Cave story: Waterway.

Cave story one shot: While carrying Curly through the waterway Mister traveler questions his feelings- he's just a robot, right?

"You fools! you're going to destroy the core!" Yelled the Mysterious witch, Miser, as she lifted the damaged core with her magic. Curly ignored her.

"Hey! are the kid's allright?" asked Curly. Misery scowled.

"You fool! Acting like a mother!" She left, taking the damaged core with her. The area around us began to fill up with water. I held my breath, and sank to the bottom of the floor, landing amongst a pile of scrapped robots, those who had failed against the island's core.

Air: 75%

I shuffled around the rubbish, looking for something like an airtank so I could breathe like Curly. I could find nothing, except for a frayed tow rope.

"Hey...I would be able to be carried in Curly's air bubble in this...right?" I bounced up to platforms to where Curly was standing on, protected by her transclecent air bubble.

Air: 65%

I shook her arm. "Curly. Curly." I bubbled silently in the water, making a strange noise. No response. She just kept staring into the space in front of her, unmoving.

"What happened?" I thought. "Is it something I did?" I shook her arm again.

"Did the core do this to her? Is she damaged? Is she out of fuel? What happened?" The answers raced through my mind.

Air: 25%




I braced myself for drowning, preparing for my systems to shut down.


I woke up.

"Is this possible?" I thought. "I thought I shut down..." I then noticed something on my back.

It was Curly's air tank. I was encased in a bubble, and found that I could breathe. Curly lay at my feet, her oxygen slowly decreasing.

"What can I do?" I thought. I remembered the tow rope. I picked up her lifeless body.

"I'll get you out of this Curly...I'll get you out of here..." I thought, carrying her, trying to take her to the exit. She was my only friend...

Toroko was dead.

King was dead.

Was Sue dead? Kazuma? Booster?

And now, Curly?


I exited the room. It was flooded in the passage to. THe water sloshed back and forth, drowning my head, as I gasped for air each time, forgetting about my air tank.

I noticed there was another open passage that was barred earlier. Having no other ideas or places to go, I entered.

"If I do this...will you live Curly? Will I save you?"


I found myself in a different room, crying.

"Crying?" I thought. "Can robot's even cry?" No. It was just water dripping down my face. I looked behind me, seeing that Curly was still there, water dripping from her joints. I needed to find a place to get her dry, quick.

I ran forward, taking out some enemies, and jumping down, finding myself in some sort of pipe, or canal. I followed the current, taking out some jelly fish as I swam through it. It pushed me out a passage, and a spotted a doorway. Quickly, I jumped to it, shooting a bat that flitted nearby.


The inside of the house was very plain, A bed, a bookshelf, a computer. I laid Curly on the bed, and checked the monitor.

"Look into my note book. I know you can do it."

I looked on to the bookshelf, opening a battered note book, covered in a fine layer of dust. I opened it and flipped through the pages. Until I found a page that caught my eye.

"How to drain water from robots."



Instruction booklet in hand, I walked over to the bed, and performed the procedure, Moving her joints, letting the water drain on to the bed. Curly's eyes flittered open.

"Hey. Hey! You! You-" She fell right into my arms. And somehow a real, geniune tear fell down my face.


(Authors note: Thought I would write a Cave story one-shot. I've had this idea for a while now. Please review guys! it's very much appreciated. )