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"Sorry mom but I gotta go," I rushed out before hanging up and practically sprinting towards the window that faced the front lawn and drive way. I nearly ripped the drapes off the window as I tried to peek through. Tanya's ruby red convertible stood out in the quaint neighborhood, it's silent purr sounding like a rumble in the silence. I sighed with relief when Bella's high heel clad foot poked out the car before the rest of her body followed.

I growled when I took in her scantly clad frame.




She just had to wear that dress. The one that had me balling my fists when men gawked at her. The one that had me attempting to mold her body against my side, just to show that she was mine and mine alone. The one I wanted to rip to shards and worship all at the same time.

I quickly turned off all the lights and sat down on my recliner in the sitting room. She would have to pass through here and by the recliner to get to our room. As I listened hard for the tell-tale sound of the door unlocking I tried to calm my nerves. Tried to not think about her dancing around nearly naked without me. About how another man's hands were on the body only I had the right to touch.

"Bye Tanya!" Bella's voice was muffled from the door.

My body tightened with anticipation as I tried to think about what I was doing. But my body was buzzing, my foot tapping against the floorboard, telling me to fuck my darling wife until she forgot her own name.

The locks twisted and clacked together.

I wanted her on her hands and knees, forcing her down as I rammed in and out, in and out...

The door swung open.

She would be wet, dripping for me to claim her. To twist and bend that flexible body of hers into submission.

My eyes snapped up when I heard the soft click of her closing the door. She must have slipped her heels off for all I heard was the soft sounds of her bare feet slapping against the hard wood floor.

I bared my teeth when she came into view. God she looked fuckable. Her little black number seemed to be tighter that usual and her luscious brown hair was teased and fluffed to look like she just rolled out of bed after having wild, abandoned sex.

My hands clenched tight on the armrest of my chair when I saw that her tits were practically spilling out of her dress.

Her gasp made me look up.

"Edward! You scared me!" She scowled, dropping her shoes and walking towards me. "What are you doing up?"

I stayed silent, opting just to stare at her. I didn't trust my voice. The last thing I wanted to do was scare Bella by sounding like a wild animal.

"Did you miss me?" She giggled, quickly straddling my lap and placing her hands on my chest. My cock responded by twitching itself to life. "Hmm baby?" Her breath blew in my face, smelling strong of alcohol.

God, she was drunk. Last time she was drunk I had barely carried her to our room before she was ripping my clothes off and riding me without abandonment.

My hips thrust against hers at the memory.

She leaned down and pressed her lips against my ear. Was it just me or was my breathing becoming obnoxiously loud?

"I'm sooo wet for you," she slurred, "I want you to fuck me hard tonight baby."

"Sweetheart," I finally gasped, forcing myself not to touch her. Her response was to rub her lace covered pussy against my leg and bury her face against my neck.

"Mmm, all I could think about was you tonight," her voice came out in a whimper when I finally grasped her hips to stop her movements. "Please Edward? You promised me anything I wanted," she pleaded.

"Isabella," I took a deep breath, "angel, you're drunk."

She pulled back, jutting out her bottom lip in a pout. "Please?"

I lifted my chin up, "no."

"Ugh!" She growled, pushing away from me to stand up before spinning around and storming to our room. "I should've told Jacob yes when he asked if I wanted to fuck!"

My anger was back. It was from what ifs early, but to hear her actually say the words had me seeing red as I stalked her. I wasn't thinking when I reached out to her with her back faced to me. I wasn't thinking when I ripped her dress off and lifted her up on our bed. Nor was I thinking when I pointed my finger right in her face.

"Take that back," I sneered, my entire frame shaking with fury. "Isabella, take that fucking back."

Her big brown eyes, the ones that melted away any problems I had, were wide with shock and...heat.

I sniffed the air, smirking when I smelt her arousal in the air.

"Is my sweet wife wet?" I cooed sadistically, using the hand I was pointing at her with to cup her cheek lovingly. "Does she want her husband's cock?"

My angel blushed, her eyes staring a hole at the floor as she nodded.

"She wants him to fuck her pussy? The one she wanted to give away?" I chuckled softly, my anger coming back at full force. Talk about bipolar...

Her lips parted as she gasp, giving me enough time to plunge my tongue down her throat. My teeth clashed with hers as I tried to devour her whole, grasping her small frame to me too tight. I wanted to tattoo my name to her forehead. I wanted to chain her to my bed, to never let her go. I wanted to punch this Jacob in the face for simply talking to what's mine.

God I need help.

I pulled back abruptly, panting out hot breaths as Isabella's chest heaved up and down. I stood up from my squat so that my bulge was eye level with Bella.

"Take off my pants," I snarled, my fists clenching by my sides. I wanted to fist her hair and slam my cock down her throat. I wanted to listen and feel her gagging against my hardened membrane. I wanted her to reassure me that I was the only one who could do that to her.

Quickly she slipped her pinkies in the waist line of my pajama pants and yanked them down. I stood still as a statue as she fell to her knees to pull them pass my knees and lifted my feet through the holes.

My mouth twisted into a sneer. "Get off your knees like a little slut, I want you on our bed, on your hands and knees ready to take my cock."

Her wide eyes told me she was shocked. That she didn't know her sweet, loving, attentive husband could ever speak to her the way I just did. I barely contained my smirk when she hastily climbed our body and assumed the position. With impatient, I grabbed at her underwear and yanked at the offending fabric, my eyes glowing when it ripped from her body and revealed her heart-shaped ass.

"Ah!" She squeaked, and then in a reprimanding voice, "Edward!"

I snorted, grabbing her hips and pulling her towards me. "You don't get to boss me around right now Isabella, I'm having a hard time not spanking that ass of yours until sitting is impossible."

Her only response was a huff.


"Don't give me attitude right now sweetheart," I growled, pressing my cock against the crack of her ass. "You're walking on thin ice right now."

"Y-yes sir," she stuttered breathlessly, her arms starting to shake. "Please? Can you please fuck me now?"

All the blood in my body rushed to my cock, therefore I couldn't have been held accountable for thrusting my cock so hard in that dripping wet pussy of hers that the headboard of the bed slapped the wall with a thud. Nor for the words spilling out of my mouth.

"You want me to fuck you now?" I sneered, pulling out and thrusting back in.







"Mine," I growled, grabbing her hips and forcing her to swivel that pussy against my cock. "I don't know how many times I have to remind you Isabella






"Edward!" She shrieked, her hands balling up the sheets. "I'm coming!"

"You damn right you are!" I roared, slamming into her again. "You come for me! Only me!"

Her scream and thrashing body did it for me. My hips became out of control and wild grunts escaped my mouth as I came, a roar confirming that yes, I came, and yes, I've claimed Isabella's body clean and thorough.