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"So what have you found, Spock?" Kirk asked.

"It seems, Captain, that in various myths and ancient histories of numerous alien texts, including Vulcan, there is a mention of a Great War between the mightiest races."

"Are you saying this ding-dong is from one of those races?" drawled McCoy, not sounding like he believed a word.

"Allow me to finish, Dr. McCoy. Look at these drawings from an ancient culture that is extinct," Spock held out a PADD to McCoy and Kirk.

"It looks like a strange robot or probe fighting a man, and they appear randomly everywhere." Kirk said after looking.

"I have found no name for the robotic race, but every culture seemed to fear them, calling them things like "emotionless" or "exterminators." The other race is looked upon more fondly, called things like "wise ones" or "the ancients." There is also something else that reappears. The name of this war."

"What could be so important about a war's name?" asked McCoy.

"Take World Wars one, two, and three. The name infers that the whole world was involved."

"What was the name, Spock?" Kirk was getting just a tad impatient.

"It was called the Time War, again and again."

"Time War?" Kirk crossed his arms, "are you suggesting Spock..." he couldn't finish the sentence.

"The war was fought through all of Time. These races had the ability to travel through Time."

"Time travel...wow." McCoy whistled, "that would explain all of those germs from the 21st century..."

"I also found one very ancient Vulcan text, from hundreds of years before we purged emotion. It was similar to an Earthen ballad or epic poem. It was titled 'Oncoming Storm, How the Time War was Won.'"

"Care to elaborate, Mr. Spock?" Kirk asked.

"There was one of these ancient beings, and the robotic race called him the 'Oncoming Storm.' He was unlike others of his race because he hated the war and hadn't wanted it to begin with. He had a handful of followers, but they were all made to fight in the war. The robotic army seemed to have destroyed a colony of the others, and the poem reads that 'hundreds of young Lords died, and one Lady, daughter of the Storm.'"

"Children were killed?" guessed Kirk. Spock nodded grimly. "Including his daughter?" Spock nodded again.

"The poem goes on to describe how Vulcan was affected by the war, because apparently the entire universe was involved somehow. After that, it mentions that 'the peaceful Lord became violent, and his enemies learned fear, for a Storm would come and claim scores.' And then this 'Lord' was in the heat of battle with the rest of his race, when it says he found an opportunity to end the war and the robotic race." Spock paused.

"Well, what happened?" Kirk and McCoy asked.

"But he had a choice, wait for the war to go on and wait for one race to emerge victorious...or use the opportunity...which would kill the entire robotic race...but it would also kill all of his own race...this is where Vulcans get their saying 'the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,' for the rest of the universe suffered while the two races fought."

"So he killed both races?" Kirk concluded, "to save everyone else?"

"It seems so captain. He died with the rest, but a few still survived."

"Let's go see what he knows about it..." All three went back to Sick Bay, where the Doctor was waiting.

"You say you are a Time Lord, is that the same race that fought in the Time War?" asked Spock. The Doctor's face turned dark with remembrance.

"Lots of races fought in the Time War, Vulcan. But if you must know, it was mainly between the Daleks and the Time Lords."

Spock turned to Kirk. "Captain, if he is truthful, we have no reason to fear him. His kind promoted peace and order."

"Finally! Now release my wife please?"

"Ahh yes, of course. I'm terribly sorry...Doctor. I must ask, do many of your kind have such names?" inquired Kirk. The Doctor quirked a brow at him, imitating Spock.

"It doesn't matter, I don't even know how many of us are left...I'm trying to find them, you see, I'm new to this universe, I was born in an alternate one where I was a clone of the Last Time Lord in existence..." McCoy was staring at the Doctor strangely, when the intercom beeped.

"Bridge to Keptain Kork! Bridge to Keptain Kork!" Checkov's voice rang.

"Kirk here. What's the problem Checkov?" It was Sulu's voice that replied.

"Sir, it's Trelane."


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