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We made our way to the cafeteria in a muddle group, other people came out of their rooms all looking the same mix of confusion and fear and those brave few just looked downright pissed off. I'm not sure which category I fall in, maybe all three.

"Finally some food." I heard Emmet grumble under his breath.

After filling through large double doors we were engulfed in the large expanse of the cafeteria, except it wasn't much of a cafeteria, it was a hall with rows upon rows of uniformly assembled tables with wooden chaired perfectly equidistant to the plates of steaming food on the table.

I noticed a sign with our room number on it with the ever present insignia of the government underneath it. That must be our place to eat. There were similar sectioned off places for the other rooms.

People flocked toward their places in a rush, I don't know why because the food looks awful and smells just as good.
Emmet must be feeling really disappointed.

The hall was abuzz with the sound of scrapping forks and the clinking of glasses. But there was barely any conversation going on, just the odd whisper or look. The atmosphere felt really heavy like the molecules in the air were made out of lead.

The patrollers were the reason for that.

From the corner of my eyes I watched as stern looking adults patrolled around the perimeter of the tables. Occasionally they would stop, look down at their notes, discuss for a moment, then after casting a fleeting indifferent look at the unfortunate subject of their discussion.

Dinner was uncomfortable. But if I listened carefully I could catch parts of the secret conversations that were going on around me.

Alice leant forwards slightly and motioned for me to do the same and started whispering.

"I overhead one of the girls from room 235 and she said that the big people at this place employ can us as servants. One of the girls who was with them original got taken away and is now one of the men's wife's personal maid; she has her own room all to herself." her voice was excited.

I was slightly shocked by this news. I felt disgusted whereas Alice sounded genuinely excited.

It was obvious she wanted to be a maid. I don't trust the people in charge; the story of the girl becoming a maid just sounded odd, and as my gut was screaming at me, not entirely true.

"Whatever your thinking Alice, no." I whispered back to her. My voice slightly more forceful than I had hoped.

"But it will be fun!" she whispered back enthusiastically completely ignoring my comment.

I chocked on the food I was eating slightly.

Edward looked at me then, or perhaps he had not stopped looking at me since we sat down.

I raised my eyebrow at him, embarrassment flickering in my cheeks.

He just grinned and shook his head.

I finished dinner with no appetite with the feeling of being suffocated.

When the bell went for free time I went straight for the garden. I just need some fresh air.

I made my way through the maze of corridors and double doors, past the rooms with escalating numbers. Finally I reach a set of double doors with clear glass panels, a sign saying the garden was painted expertly above it in green paint (which coincidently matched the pale green walls of the building) then by the side of the doors was a list of the rules to be obeyed whilst outside, it too was painted in green.

I didn't read them before I went outside.

As I walked outside; the heat hit me like a wrecking ball. When did it get so hot? What month is it?

It must be June or July, which means my birthday is in 4 or 3 months ...I'll be seventeen soon and then before I know it I will 18 and free.

I covered my eyes as I walked further into the garden. Tall trees as green as emeralds framed a green area which had flowers of every type in neatly made beds, a herb patch was to the right of me and a pond with a waterfall flowing in the middle of it. It was like a paradise but a fenced in one, they didn't make much of an effort to camouflage the silver chicken wire behind the trees.

It's very tempting you know, to walk over and try the fence for holes to the slightest weakness in the wire. But the thought of an electric current flowing through it suddenly made the idea less than intriguing.

I eye the herb patch for a moment. Perhaps I could develop a skill with herbs? The world needs apothecaries after all. I could be a doctor?

Except I don't like blood. At all.

So that rules that idea out.

Then I look all around the garden, I could be a scientist? The government would love that, more scientists to further their sick idea of perfection.

I wonder what the other girls excel at. What could little Alice do? Or rose? Jess and Angela?

I gave up on thinking and went to sit under one of the large trees, a little silence and fresh air is what I need.

I lean my head back on the rough bark and turn of my brain.

"You know we could be a pair."

My eyes flew own.

I fought through the bright light and sleepiness to see the approaching figure of Edward. His hands were in his pockets but his head was held high.

"Your straight to the point aren't you." I said somewhat groggily. I was enjoying my sleep.

He chuckled and sat down next to me. I made no move to protest. He probably wouldn't listen anyway. He seemed that type.

I didn't look at him. I didn't trust him just yet.

"What makes you say that?" I asked him.

He chuckled before saying "Why shouldn't we?" this time his voice wasn't joking, the intensity that was there in the room earlier was back again.

Still without turning to him I answered, "Why should we?" I felt brave saying that, Edward seemed all serious and oozed too much frustrated masculinity for my liking.

He just laughed. "Emmet was right, you are a fighter. I like that it means you will survive this place." He said facing me; I refused to look at him.

"Thanks... I think."

"We could do it you know." He said with certainty. So certain were he that I was slightly alarmed.

"We don't know each other." I replied, my heart started doing an annoying fluttery thing. Was I nervous?

"It doesn't matter. If I help you and you help me what does it matter?" he said, I looked at him them. His eyebrows were together in a concentrated frown.

It was hard not to think of him as gorgeous. I mean his has the whole high cheek bones and intense eyes going on. Maybe being his partner wouldn't be so bad.


Who would I be if I gave up before things really started to develop?

I wouldn't be me.

Feeling a sudden wave of agitation I leaped up. Edward looked at me in surprise.

"Nice try Edward but I don't give up that easily." I said and walked away. I didn't look back as the anger burned in me.

"Its mind over matter, Bella! Remember that because neither do I !" he shouted at me.

I went back to the room and slammed the door.

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