Yo, im back! This is my first naruto fic. Hope you enjoy.

Italics is somone thinking or in Naruto's case, mindspeech.

regular is someone talking

Naruto's POV

My legs were getting tired, my lungs were burning. I hate these stupid mob chases. Damn these villagers. What have I ever done to them? This always happens, and this time it was an even bigger mob than usual, considering that today was my sixth birthday. I made a turn into an alleyway, only to find a dead end. I felt beads of sweat run down my face as I slowly turn my head back. I see possibly the entire village glaring at me. Hell, I even see my so called protecters there. I grew immensly scared.

"Good, the demon is cowering before us!" a civilian yelled.

"Slit its throat! Cut off its limbs! Behead it! Make sure the demon suffers!" Another shouted.

I try to retreat further into the alley until my back was pressed against the wall. Tears welled in my eyes and I curl myself into a fetal position. As they approached, I felt myself digging into the back my mind, trying to at least pretend that nothing is going to hurt me. But then my surroundings turned black, in front of me was a large cage with a paper seal sticked to it. I got curious and got up to get a closer look. I heard a loud rumbling, and fell on my back as I saw two large, crimson eyes open, staring directly at me.

"Ah, my container has came here to visit me, hmm?" its loud voice shook the very ground I stood on.

"Who, or what, are you?" I asked, trying to be brave.

"I am the thing that shall destroy this village. I am the demon that shall lay this land to waste. I, my dear kit, am the nine-tailed demon, the Kyuubi!" Its voiced bellowed through the entire chamber. I fell again and crawled backwards.

"K-Kyu-Kyuub-KYUUBI! You should be dead! The Yondaime killed you!" I yelled fearfully. Kyuubi let out a sigh.

"Those villagers give him too much credit. No, he mearly sealed me into you." I suddenly heard the mob yelling and cursing.

"Listen kit, we don't have much time. If you die, I die. I will heal you and lend you my chakra if you need it. We will talk later. Now, get out of here." I suddenly found myself being brought up by a greasy man. I could smell alcohol on his breath.

"The demon dies today! No longer shall it plague this land!" the man yelled out. The whole crowd was in an uproar of cheers.

"Let me go!" I shouted, kicking around fiercely. The man just laughed and back-handed me. I suddenly felt enraged and full of power.

"I said, LET ME GO!" I felt... alive! I feel power coursing through my viens and I spiked my chakra, causing all near me to choke and gasp for air. I kicked the man in the stomach, making him drop me, and I quickly ran past the mob at an inhuman speed and I kept running until I fell down, exhausted, in the forest in the outskirst of Konoha. As I regained my breath, I tried to talk to the Kyuubi again.

"Kyuubi, I need to ask you some questions." I said. there was a pause, then Kyuubi started speaking.

"Ask away kit." It replied.

"Okay, I need to know everything about you, your name, your powers, your likes, your dislikes, and your dream." Naruto asked without the slightest hint of fear.

"Fine, my name is Kiva Kyuno, I am a female, for now you should only know that I can heal you and let you use my chakra, I like to be michievous, I dislike the Uchiha's and I dream to be free of this acursed seal and start a family." Kiva replied. Naruto was a shocked that Kyuubi was female, but he put that aside for now.

"Now that that's out of the way, I plead you to train me. I don't want to live in that village anymore. I don't want to be somewhere where I'm not wanted. Besides, you're the most powerful Biju in this world! I'm sure that you're wise and powerful! Besides, remember? If I die, you die as well." Naruto entreated. Kiva thought about this and came to a decision.

"Okay, I will train you, but you have to listen to everything I say and no buts. Are we clear?" She asked.

"Crystal" replied Naruto. And from here on out, the life of Naruto Uzumaki changed forever.

Prolouge End.

Okay, listen all readers. This story is going to have MAJOR OOC because Naruto will use his full potential and not act like a "dobe" and Sasuke won't be an avenger, and instead be friendly with Naruto.