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My name is Andromeda Jones, and this is the story of how I met my first true love.

It all started on a Wednesday. Wednesday's have always been my lucky day. The day I lost my first tooth. The day I rode my bike without training wheels for the first time. The day my dad gave me my charm bracelet. It was my seventh birthday, and we had a party in my backyard. Right after I blew out the candles on my royal-blue, softball-shaped. My favorite color has always been blue. My dad told me to make a wish, and I made the same wish I always did; that my dad would be around for my next birthday. You see, when I was three, my dad was diagnosed with leukemia, so ever since I could remember I've been wishing for my dad to be around for the next holiday, or my next birthday depending on how he was feeling. My dad was feeling particularly healthy that year so I wished for my next birthday. After I blew out my candles he handed me his present.

"Here," he told me. "Open this one first" So I did. Inside the tiny box was a blue charm bracelet.

"Oh, Daddy! I love it! Where'd you get it?" I was really excited. Then I saw a charm. It was royal blue, and in the shape of a police box.

"I'm not sure. It was on there when I got it from Idris. You remember Idris right?" Of course I remembered Idris. She was a peculiar woman. My dad had been friends with her for years. He got the bracelet from her, and she gave it to him for free. I haven't seen her since before dad gave me the bracelet.

I wear that bracelet day and night. I haven't taken it off since he gave it to me, and I've been wearing it for 14 years. It used to be way too big for me (I have extremely tiny wrists) and I used to loop a shoe string through the links. I actually just took the shoestring out this year, and that's also the year I met the Doctor.

Two months after my eighth birthday, we got the worst news possible. My father's leukemia had gotten worse, and his health was declining quickly. Even after multiple hospital visits and Chemotherapy sessions, it wasn't enough. His last hospital visit was his absolute worst. His cancer had just about taken over his entire body, and he looked like a skeleton draped with cloth. He died on a Saturday, almost exactly three months after my eighth birthday. Ever since then, me and my mother have been as close as possible. Sure, we had those mother-daughter squabbles that every teenager has, but I never once told her I hate her. I tell her everything, and we're best friends. Even my actual best friends, Nicole and Emily, hang out with us too. That's why it was so hard to leave when he came along.

I was at work when I heard a peculiar sound. I looked outside the hair salon and saw a blue telephone box that looked exactly like the charm on my bracelet. It's still the only one on there. But anyway, the telephone box was right outside the salon, so when I checked out for the night, being the curious person I am, I decided to knock on the door of this strange blue box. Out popped an odd man. He was wearing suspenders, a tweed jacket, and a bowtie. He was also wearing a fez.

"Hello!" He said to me. "Where am I?" He sounded like he was from Britain.

"Youre in Canada," I said cautiously. I didn't know who this man was, or where he came from.

"Ohh! I love Canada!" He replied excitedly. "I came here a while ago, there was a Dalek invasion. Nasty creatures. Killing machines, they are. So," He extended his hand. "I'm the Doctor! Do you know of anyone with a charm bracelet? With a charm shaped like my TARDIS?"

"Is this a TARDIS?" I asked, pointing to his blue box.

"Exactly!" he exclaimed.

"Well, I have this," I extended my wrist to show him my bracelet.

"Wait, so that's what you look like now Idris?" he said, examining me. "I didn't think you would need to regenerate while I was only away for two years."

"Okay, first of all, my names not Idris, its Andromeda, and my dad gave me this bracelet 14 years ago. He did get it from a woman named Idris though. She pretty much disappeared after she gave him the bracelet though."

"Okay, just gimme a second," and he disappeared back into his TARDIS. I heard muffled shouts that sounded somewhere along the lines of "You've been in here for fourteen years and you never told me? You could have at least given me a sign or told me that you were going back to your true form!" Jeez, this guy was a bit out there…

"Okay, I'm back," he said, and he was as red as the fez on top of his hair.

"HELP!" We heard someone scream.

"Run!" The Doctor told me. So I did. As we ran all around us were mannequins. WALKING MANNEQUINS.



"Autons! Theyre called Autons!" he said. "They're walking plastic that have been possessed by the Nestene Consciousness. I think I know where it is, but I'll have to check." And he whipped out a laser like object that looked almost like a lightsaber. He told me it was called a sonic screwdriver. He pointed it at a storm drain and told me to follow him.

We climbed down the storm drain and I saw a giant vat of what I looked like melted plastic surrounded by more Autons.

"That's the Nestene Consciousness," the Doctor whispered "I need to get closer so I can dump this," he held up a small vial filled with a green liquid, "into there. Could you distract the Autons for me?"

"Uhm, sure?" Like I had a choice. I ran out in front of the Autons.

"Hey you, yeah you big hunk of plastic! Look at me! I'm a distraction!" Crap… That wasn't a good idea. Now they were running after me.

"Keep 'em running for just a few more seconds, okay?" The Doctor shouted to me.

"No! I'm just gonna stop running and let them attack me," I said sarcastically. And I ran, pumping my legs as fast as they could go. I really hope I don't trip, I thought. I may have played softball for 15 years, but I was still the biggest klutz on the team. By far.

"Got it!" The Doctor said, beaming. The next thing I knew, the Autons were back in normal Mannequin poses.

That was my first adventure with the Doctor.

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