I have been hard at work this week writing my piece for the StandUp4Katalina compilation. It will be an outtake that Kroseph herself for RePeat and will be titled... Take Two. I managed to write the whole thing on my nook while in bed recuperating last week and I have divulged quite a bit in this piece. Two secrets are going to be revealed, first one: who is Tanya and what's her role in all this mess and finally the nick name he has chosen for her.

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I will state now that this piece will NEVER be posted on Fanfic as this is solely for Kroseph and those who help. It's my gift to her :) remove spaces.

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Here is your official teaser for: Take Two

Lionel's POV

For the last two years I've sat back and bided my time, watched him woo her ... love her only as a man foolishly head over heels could, and all of this with the returning hope that someday, she would learn to love him back with just a smidge of his own intensity. It's a sad reality, the one in which he blindly resides. But it's his own hands which led him there; he chose to pursue her even after knowing that she longed for the love and dedication of someone else.

My heart actually aches for his, as I too once stood where he stands now, the only difference between him and I is that I let my own issues negate what was plain for me to see … that she too loved me and desired only my touch. I feel for him because no matter what he did or will do, that day will never come. He has been close ... scarily close at times, but all it would take was one look my way and those feelings would evaporate and be forgotten before they could grow and cultivate into something that would make Benny the happiest man in the world and I the loneliest.

I won't sit here and deny that he would have made my Bella a very happy woman, his immense love for her making him strive to give her all that she has ever dreamt of and more ... marriage, kids, and a faithful, loving companion.

I do believe she would have accepted him at some point ... given in to his persistent ways and maybe even lived a semi-happy life, but would she have truly been happy by his side when her heart lay with another?

No, and all of this because he would simply never be me.

No matter what he would have done to gain her affection, my memory would still be there in the shadows of her heart, body, and soul ... hunting and ravaging her thoughts.