Sailor Trek: Voyager by Bill Harris


"...and imagine yourself in the place where you've been the most

at peace with yourself."

Raye tried to relax and comply with Chakotay's urgings, but it

wasn't easy. Even discounting the recent events surrounding their visit

to Voyager, there had been many factors in her life that had discounted

her feeling relaxed in any manner. Especially since she had gotten that

vision of utter devastation. After a moment she sighed. "I don't think

this is..." she began, but her voice trailed off when she opened her

eyes and got a good look at her surroundings.

Instead of being in Chakotay's quarters, she found herself somewhere

on the temple grounds. No mater how carefully she looked, she couldn't

tell the difference between this and reality. "Whoa. This is weird."

"Don't worry about it," she heard Chakotay's disembodied voice tell

her. "You should see your animal guide somewhere nearby. Just remember

not to tell me or anyone else what it is, or you'll offend it."

"I heard you the first time," Raye grumbled while looking around

the grounds. At first she thought the chuckling she heard in the

background was from Chakotay, but she soon realized that the voice was

much too deep to be that of Voyager's first officer. Turning towards

the source, she found herself confronted by a large gray wolf. The

wolf looked her over very carefully, and then seemed to grin.

"Greetings, cubling. I've been waiting for you."

Though she had been told the animal guide would be able to

communicate with her, the sight of a talking wolf proved very startling

for Raye. She gasped in surprise, and then blinked as she suddenly

found herself back in Chakotay's quarters.

"Something wrong?" Chakotay asked, still seated on the floor in

front of her.

"It spoke to me!"

Chakotay smiled. "I did tell you they would be able to


"I know, I know," Raye conceded. "Still, it was really weird

hearing..." Chakotay opened his mouth to warn her again about speaking

of her animal guide, but his fear proved to be groundless. "

animal speak like that."

"I understand," Chakotay assured her. "The first contact is always

the hardest one, depending on the individual, of course. On one hand,

Captain Janeway's went relatively smoothly. On the other extreme,

there's B'Elanna."

"Oh?" Raye cocked an eyebrow in a very Tuvok-like manner. It was

all Chakotay could do to keep from grinning broadly. "What happened?"

"B'Elanna's the only person I know who tried to kill her animal


Raye's other eyebrow went upwards. "Fascinating." This time

Chakotay did grin, and Raye flushed red and tried to hide her face with

one hand. "I don't believe I said that."

"I wouldn't worry about that too much. It's only a side effect of

the mind link, and Tuvok did tell you it should fade soon enough.

Besides, I think Tuvok finds it a little more distressing sounding like


Raye felt her temper flare, and she glared at Chakotay. "What's

that supposed to mean?!?"

"Only that a Vulcan is even more embarrassed acting like a human than

you should be for acting like a Vulcan," he reassured her. He gestured to

the akoonah on the floor between them, "If you want, you could try to

re-establish contact."

"I don't think there's time for that right now," she answered. She

stood up and Chakotay did likewise. "I think Neelix's party is about to

start. But I should be able to make contact with it on my own later,


"That's right," Chakotay confirmed. "And if what you tell me about

your fire readings, you won't need an akoonah either. The fire reading

ritual itself should be more than enough to induce the proper mental


Raye nodded. "Okay, maybe I'll try it after I get back home.

Thanks, Chakotay."

"Anytime," he responded as she left the room. After she had gone,

Chakotay sat done on the floor once more, and rearranged the contents of

his medicine bundle in front of him. He had a few things to work out for

himself after recent events, and there was no time like the present. He

picked up the river rock and, cupping it in both hands, closed his eyes; trying to clear his mind. When he felt ready, reached out with his right

hand and placed it atop the akoonah. "A-koo-chee-moya. I am far from

the sacred places of my grandfathers. I am far from the bones of my

people. I come here seeking guidance..."

When he opened his eyes, he found himself in a forest glade much

like what one would find in North America. All was still about him except

for the sounds of birds chirping in the distance.

Then there was a rustling in the bushes on the far side of the

glade, from which emerged large gray wolf. Though he did not know it,

Chakotay had the same animal guide as Raye, and it was here to greet him

as always.

Sensing his need for answers, the wolf turned and headed for one of

the many trails leading from the glade. Chakotay hurried to follow the


It seemed as if he wandered about the forest for hours, though it

may well have been minutes. Time was hard to tell on a vision quest.

