieked, grabbing at my hair and arching her back forward. "More! Please!"

I licked my lips and brushed them against her jaw, all while continuing to buck against her like a dog in heat. "I want to see you come," I swallowed and rotated my hips. "I want to see you come without me evening sticking my cock in that sweet pussy of yours."

Her breathing increased, "Edward," she moaned pitiful, digging the heels of her feet into my ass, urging me to go faster.

I grunted and grabbed at her ass, grinding into her. "Cum," I barked, locking my eyes with her's.

Her body froze for a second before she shuddered, a scream loud enough to satisfy the green-eyed monster in me for a while.

"Yes!" I urged her, still grinding my rock hard cock against her. "Good girl," I lifted her up higher, wrapping my arms around her tiny waist.

Her head fell on my shoulder sleepily and she sighed shakily. "You didn't come."

I carried her to the couch and sat down, Isabella now straddling my waist. I leaned back and she attached her hands back to my hair, massaging my head now. "I'm fine angel, I just wanted to take care of you."

She pouted and leaned forward to place her lips against my mine, we began to kiss slow until her little tongue sneaked it's way into my mouth. I grasped her hips, keeping them from rubbing against my painful erection. She whimpered and deepened the kiss, massaging my head and I was in heaven. I don't know when or how, but suddenly my wife's little hands were wrapped around my cock and she was kneeling between my bare legs.


"Edward," she cooed, pumping my cock with two swift swipes. I groaned and went slack. "I want to take care of you," she looked at me through her eyelashes, pouting. "Please?"

"Okay," I agreed immediately. Anything the love of my life asked for, she got. Her smile alone nearly brought me to my knees.

She beamed and immediately engulfed me in her hot mouth. I roared and bucked my hips, not even thinking about Isabella's gag reaction. She spluttered for second but continued to take inch by inch of me in her small mouth.

"Baby," I groaned, my hands clenching the couch's pillows beside me. "Stop, you're going to make me cum."

She only went faster, going deeper each time.

It was seconds before I cried with pleasure as she swallowed every last drop of my cum, even going as far as to lick her lips, grinning up at me.

I smirked and lifted her up. She was mine as much as I was her's and there was a damn thing Tanya Donnelley could do about that.

Tanya PoV

Was it creepy that I was peeking on the private lives of two people who loved each other? I didn't think so. It was actually sad that Isabella had to beg her so-called-husband to let her give him a blowjob, I mean, isn't it obvious he was gay? That he using my sweet girl as a cover-up? Ugh, the cruel people in this world. But I had a plan, a plan to make sure Isabella wasn't harm in this tangled mess he weaved. I was going to expose him, or at least plant a few maybe-fake pictures somewhere where Isabella will find them, and then expose him. I just had to play my cards right. I just had to make Isabella my friend, and Edward my enemy.