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Tori and Jade's Playdate

Beck idly pressed a few buttons on his phone as he debated texting Jade by the soda machine. He hadn't talked to her in a few days, mostly because she still didn't seem to want to talk to him, but he had a legitimate excuse to text her this time. Technically he could even go up to her for this. He just wasn't sure if he wanted to tell her that she had never been to the RV to get her stuff back because then she would come and take her stuff. He wasn't sure if he was ready for all her stuff to just not be there anymore.


He was waiting to see if she would reply when Cat and Robbie walked up to him. Then they started singing. He had to remember to take it in to get professionally cleaned pronto.

so are you never going to respond?


come on



I hate you

Beck sighed. He guessed she was having a bad day. Although she could actually hate him.

what's wrong?

Go away


Beck waited all night for any response at all, but there was nothing. He even check her slap page a few dozen times, but she wasn't on.

Tori glanced at Jade before quickly looking to her green tea. She really wanted to ask about what was going on between Beck and her, but she had a small fear that Jade might cut her up with her scissors if she pried.


Jade groaned. "What? What do you want?"

Tori flinched slightly. "I was just wondering about, you know, you and Beck…"

"No." Jade turned back to her menu even though she already knew what she wanted.

"Come on!" Tori whined. "You guys are texting."

"Yeah, and?" Jade snarled.

"So are you guys back together?"


"Are you planning to get back together?"

Jade paused. "No."

"Are you guys trying to be friends?"


Tori groaned and threw her hands in the air. "Then I don't understand!"

Jade shrugged. "Maybe because it's none of your business what Beck and I are or are not doing."

"Whatever," Tori grumbled.

why did you and tori take off after the play

Why do you care?

i'm curious

Why don't you ask your best buddy Tori?

cause i'm asking you



There were these two obnoxious guys from Nozu that hit on us.


Does that bother you?


actually yeah it does


i still care about you and i'm not ready to see you with another guy. happy?