But eventually trail led to the mouth of a cave. It was impossible to

see what was within, for the inside was as black as pitch. Still the

wolf unerringly went inside, not bothering to see if Chakotay followed.

Pausing at the entrance for only a fraction of a second, the first

officer went into the cavern...

...and emerged into a sea of white.

Yet not entirely white, for the background swirled about him,

hinting at colors he could not perceive directly. And the was a large

structure nearby, one that resembled a large door or gateway if nothing

else. He looked around it carefully, but he could not tell where it led

too, only that there was a mass of pulsating energies within the frame of

the door. "What is it?"

"It is a gateway," a voice answered him. Chakotay whirled about to

face the source. It was a humanoid female, dressed in attire that was

similar in form to the Sailor Scouts. She also bore a staff which had a

vague resemblance to a large key. "The Gateway of Time, to be exact.

But what are you doing here?"

"I was brought here, by my animal guide."

"I see," she replied, then paused in contemplation. "I wonder why

the old wolf brought you here?"

Chakotay was shocked that she knew what his animal guide was, but

he struggled to conceal it. "Who are you?"

"I am Sailor Pluto, the guardian of this realm," she answered,

staring sternly at him. "I trust you have a good reason for coming

here, Commander."

'Sailor Pluto?' Chakotay thought. So far this was turning out to

be one of the stranger vision quests he had ever been on...

B'Elanna took a moment to wipe off the sweat that was accumulating

on her brow. "I can't believe I let you talk me into this."

"I don't know what you're complaining about," Lita replied. "I

think this is fun."

"Some fun." B'Elanna took a moment to look at her surroundings

once again. She and Lita were in the middle of the standard Klingon

calisthenics holoprogram, and as before, she was having a miserable time

in it. "If I wanted to be hot and sweaty, I'd create a program for

somewhere on Cardassia Prime."

Lita's brow furrowed, showing the puzzlement she felt. "Cardassia

Prime? Where's --"

Before she could finish, a loud cry echoed around them and various

holo-monsters charged the two of them. Lita heard B'Elanna cry out

followed by a loud splash, but she was too occupied with the assorted

creatures to do anything about it. Handling the bat'leth as if she had

been born to it, she block the incoming attacks and disabled the

creatures one by one. When the last of the holo-creatures hit the floor

and dissolved, she turned and looked for the Voyager engineer.

Finding her wasn't hard. B'Elanna was a few meters behind her,

sitting waist deep in a pool of marsh water and looking as if she was

getting angrier by the second. Lita choked off a laugh, but enough

escaped to send B'Elanna flying into a rage. "That does it!' she

exclaimed, standing up and trying fruitlessly to wring the water out of

her clothes. "I have had *enough* of this ridiculous program!" She bent

down and picked up her own bat'leth before slogging her way out of the

water. "Computer: end program!"

The scenario dissolved around them, revealing the hologrid. Still

enraged and thoroughly soaked, B'Elanna started storming for the exit.

But Lita grabbed her before she got to the exit. "B'Elanna --"

"Let me go, Lita," she retorted flatly.

Lita complied but not before she said, "I'm sorry."

B'Elanna's anger started dissolving as quickly as it had formed.

"It's not your fault," she told the tall girl. "It's just that these

type of activities don't appeal to me."

"Yeah, I can tell," Lita said. "It just... I had so much fun

going through this program with Worf back on the Enterprise, I wanted to

take the opportunity to enjoy it here with someone." She smiled

apologetically. "I guess I assumed that since you were half Klingon..."

"Big mistake," B'Elanna told her gently. "But an understandable

one. I've never been too comfortable with my Klingon heritage."

"Done already?" They both turned to see Tom Paris approaching.

"I just got off watch from the bridge, and I was hoping to catch a little

of the action."

"I'm afraid you're a little late, Tom. We just finished," B'Elanna


From the state her clothing was in, Tom had a feeling just how it

had gone for B'Elanna. But he still couldn't resist getting a little

jab in. "So, is that a bat'leth I see in your hand, or are you just

happy to see me?" he quipped.

Lita couldn't help but giggle at the joke, but B'Elanna was not

amused. "Very funny, Tom." She raised the weapon up threateningly.

"In case no one's ever told you, you should never tease a woman holding

a sharp blade," she warned him. "Especially one who's soaking wet, and

very angry."

