Title: Double Date Doozy
Author: Shenandoah Risu
Content Flags: threesome cuteness
Spoilers: SGU Season 2 "Blockade"
Characters: Lisa Park, Ronald Greer, Dale Volker
Word Count: 421
Summary: Lisa Park plans a big date.
Author's Notes: Written for Red Alert at the LJ Comm stargateland.
Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with. ;-)
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Double Date Doozy

Lisa, Ronald and Dale have been together together for a long time now, but things never get boring for the intrepid threesome – existing in an oh-so-very-functional ménage a trios is endlessly entertaining, after all.

And so Lisa is planning a date night for herself and her two studmuffins.

She carefully picks a movie – "Shooter", she thinks, which will appeal to Ronald's need for seeing stuff blow up and tickle Dale's desire for deeply layered plots and hapless bystanders being dragged into great adventures. Plus there's the cute FBI boss who has all the great lines, and who reminds her of Colonel Young… And it's a great movie to listen to, since she herself can no longer see it

Anyway, she consults with Darren Becker on available menu options, and of course he's more than happy to oblige and even digs out some of that fantastic purple sweet potato ice cream for the occasion.

Next she asks Camile and Chloe for some decorating assistance, and the three of them spend some quality girly time draping metallic-looking spare sheets along the walls, giving her quarters a sense of opulence and luxury.

Eli stops by with a kino, having uploaded several hours of mood music for her big night – and it has everything on it that's lugubrious and smooth and, well, suggestive.

Varro shows up minutes later to do her hair (having grown up with 9 sisters he knows a frightening amount about how to do girls' hair), and she giggles as he compliments her on her long dark tresses.

Dr. Rush accompanies her down to the infirmary where TJ hands her a small jar of massage oil with herbs and spices that Dr. Inman has concocted (ok, so it was meant for her colonel but TJ knows how well it works and she doesn't mind sharing).

Matthew Scott picks her up again and together they shuffle down to Brody's still, and Brody hands her a good-size jug of his finest brew and three mugs.

When she gets back to her quarters she can smell the incense Dr. Fisher has been experimenting with, and she smiles as Cpl Barnes delivers several more sticks.

And then she waits, munching on a handful of purple sweet potato chips in the meantime.

Dale and Ronald have been on a supply run along with Vanessa James and Airman Rennie, and she can hear them talking for a short time outside her room.

Then the hatch slides open and the two gasps she hears tell her all she needs to know.

Oh yes, it's going to be another Double Date Doozy tonight.



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