Rin Kagamine was currently sitting in her best friends', Len Kagamine,couch whatching T.V.
then she asked him something unexpected,
"Len, we're best best friends, right?"
"Right", he responded.

"Then, do you like anyone?"
Len tensed and then blushed.
"No, i love someone"

Rin, even though extremly jealous, asked quite calmy "Why don't you call her and tell her your feelings, she'll probably say yes"
"You think so?", he asked brightly.

"Yes, i mean, who can't resist you?"
"You..." Len said so softly.
"Nothing! i'll call her now!", he said confedently.

He dailed the number.
Rin's phone went off.

"Hold on, someone's calling me",Rin picked up her phone.

"I love you", Len's voice said through the phone and echoed through the house.