Tom carefully put his hand on the flat of the blade. "I see your

point," he said as he gently shoved the weapon away.

Lita wasn't sure if she should intervene or not, but she was saved

the effort of deciding by the timely arrival of Harry and Mina. "Hi!"

the blonde said brightly. "Is the holodeck free?"

"Yeah, we just finished," Lita replied. She glanced over the

attire both Harry and Mina were wearing. "What are you guys up to?"

"Parrises squares," Harry answered, hefting the ball that was used

for that particular game. "Care to join us?"

"No thanks," Lita answered, while both Tom and B'Elanna indicated

negative answers as well. "I thought you were going to help Neelix

finish things up?"

"He said he could handle things from there," Mina said. "And I

figured it was like you said when you decided to head here -- there's no

telling if we'll ever get a chance to try out one of these holodecks

again." With that, she and Harry entered into the holodeck.

"I better get going then," Lita observed. "Even if he said he can

handle things, I bet Neelix wouldn't mind having some help."

While Lita walked away, B'Elanna glanced through the open holodeck

doors and shrugged. "If nothing else, Harry keeping Mina occupied in

there reduces the odds of any of us getting food poisoning," she said

quietly as she and Tom walked away from the holodeck door.

Evidently not quiet enough, for Mina quickly appeared in the still

open doorway. "HEY! What's that supposed to mean!" she challenged the

Klingon engineer. But before B'Elanna could reply, both she and Tom

heard Harry shouting "Look out!" just as the ball came soaring out of

the holodeck, scoring a direct hit on the back of Mina's head. The

dazed blonde staggered slightly before she crumpled onto the deck.

Pluto sighed. Chakotay had left the Gateway not long ago. She

hoped she had been able to help him find the answers he was looking for,

but she even more fervently hoped that the Gateway was not going to

become Grand Central Station to those on vision quests. The last thing

she needed was to become a cosmic counselor.

Almost in response to her thinking about unwanted guests, a flash

and ripple of sound to her right announced the arrival of Q. The

entity seemed somewhat amused, but it was soon apparent as to what.

"Well, I see you'll let just about anybody here nowadays."

"Now Q, I didn't just 'let' Commander Chakotay in here. He was

brought here by another."

"Another?" Q scowled at her. "What do you mean by that?"

"There are more things on heaven and earth than are dreamt of in

your philosophy, Q," she replied, paraphrasing a quote from Shakespeare.

Q snorted. "I ask a simple question, and I get a Vorlon-esque

answer. Fine, be that way." Turning from her, the entity seemed to


Pluto sighed. For all his supposed age and omnipotence, the

entity still persisted in some very petulant behavior. "You did as I

asked?" she asked.

"Of course," Q replied. "Have I ever let you down?"

A small smile came to her face. Opportunities like this didn't

come very often. "Many times," she casually replied, causing Q's face

to fall suddenly. "But I'm mainly concerned about this instance."

"Well I don't know what you are worried about," Q said. He

snapped his fingers and a videocassette appeared in his hands. "Here's

all the evidence of Voyager's little sojourn to your world. Now all

they have is another UFO mystery on their hands."

Pluto nodded. "Good."

"Now what's all the fuss about? After all the odd events that

have occurred in Japan in the last couple or three years, I would've

thought a sighting of Voyager in the Arctic would cause nary a


"Just making sure, Q."

Darien stepped out onto the bridge but after a quick glance it

was evident that Serena was not here, despite what the computer had

told him earlier. But before he could make a discrete exit, "If

you're looking for Serena, I believe you'll find her in the mess


He turned towards the mid-bridge station, where Seven of Nine stood

watching him intently. "How do you know..?"

"The celebration Neelix is planning is scheduled to commence

shortly," she replied. "Undoubtably, Neelix is already setting out the

various food plates he has been preparing. Given Serena's eating habits,

the rest is simple deduction."

"I guess you would know," Darien said with more than a little venom

in his voice. "After all, the Borg did make her part of that collective

of theirs for a while."

Seven continued her work, but she still replied. "Her assimilation

was not an easy task for the collective. Serena's... unique personality

destabilized several parts of the collective. It was some time

afterwards before the irrational impulses were completely eradicated.

Were it not for her biological distinctiveness, the collective would not

be interested in reassimilating her."

