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House M.D. Story

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Wilson woke to the sound of puking in the bathroom. "Greg? Are you okay in there?" Wilson asked. But the only reply he got was more puking from House. Wilson rolled over and got out of bed only to come face to face with House. "What James?" House demanded. Wilson backed up until he hit the bed. "Well you've been puking for 3 weeks now and we both know that it's not a stomach bug." Wilson stated. "So?" House asked. Wilson looked down, ashamed of what he was about to say "I told Cuddy and she told me to bring you in for a check up." "What?" House screeched. Then He passed out and landed on the floor with a thump.


House woke with a start and looked around and found Wilson staring at him. "How do you feel?" Wilson questioned. "Like I was fighting a Pro boxer and lost." Wilson chuckled softly "Well I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?" "Bad." House called softly. "You're pregnant."

"What is the good news?" "It's mine."


House slowly sat up, looked at Wilson and laughed, loudly. "Ha ha ha ha good one Wilson, I was starting to believe you!" Wilson only looked at house and walked only to return with an ultrasound. He gently applied some to cold blue jell on house's visible stomach. Wilson took the wand and all through the room you could hear a heartbeat. House looked at the screen in disbelief. "I'm having a baby? How?" Wilson explained and left the room to let House rest but house couldn't with the infomation he just got. Finally House fell asleep only to be welcomed by no dreams.

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