(2:00 pm)


(Susan is at the counter paying for her goods. Karl enters and orders a coffee.)

K: Oh hi there!

S: Hey, busy shift?

K: Like you wouldn't believe! First coffee all day!

(Chris enters)

S: Oh, Chris? How did Summer's interview go?

C: Ummm, I thought you would know?

K: How?

C: Well, she wasn't with us for the day, so we just thought she spent the day at home... Or went shopping or something?

K: Probably, good luck, time for me to head back!

S: Bye!

C: Bye!


(Number 22)

Andrew checked his phone again. Still nothing from Summer... He was starting to get a bit worried.

(Knock knock)

Tash was at the door.

A: What?

T: Well I thought Summer might be here, considering your best buddies, right? (grinning)

A: Tash, Summer and I, we h- wait! I've got a really bad feeling about this!

T: Did it actually occur to anyone to check the magazine out? Heck, we don't even know what time the interview was!

A: Only one way to find out!


(Number 26)

(knock knock)

K: Coming!

As soon as he opened the door, Tash and Andrew bounded in.

Lyn came from the kitchen with Susan. Lyn always busied herself when she was worried and thanks to Summer lots of things were done now.

T: Do you have the letter for the interview?

L: Yes, we checked the appointment time: 12:00... (her voice trailed off)

T: Not the time, the magazine! (takes a look at the letter) (types into Google "Teentalk")

One of the first results was Teentalk Magazine's official website. Tash entered "Melbourne office" into the insite search box. What they saw puzzled them all.

No results.

A repeated knocking sounded from the front door tore them all from the laptop screen.

S: Chris!

C: I came as soon as I could! Wha-

His sentence was cut short by an almighty crash in the kitchen.

K: What the-

A brick had been thrown through the kitchen window, with a note attached to it.


We have for a call at 9:00pm tonight. If you call the police, she will be killed.


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