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Cato/Peeta Needs More Smut!

She runs and I turn around to face my reaper but I am pinned onto a tree and I feel his hot breath on my skin and with the venom in my body and the heat of his body, I feel my blood rushing to my groin. He attacks my lips with his own and somehow ties my hands behind the tree and his lips never breaking contact with mine putting warm, moist pressure against my lips. His tongue traces the border of my lips, asking for permission and I gladly grant it. His tongue is quick to enter and lash out against mine and sooth it as well and the taste of Cato is like warm chocolate assaulting my taste buds and I couldn't be in more bliss… Scratch that though because soon he is grinding his hard-on against mine and I've never known a better sensation.

I rap my legs around his waist and grind my ass against his dick and I am given a low throaty moan from him and with that I snap the bind around my hands and pull down Cato's pants and his 10" dick springs to life happy to be free and already dripping pre-cum. I easily take his tip into my mouth and start sucking on it and lightly graze the edge with my teeth giving me hot and heavy pants from him. I use my tongue to dig deep into the slit of his penis and I am rewarded with some more delicious pre-cum and start to put more and more of Cato's wonderful manhood in my mouth while rapping my tongue around his dick and slowly slide it down and as soon as I have the all of the shaft in my mouth I start deep throating him. I suck as hard as I can and let my tongue glide wildly over his shaft and his hand on my head and his moans of pleasure only encourage me to go even farther and I open my mouth as wide as I can and add his balls to the mix and that drives him over the edge and I think he empties his entire amount of cum from his sac into my mouth and I drink all of it not missing a single drop.

I look into his eyes and see so many emotions: betrayal, hate, love, sadness, and the one that makes me think this isn't over yet and why the hell would I want it to end, he's such an amazing lover, lust.

My pants are ripped off without warning and next thing I know I have his giant rod pounding away into me and I am moaning, he's moaning, we're both moaning and next thing I know I cum but not before I see stars shooting through my line of vision and he cums with an explosion and he erupts inside of me.

It ends all too soon and he has my pinned under him and I see the tears traveling their way down his face and I feel so guilty knowing I'm the one who caused them.

"Why her and not me," It's a very simple question but one that I don't have an answer to and he realizes this as well. "I loved you…" Loved being the key term and the sword is too fast and at I don't have time to respond but my last thoughts were, I love you too…

I wake up by a river, fully clothed and fully aware to the hurt I've caused and I try to cry that hurt all away…

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