"Hey Nico," I yell, over all the noise. "Look at that big crowd!"

"Yeah," he says calmly. "I heard there was a big DFA meeting or something"

"Whoa, I didn't know they were so popular!"

"You dork!" Nico says. "They're all over the news and on TV, how would you not know?"

"Oh, well I don't usually watch TV accept for the cartoons."

He looks at me seriously, "Cartoons only rot your brain" she recites "All you need TV for is news and weather."

"Yeah, yeah I know, well, while where here, how about we check out the DFA thing!"

He smiles and says "alright."

We get up to the crowd and try to look over everyone to see what's going on. He's tall enough to see some, but me being 5'2" doesn't help me at all.

I look over at Nico pitifully, "I can't see a thing!"

"Well, let's just try to get through the crowd, I guess." I smile and nod, we push through the crowd and get as close to the front as we can, as far as we go, there's almost literally a wall of people.
I sigh, there's no way to get through them, but at least I can see the stage. Then a young man around our age walks up on the stage. He talks to a few official looking people, sighs, then starts off his speech. He starts up by introducing himself, that his name is Julian, He's 15, and that he hasn't been cured yet. Then he goes off about how his brain tumor has been preventing him from having the cure done. Apparently they have to take pieces of his brain away that was infected from the cancer, and doctors refuse to take away anymore. Then all of a sudden there's explosions coming everywhere. People are running, screaming, complete chaos. I get knocked over and stepped on by a hoard of feet. I push them out of the way, no way am I going down without a fight with these psycho's. I hear people screaming "INVALIDS" or "SCAVENGERS". Something I am very aware of. I run up towards the stage where most of the explosions came from, and there's a door. I hear gun shots, screaming, sounds of people getting shot and dying. It scares the living crap out of me. I get up on stage and go through the door. The hallway looks normal enough. Lots of showy show business stuff. As I go farther into the hall, the showy decor slowly turns into concrete and dirt. Then I start to worry. Then there's a loud scream. I pause, and then run forward; I need to help whoever is in trouble. Then I see some of the scavengers, attacking Julian and this one girl. I stop and watch them fight. It almost looks like the girl could take the scavengers, then one of them hits her over the head with a pipe and does the same to Julian.

"No!" I scream. Then I charge at the scavengers and punch one of their ugly faces, which makes him stumble back.
"Little brat!" the scavenger spits. "You're in for a good one!"
Then they pin me down, I bite some of them even though they smell like they haven't bathed for weeks. Then CLONK! The world goes dark, I hear some laughter, and then everything is gone.