"The Borg still want to assimilate her?" Darien repeated, shocked.

"Yes," Seven replied matter-of-factly. "Along with yourself and

the other Sailor Scouts."

"Not that I think they'd succeed, but it's probably just as well

that the Borg are from another universe," Darien observed.

Now Seven stopped and looked evenly at Darien. "Do not take too

much comfort in that fact," she stated. "The Borg possess

transdimensional technologies, and are quite capable of crossing over

to your universe."

"They can do that?" Darien breathed.

"Yes, once they have the correct dimensional coordinates. You and

the others should remain vigilant at all times. The Collective has

placed a high priority on assimilating the six of you... along with

the future city of Crystal Tokyo."

As Seven had predicted, Serena was in the mess hall, eagerly eying

the assorted food trays that Neelix was setting up. Though the forms of

most of them were decidedly unfamiliar, the smells were thoroughly

enticing. Besides, she reasoned to herself, if Lita had a hand in the

creation of most of these, they were sure to be fantastic.

For his part, Neelix was taking great delight in explaining to

Serena just what each dish was and what went into creating it. He was

expecting a good many of the crew to attend at some point, so he had

prepared a wide variety of foods using assorted recipes from both the

Delta and Alpha Quadrants. "...and in honor of the Sailor Scouts being

on board, I even got your friends to help prepare a couple of selections

from your world. Such as this one," Neelix said as he placed the try down

on the counter.

"Do you mind if I try it?" Serena asked.

"Of course not. There's plenty for everyone," Neelix replied. As

Serena popped one into her mouth, he went on, "I tried it myself earlier,

and I must say I thought Mina did an excellent..." The Talaxian's voice

trailed off as he watched Serena's face turn a bright shade of red.

"Um... Is something wrong?"

"Water!" Serena managed to get out over the burning sensation in her

mouth. Someone thrust a glass into her hands and she eagerly downed the

contents. "Thank you!"

Immersed as she was in her task, Janeway didn't hear the door chime

at first. But the second chime break through her concentration. "Come."

The door slid open, allowing Amy to enter the ready room.

"You wanted to see me, Captain?"

"Yes, Amy, I did," Janeway answered. "Sorry for keeping you waiting,

but I was..." She motioned to the datascreen on her desk.

Amy nodded and smiled. "I understand. I've gotten engrossed with

something like that before."

"I'll just be a moment." While Janeway returned her concentration

to the terminal, Amy took a moment to idly look about the room. Her

gaze briefly flit upon the floor where she had half expected to see the

hole the Negarans cut in it during the siege of the bridge. But since

the ship had been completely restored by the Silver Crystal, the floor

looked as if it had never been damaged.

"There you go."

Amy jumped slightly. Captain Janeway had come from behind the desk

to stand next to her, and was offering her... "An isolinear optical

chip?" Puzzled, Amy took the chip and examined it. "Why are you giving

this to me?"

"Because I need a favor from you," the captain answered. "I'm not

sure that I have the right to ask, not after deceiving you all like I

did. And especially after you and your friends helped restore Voyager."

"We'd gladly do it again, Captain. And as for your keeping silent

about Dr. Dehner, your reasons for doing so were correct. If Mitchell

had known about her, he might have been more aggressive in trying to

stop us. If that had happened, we might have lost everything." She

held up the data chip again. "But that doesn't tell me anything about


"That chip contains an assortment of Voyager's log entries since

we came to the Delta Quadrant," Janeway began. "And it also contains

personal messages from my crew to their families and friends back home."

She placed both hands upon the desk and leaned back against it.

"You've already had three encounters with Starfleet that we know of --

Kirk's Enterprise, Picard's and now Voyager -- so it's entirely

possible you'll have others at some point in your future. If you do,

and provided they're from a point in time after our current stardate,

then give them this data chip. Even if Starfleet Command can't do

anything to help get us home, it will let our families know that we're

alive... and that we're coming home."

Amy didn't even take a moment to ponder this. Producing her

computer, she opened it up and placed the isolinear chip inside it.

"No problem, Captain."

Now it was Janeway's turn to smile. "Thank you. Now unless I'm

mistaken, Neelix's victory celebration should be getting underway right

about now. How about we head down to the mess hall?"

Neelix greeted them with his customary enthusiasm when they got to

the mess hall. "Captain, Amy, come in! I was wondering if you two

were going to be here."

