Well I noticed that every other story is a "submit your own OC" so I figured what the hell. So anyway here are the requirements for the OCs.

1: Absolutely no superpowers, anything seemingly supernatural and your OC is disqualified. Skills such as free running however are allowed.

2: Weapons used by your OCs must be able to be found by the general populace and must be able to be carried with two hands. Bazookas, flamethrowers, MP 40s, Thompsons and other weapons falling in this general category are not allowed. I will go so far as to allow a katana however.

3: All OCs must be located in the United States. They are allowed to be from other countries, but they must be visiting the U.S. for a buyable reason.

4: The location they are in must be a real place.

5: The minimum age is 15, while the maximum is 21.

So there's the basic rules for submitting your OC, now here's the form.






Eye Color:

Scars, tattoos, or piercings:

Primary Weapon:

Backup Weapon:

Physical Advantages:

Physical Disadvantages:

Location at the beginning of the Outbreak:

Background story (lengthy and descriptive please):

Family: Father (living or dead):

Mother (living or dead):

Brothers (living or dead):

Sisters (living or dead):

Reaction to other OCs:

Anything extra?:

Well that's basically it, please submit your forms in either the comments or PM them to me. As an example, here's my character.

Name: Thomas Richards.

Nickname: Bear.

Age: 17.

Height: 6 foot even.

Weight: 150 pounds.

Eye Color: hazel, a mixture of brown and green.

Scars, tattoos, or piercings: A scar that runs through his left eye.

Primary Weapon: 12 Gauge Smith and Wesson.

Backup Weapon: H&R 922 revolver.

Physical Advantages: Can keep up a decent run for a period of time. Agility allows him to reach places such as rooftops or tunnels.

Physical Disadvantages: His eyesight has been failing rapidly, forcing him to wear glasses when he needs to see at a distance.

Location at the beginning of the Outbreak: Northern Heights High School, Allen Kansas.

Background story: Born to a racist family and an abusive father, Thomas learned at an early age to wait before he trusted someone. At the age of fourteen, his father discovered that Thomas had a girlfriend of Hispanic decent. Out of sheer anger, he struck Thomas with a red-hot piece of metal that he had been blacksmithing on, severely scarring Thomas's face and causing his eyesight to begin to fail rapidly over the next few years. He spent the next three years training hard with various weapons, waiting for the right moment to seek revenge on his father.

Family: Father: John Richards, Dead.

Mother: Carmon Richards, Alive.

Brothers: Jason Richard, Alive.

Sisters: None.

Reactions to other OCs: Not trusting at first, but later opens up more.

Anything Extra? No.

OCs are due by April 9th. I may take a few after the due date but they will be minor encounters throughout the story. And please do not be mad if your character whines up dead or infected. It's the zombie apocalypse and it should be expected.