Cherry Flavoured Poison

Cherry flavoured poison, that's what your kisses are.

You who love me, who made me what I am when you declared Forever. You killed me with your cherry flavoured poison and, honestly, I couldn't be happier.

I allow you to poison me, spreading your kisses over my body. Petal soft touches of lily white fingers trail down my body as you continue to feed me your cherry flavoured poison.

You strip me of my modesty and I remove that uniform of black. Another taste of cherry flavoured poison and you have me begging for you.

I'm sure my eyes are flickering cherry red with the lust. I run my hands up your naked torso and you shudder. I wrap my arms around you and pull you down for another dose of that delightful poison.

Take me the way you did that night you turned me.

Take me the way you did when you told me you love me.

Poison me, Sebastian.

You grin down at before poisoning me again. "Love you." You remind me and I smile slightly.

"Do you ever get sick of saying that, my love?" I ask with amusement clear in my eyes.

"No, my Lord." You answer. "Never."

I stroke your cheek. "Kiss me." You obey though it was not an order. "I love you too, you hopeless romantic, you."

You let out a soft chuckle before ridding me of the last of my clothing.

You give me yet another large dose of your poison before thrusting in.

I cry out your name as you hit that spot inside me that floods my senses with pleasure.

You hit it again and again and again, poisoning me all the while with your sweet cherry kisses.

Then we come, falling over the edge into a pool of satisfaction.

I look at you as you lie beside me.

I'm glad you decided to keep me forever for now I have eternity of your Cherry Flavoured Poison.