"My fault, I'm afraid Neelix," Janeway told him. "I wanted to

discuss something with Amy before things got going." She took a moment

to survey the mess hall, which was already rather crowded. It seemed

that a good part of the ship's company was already here, including most,

if not all, of the senior staff. Over on the far side of the room she

could see Tuvok engaged in a conversation with Raye, while nearby Mina

was discussing something with Harry. In the center, she could see Serena

and Darien listening to Tom expound on their adventures in the Delta

Quadrant. "I see you wasted no time in getting things started."

"There's no use in procrastinating when a celebration is in order,"

the Talaxian told her while urging her and Amy towards the buffet table

he had erected. "Now come on in and join the festivities."

Janeway looked in amazement at the assorted dishes. "You must

have worked all night on this, Neelix."

"The work load wasn't as bad as you might think, Captain. It

helps having a couple of very eager assistants. In fact, I haven't had

this much help since..." He paused, thinking. "Well, it must have been

since before Kes started working in Sickbay. Now help yourselves." With

that, Neelix hustled back into the kitchen area, where Janeway could see

Lita still working on something.

Glancing back, he saw that B'Elanna had come up to the table. "Don't

be afraid to try anything," he heard her say, "Most of is actually

edible." Neelix smiled to himself and continued on his way into the


Lita glanced up from the pot she was tending. "Doesn't that bother


"Doesn't what?" Neelix asked, puzzled.

"B'Elanna's comments about your cooking. At first I thought it was

just her Klingon side showing itself, but I'm beginning to think that

she's just being mean."

"You couldn't be further from the truth," Neelix told her. "It's just B'Elanna's way of blowing off steam."

"But why does she always chose you to do that?"

"Because I told her to."

That comment threw Lita off her stride. "Huh? You told her to?"

"Yes," Neelix confirmed, nodding. "Being half Klingon, B'Elanna has

a very volatile temper, but she can't afford to lose control in front of

her staff. So I told her that she could come here and use me as a target

of her temper. I don't mind." Picking up a wooden spoon, the chef gave

the pot a couple of good stirs.

Not knowing what to say right off, Lita just watched him tend to the

leola root stew for a few moment. You can be a strange guy, Neelix, but

you've got a big heart," she observed, patting him on the shoulder.

"That must be why so much of this crew likes you."

Neelix turned to respond, but in doing so he noted the mess hall

doors opening again and Chakotay enter through them. "Ah, a late

arrival. That accounts for all of the senior staff."

Neelix wasn't the only one to note Chakotay's arrival. Janeway

threaded through the crowd and made her way over to her first officer.

"Finally decided to join the fun?"

"Sorry for being late, but I was on a vision quest," he said

apologetically. "A very unusual one, I might add."

"Oh?" Janeway was intrigued. "Anything you care to talk about?"

Chakotay hesitated before answering. "Maybe later, after I've had

some time to think about it."

Things were still in full swing two hours later when a beep sounded

from the comm system. "Seven of Nine to Captain Janeway."

"I wonder what she wants?" Mina mused.

"One way to find out," Janeway said. However, she had a feeling

that whatever Seven was going to say, it would be of extreme importance.

The Borg was not of the habit of making casual interruptions to ship

activities. "Go ahead, Seven."

"Long range sensors have detected Borg transwarp signatures. They

should be able to scan the system within the next twenty minutes."

A collective groan went up through the room. "Talk about bad

timing," Lita grumbled.

"Leave it to the Borg to be gate crashers at a perfectly good

party," Serena added, equally disappointed.

"I couldn't agree with you more," Janeway said. "Unfortunately, it

means we better be on our way." Speaking loud for the benefit of the

assembled crew, "If you have any goodbyes to make, I suggest you do so


"Take care, Tuvok," Raye said. "I hope the personality traits you

got from me don't prove too embarrassing to you."

"I shall endure it," Tuvok assured you. "However, I think the logic

and emotional control you gained from the mind link could prove to be of

great help to you."

"Don't bet on it," she grumbled.

"Goodbye, Amy," the Doctor told her. "But I hope you don't take

any offense when I say I'm glad I don't have to exist inside your

computer anymore."

"None taken, Doctor, she assured him. "I can certainly see why you

would think so."

"Good," the hologram responded. "I wish I could be there to help

you on your way, but even without my assistance, I'm sure you'll make

an excellent physician."

