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Hinata Hyuuga is the heiress to the Hyuuga Clan. She is 10 years old , her father, Hiashi, only dotes on her older cousin Neji, and her little sister Hanabi. She was born blind and will possibly always will be. She is the only hyuuga in history to be born blind so her life probably wasn't the happiest.

"HINATA!," Hiashi shouted. He was in a rage because his daughter was so slow. Why couldn't she be a prodigy like her other sibling, Hanabi. She can't even use the byagugan. This ability let the Hyuugas see the chakra points and let them see 360 degrees. He was apalled that she was blind.

" Y-yes?," She stuttered a little.

Hinata had short hair. It had a tint of blue in it. She was fairly short for her age and she resembled her mother very much. Unfortunately, her mother died giving birth to Hanabi. Hinata never hated Hanabi for it though and she got used to the feeling of cold stares around her. Hanabi was actually very sweet although not always to her father. She was positive that her cousin Neji stopped caring for her though.

" Don't stutter child, your so useless. You are no longer a Hyuuga heir. Hanabi will take your place as the heir. At least she won't disapoint me the way you did all these years." He didn't want to do this, but its the right thing to do for the sake of the clan. They had to keep their position in being the most powerful clan in Konoha.

Hinata felt useless at these kind of times. She was probably holding the clan down. She ran upstair to her room without a word. Neji looked through the door afraid of aproaching her, she seemed rather distant. It is partly his fault for pushing her away, but Neji just didn't know how to treat someone nicely very well.

"Come in Neji," Hinata said quietly

Hinata didn't realize it, but because she was blind her hearing and smelling are pretty advanced. Although it may not have been as sharp as the Inuzaki's. Neji was a little hesitant but came in anyway.

He just said," Your not weak, don't let him push you anymore." He gave a comforting smile. Then left. I gues thats the closest to sincere he would get.

Although this wasn't the first time he said something comforting she thanked him and smiled. She thought outloud" I wish I could see, and become stronger." This is probably the reason Naruto never really agnowledged her existance even though he was the source of her courage. She had low confidence, that and she always fainted around him, but its a little hard not to because of his radiating smile. She knew he liked Sakura Haruno. Sakura was kind hearted, but in her eyes Sasuke was the guy she was in love with.

"Do you really want to be stronger,un?" The unfamiliar voice came from her window. Strange because she lived on the top floor.

"Who's there?," questioned Hinata

" It's me the amazing bomb artist Deidara, un! Art is a BANG!"

"Haha s-so how can I b-become strong?" she managed to stutter out. She was a little happy someone could talk to her normally. "Um and h-how d-did you know wh-where I live?"

" I come here sometime to train and get supplies for the group I'm in. I see you sometimes just sitting around outside doing nothing, yeah. And so I thought you were lonely, un. By the way how old are you?" Judgeing from her appearence, she shouldn't be older than him or anyone in the group." Our group is called the Akatsuki."

"I'm only 10," she said

He was glad she was younger he said,"I'm 13, now are you coming or what, un?"

She never had an opportunity to become stronger and maybe she would see(or at least experience) the world. Training with the Akatsuki will probably prevent her from ever seeing Naruto and her family for a while. Actually she didn't even know what the Akatsuki was. The innocent girl wondered if he just wanted to kill her. She was a little skeptical on trusting a complete stranger. His voice was upbeat and calming though. He was someone she just met, someone she doesn't know, but yet someone she felt she could trust him with her life.

Hinata realized she didn't have much time to decide what she should do, but Hinata thought it was best to trust her heart.

"I'll go," She said it without stuttering. What else did she have to lose? Her family thought she was a disgrace, the person she looks up to doesn't know she exist.

"Great, un!" Deidara exclaimed.

"I just need to pack up some stuff real quick." She gathered all her favorite articles of clothing. There weren't too many valuable things in her room. She couldn't see pictures, or read many books. Hinata decided that she would try and write a letter to her family and friends. She didn't want them to feel too worried after she was gone.

Deidara was watching her curiously. It didn't look as though se was scared. Actually she seemed to be in her own little world ignoring, and forgeting the fact that he was there! The amazing artist!

"Er you almost done,un? If we don't leave soon than someone might find out that I'm here,un."

"O-oh sorry." She twiddled her fingers together.

Deidara decided that she was done packing up. He grabbed her hand and led her near the window. He quickly made a clay bird from his hands. He got on the bird and pulled her up right next to him.

Hinata was thinking 'I may be on my way to find happiness'