This story is not like anything I have written before so I m excited to write it.

Bella lives in a world where equality is everything and nothing at the same time, the slightest illness is the end of you. Bella is now a part of a group containing five girls and five boys, in this group she is expected to bond with one of the boys. But life in this ultra clean and perfected world is not as it seems. Will Bella love the way she wants to love or will the Government dictate that too.?

All recognisable characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.

The truck rattled, we must be driving over a rocky road. The following bump confirmed that suspicion.

I tried to scavenge a look of the outside world through the crack in the side of the truck, but the unrelenting iron obscured any view.

My companions sighed or shifted from their place on the wooden bench. Sleep evading all of us.

I swiped the sweat from off of my forehead and sighed heavily hoping to elevate some of the heat that was burning me up.

I looked down at my dress, the simple pink fabric stuck to my legs uncomfortably. My feet slid around inside my shoes every time the truck jerked.

It was too hot.

I felt sick.

One of the other girls in the small confines of the truck kicked her shoes off in agitation sighing heavily then leaned forwards onto her elbows. Her blond hair fell around her face. She was crying.

The small black haired girl next to her just stared at nothing in front of her. For a moment I wished I was her, maybe she is looking at something better than I was, maybe she is lost in her own world that is better than this one.

We all wear the same, simple pink pinafore with white cotton shirts underneath. These are our 'Transfer' dresses. That s why they are new and itchy.

Judging by the fact that we are all dressed the same it must mean we are going to the same place. We will be a part of a 'group' . We are the five girls that will be matched to five boys. From what I've heard we will be in this group until our 18th birthdays, by that time we will have bonded with one of the boys and then we will be sent out into the world.

What a life we have in front of us.

I wanted to talk to the girls and ask them from which facility they came from, but the silent hours that have passed us have stolen my voice and sealed my vocal chords shut.

Even if I wanted to talk there was no time left for it. The truck came to a sudden jostling stop. Gravel crunched as the drivers feet brought him round to the back of the truck.

There was a collective intake of breath. Raised heartbeats. Clenched fists.

The doors were wrenched open, hot scorching sun light invaded the cavity were in. I went to shield my eyes but my arms were grabbed and I found my self behind dragged away from the truck.

I savoured the fresh hot air before I was thrust into a new building.

I was suddenly very cold.

I took in my new surroundings. The room was blue and angular, clinical.

I felt the other girls come stand by me; we were ushered into a row.

A smart looking woman with caramel hair and a sharp looking purple dress and black flat shoes stood in front of us, a clip bored rested in her arms. The symbol of the government , a set of scales, embroidered onto the bodice of her dress, a larger version was also engraved onto the back of her clipboard. It sent chills down my spine.

"Good evening." The woman said I a surprisingly soft voice. I detected no threat but my guard stayed the same. We all shifted uneasily on our feet.

"I am mistress Esme and I will be you ladies observer. I am here to monitor your health and well-being." Her words didn't surprise me; I have always grown up under the eagle eyes observation of an observer. Why change that now?

"Now ladies, it's time to meet the rest of your group. the young men are very eager to meet you!" she said excitedly.

We were then ushered forwards down a corridor towards god only knows what.

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