She colored slightly before responding. "Thank you for thinking

so, Doctor."

"I'm not just saying so," he noted. "Besides, it's not just my

opinion. Remember, my program is based on the logs of some of

Starfleet's finest Doctors. And I can say without any doubt whatsoever

that both Doctors McCoy and Crusher share the same opinion that you

will be among the finest Doctors your Earth has ever seen."

Well, I guess this is goodbye," Harry said somewhat lamely.

"Take care of yourself, Mina."

Mina ignored tentative hand Harry offered, choosing instead to

give the young ensign a very affectionate hug. "Just doing my job as

the Scout of Love," she told him in answer to the unspoken question

on his face. "Hopefully Seven will hear about this and realize that

if she doesn't do anything, she might lose to someone else."

Harry blinked, too shocked to say anything as she walked away.

"Are we talking about the same Seven of Nine?" he finally managed.

"Take care of yourself, B'Elanna," Lita told her. "And try not

to be too hard on Neelix." Before the half Klingon could answer,

Lita moved off to say farewell to another member of Voyager's crew.

"What was that all about?" Tom asked.

"I'm not sure," B'Elanna replied as she watched the girl move away.

"I just wished she could have stayed longer," Tom said wistfully.

"I was hoping she could show Neelix how to make a good pizza."

"Thanks again for you're help, Serena," Janeway told the girl. I

don't think I can ever thank you enough for what you've done for my

ship and crew."

"I didn't exactly do it all by myself, Captain. You and Dr.

Dehner helped."

Janeway turned to Neelix. "Neelix, why don't you escort our guests

to Transporter Room One," she suggested. "Everyone else, I'm afraid

it's back to work."

"Of course, Captain. Ladies and sir, if you'll follow me,"

Neelix said, leading the way out of the mess hall. One by one, the

five girls and Darien followed him out, each pausing momentarily to

make a last wave to the crew.

"It's a pity they have to leave this abruptly," Chakotay commented,

as the door closed behind the last of them.

"Well, I'm just glad we met them when we did," Janeway said.

"Otherwise, I doubt we would have survived this little encounter."

Tuvok nodded, agreeing with his Captain. "Indeed, they were

instrumental in helping us defeat the Negasleaze on Negara."

The others turned to stare at the Vulcan security officer.

"Negasleaze?" B'Elanna asked, smiling slightly.

Tuvok shifted uncomfortably. "It would seem that there is still

some personality overlap from my mindlink with Raye. It should fade

with time, and in fact be gone within two weeks."

Tom smiled. "I think I'm going to enjoy the next couple of


"Well, here we are," Neelix said as the group entered the

transporter room. "If you just take your positions on the pads, we

can get you started on your way home."

"Just a moment, Neelix," Mina said. "Negara may have been cleansed

by Sailor Moon, but we should transform before we beam down, just in


"Good idea, Mina," Amy said as she took out her transformation

wand. Seconds later, the small room echoed with the assorted

transformation cries.

Neelix watched in awe at the display of light as the five girls

changed into the Sailor Scouts and Darien also transformed into Tuxedo

Mask. "Wow!" he exclaimed when the light show was over. "That was

just... just..." He struggled for a moment to find the right words,

but finally just reiterated once more, "Wow!"

"Thanks, Neelix," Mercury said as they took their positions on the

transporter platform. "I think I can safely say we all have felt the

same way about Voyager."

"Oh, before I forget," Jupiter spoke up, and tossed Neelix a padd.

"From one chef to another."

The Talaxian caught the padd and quickly examined it's contents.

"Recipes!" he said, beaming with delight. "Thank you, Li- er, Sailor


The tall Scout gave him a broad smile. "Anytime."

Not knowing what else to say, Neelix turned to the transporter

operator. But before he could give the command, Sailor Moon spoke up,

"Hold it, Neelix!"


"Let us say it this time."

Neelix nodded. Whenever you're ready."

"Energize!" they cried out simultaneously.

On a bluff overlooking what had once been Metallah's citadel, six

columns of white energy shimmered into existence and then resolved

themselves into the forms of the Sailor Scouts and Tuxedo Mask.

Venus gazed at the sky above them in awe. "Wow, I can't get over

how different this planet seems than when we first landed here."

"Crash landed, you mean," Mars corrected her. "But you're right.

