Hello! IamHIDINGinYOURcloset HERE! This is my first fanfiction, so please be easy on me, but some CONSTRUCTIVE CRITSISM would be nice, if you like the prologue please tell me. This is also a project for school so if you find any errors, please tell me. I am only on catching fire(Book 2) so if you could thanks... and to my friends who told me spoilers, thanks I could not have filled in the cracks of the story.

DISCLAIMER: In any way I do not OWN the Hunger Games, all rights go to Suzanne Collins


How It All Began!

Prologue: The History Books

The History books tell that there was once a thriving country called North America, but soon North America crashed to the ground and with hard work and ambition came the thriving nation of Panem, Panem consisted of thirteen districts, all produced different exports, then the horrible rebellion came 13 districts against the Capitol. When the rebellion ended there were twelve districts left, the thirteenth completely destroyed. To remind the districts of that time were they disobeyed and fought against the country that loved and fed them they came up with The Hunger Games then years later after the seventy fourth Hunger Games the president at the time, President Snow was assassinated and the hunger games are now history. So the story is told any way, the history books are all ripped and torn you cannot even find information on anything but the name of the darn thing… and I have to do an essay on them, anyway I am Aaron Mellark, this is my story.