As Ruth walked out the door she felt a great urge to turn right back around and tell Idgie how sorry she was, and that she loved her. She found herself walking toward tieback porch to lie in the field later that night, as she opened the door; she began walking towards the field. She then heard sobbing from above, she looked up and there was Idgie crying looking down from the shattered remains of her bedroom window she destroyed earlier that day.

With a feeling of guilt and longing of wanting to tell Idgie her true feelings, she looked up with a sigh and continued walking, unaware Idgie was watching her. She lied down and looked up at the sky and began to cry, wincing at the memory of Idgies hateful words, and smacking Idgie, she couldn't believe she actually smacked Idgie. Then suddenly she heard a door open, sniffling, followed by footsteps headed her way.

Ruth closed her eyes hoping to fool whoever was coming, but she had a pretty good idea who it the heard "Ruth, I know you aren't sleeping, please we need to talk"

Ruth then immediately opened her eyes, and there was Idgie standing over her, tears still flowin g, and she was looking at her like she wanted to embrace her but seemed afraid like she was in pain.

To be continued….