That sky is a much deeper blue than what we would see back home."

"Due to the differences in the atmospheric composition," Mercury

pointed out. "But there are other differences to our last visit to

the surface." She pointed to the ruins of the citadel not far from

their position. Among the toppled stones they could see that the

local plantlife was already moving in.

"Talk about fast growing plants," Jupiter said. "It's only been

two days, but it looks like that stuff's been growing for a year."

"The plantlife here must be extremely aggressive," Mercury observed.

"A place like this could be a botanist's dream."

"Or a farmer's," Tuxedo Mask said. He pointed down into the

valley. Though it was still in it's early stages, they could see the

beginnings of a village being constructed by the surviving Negarans,

along with the outlines of crop fields.

"It looks like they're trying to put their lives back together,"

Sailor Moon said.

"Yes," Mercury confirmed. "I'm detecting the remains of a

previous village in the same area. Undoubtably the Negarans were an

agrarian and peaceful people before Mitchell came here."

"And they're getting back to that lifestyle now that he's gone,"

Sailor Moon said.

They stood watching for a bit before Mars shook herself. "We better

get going. Captain Janeway said they'd wait for us to leave before they

broke orbit, and that Borg ship is on the way."

There weren't any protests to Mars' urgings, as they all were

anxious to get home. They quickly formed up into a circle, and after

a moment's concentration, teleported from the surface.

Harry looked up from the sensor readouts. "We've lost sensor

contact with the Sailor Scouts. It looks like they've teleported."

"We are picking a slight distortion effect in the quantum flux,"

Chakotay confirmed, glancing at his own panel. "It looks like they

made passage through it." He settled back in his chair and looked at

Janeway. "Should we try to close it before the Borg get here?"

"You mean like the Enterprise did?" she asked. After the first

officer nodded, "I don't think that's a good idea, Chakotay."

Chakotay frowned. "Why not?"

"Because the procedure they used didn't close the quantum flux as

they thought it would," she explained. "If you take a look at the

subspace signature of the flux, you'll see that it's identical to the flux

the Enterprise D traversed before they attempted closing it."

"So that means that this is the same flux," Chakotay said after he

had a moment to check the readings for himself.

"I'm afraid so. It's been redirected twice so far as we know -- first

to Delta Vega, and then to here. If we try redirect it, who knows where

in time and space it'll end up. We could just end up making things worse."

"We can't just leave it here for the Borg to find," Tom protested.

"We might as well just leave them a sign, 'This way to Sailor Moon'."

"I have no intention of doing that, Tom. Harry, set up an

anti-proton burst from the main deflector. That should scramble any

readings the Borg might take of it."

A universe away, a black cat perked her ears and looked about the

courtyard. Nothing was visible, but she was sure that something was

about to happen. She cast a baleful glare at the sleeping form of

Artemis before nudging him. "Wake up, Artemis." When the white cat

seemed reluctant to do so, she cuffed him roughly on one ear. "I said,

'Wake up!'"

"I'm awake, I'm awake," he muttered, rubbing the ear painfully.

"What's so important?"

"Can't you feel it?"

"The only thing I'm feeling right now is a headache," Artemis


Luna opened her mouth to respond, but in that moment the Sailor

Scouts and Tuxedo Mask materialized. Seconds later, they had reversed

their transformations, returning to their normal identities. "Thank

heavens you're back," Luna said. "You've been gone for hours. What

happened? What did you find?"

"Hours?" Serena asked, focusing on Luna's first statement. "But

I thought we spent a couple of days on Voyager?" She turned to Amy for


Artemis gave a catlike frown of puzzlement. "Voyager?"

Amy was already checking her computer. "I supposed there could

have been a temporal variance when we teleported from their universe

through the quantum flux."

Now Luna was puzzled. "Quantum flux?"

"Cool. We don't have to try and cover for where we've been the

last couple of days," Mina noted.

Amy nodded. "Yes, and we didn't miss any school either."

"You would think of that, wouldn't you Amy?" Lita teased her.

Before Amy could respond, Luna spoke up, "Excuse me, but will

somebody please tell me what's been going on!"

"Sorry, Luna," Amy apologized, then launched into a quick account

over the events since they had teleported to the Arctic. Though they

remained silent, both Luna and Artemis were wide eyed in amazement.


All eyes turned to Serena. "What's wrong, Serena?" Darien


"I just remembered I've got a math test tomorrow!" she complained.

"I thought I'd gotten out of it, too."

Amy shook her head. "You'd just have to make it up later, so

it's just as well."

"You're not much help. Amy."

"If you'd just study ahead of time, you wouldn't have any problems

in math or any other subject," Raye commented calmly. "It's simply

logical." The others stared at her for a moment before she belatedly

realized just how she sounded. "Not again!" she muttered.

"Logical?" Mina asked. "Where you taking Vulcan lessons back

on Voyager?"

"Odd, I thought Chakotay was showing her how to contact her

animal guide," Darien remarked.

"Maybe she snuck in a couple of sessions when we weren't looking,"

Lita suggested.

"Amy, I think you better give Raye a quick scan. She's getting

a greenish complexion," Serena said, getting into the action. Amy

nodded, and produced the small device.

Raye glared at all of them, but chose to focus her ire on Serena.

"I am *not* turning green!" she snapped.

Serena's only reaction was to raise an eyebrow in a distinctly

Vulcan manner. "Really Raye, your attitude is... most illogical. What

would Tuvok say?"

"I don't *care* what he would say!!"

"Have you always been this emotional?"

"Can it, meatballhead!"

"Don't call me meatballhead!!"

The others watched as the argument quickly escalated into another

one of their infamous tongue wars. "Well, it didn't take them long to

fall into old habits," Darien remarked.

"If I were you, Darien, I'd be more worried if things *didn't* get

back to normal," Amy told him.

"True," he conceded. "Things are probably getting back to normal

back on Voyager too... At least as normal as it gets for a ship so far

from home."

"Do you think they'll make it back home?" Mina asked. "I mean...

they've got a long ways to go."

"Yeah, like sixty thousand light years," Lita chimed in.

Amy looked down at her open computer. Attached firmly to the

inside of the lid was the isolinear chip Captain Janeway had given her.

After making sure that it was secure, she closed the computer and put it

away. "It may not be any time soon, but I think they will eventually

get home." She smiled at the others before continuing. "Besides, we

all know that when all is said and done, Starfleet crews usually manage

to accomplish their mission."

"We've got the star between us and the Borg ship," Tom reported.

"That should be more than enough to obscure our warp signature,"

B'Elanna said. "They won't know we were ever in the system."

"Good," Chakotay said. He half turned to the operations station.

"Harry, are you sure that anti-proton pulse from the main deflector

will keep the Borg from spotting the flux?" The pulse had seemed to

scramble readings from the flux when they had released it over Negara,

but it didn't hurt to be certain. The last thing anyone on the ship

wanted was for the Borg to discover the passageway to the Scouts'


"Positive, Commander," the ensign replied. "I been scanning for

myself, and even I can't tell it's there. It should be at least a year

before it's discernable as a quantum flux."

"The collective should lose interest in that world long before

then," Seven said. "There is not technology worth assimilating, and

the alien's biological distinctiveness is not remarkable enough to

warrant the effort."

"Since we seem to have covered our tracks as best we can, it's

time for us to be on our way," Janeway noted with a smile. "Tom, let's

resume our course for the Alpha Quadrant. Warp six."

Tom had already made the necessary course computations, but he

made a quick check of the helm nevertheless. "Course and speed ready,



Outside, the warp nacelles elevated into their flight positions

and the ship accelerated into warp. Voyager was once more on course

for the Alpha Quadrant.

And home.

Then end of the Sailor Trek saga.


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it credit for.)

I would also like to add a special thank you to Will Wolfshohl,

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way to cover up my mistake. Credit to him as well for suggesting

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Additional thanks to Mike Stancel for his own remarks and

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He is Immortal, born in the highlands of Scotland in 1592.

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He is Duncan MacLeod, the Highlander

Preview snippet:

His train of thought was broken by something landing on his

shoulder. As tensed up as he had become in the last few hours,

MacLeod's combat trained reflexes kicked in, sweeping whatever it was

off his shoulder towards the bench and settling himself into a defensive

stance. A loud "Ow!" came from the bench.

Realizing that the offending party was a white and very familiar

cat, Duncan relaxed. "Artemis," he sighed.

"Yeah, I'm glad to see you too," the feline grumbled as he got back

onto his paws. Rubbing his head painfully, the cat eyed him. "So what

brings you to Tokyo, Highlander?"