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So, I've decided to jump onto the "bandwagon" for this fic! Yes, everyone it is another Hangover movie fic with Phil/OC but I swear – I will try and make it different and try to make it funnier.

Most Hangover fic's I've read are amazing! Honestly they are great and some of them focus on the OC being Doug's sister or cousin – so in this one, the OC is going to be Tracey's cousin and she will be from England lol.

So, I hope you like it and here goes and also – I don't have the movie script for this because the original script isn't like the movie one, so if anyone finds one – please let me know!

Chapter One

"Hey, you reached Doug I'm sorry I can't take your call right now but if you leave your name and num…"

"Hi, you've reached Dr Stuart Price with Divine Dentistry, please leave a message after the tone"

"Hello – This is Amy, can't get to the phone right now because I'm busy so leave a message…"

"Hey, this is Phil – Leave me a message or don't. Do me a favour, don't text me it's gay"

Tracy hung up the phone angrily, she looked over to her parents sitting on the couch – her father was reading the paper whilst her mother got up and came over.

"Any news?"

Tracy shook her head but then suddenly her phone vibrated in her hand, she looked down at the I.D and answered quickly.


"Tracy, it's Amy…"

"Where the hell are you guys? I'm freaking out…!"

"Yeah, listen – we fucked up…" Amy spoke softly, she looked over to the car where Stu, and Alan were leaning against it. The sun beamed down on her as she wiped her forehead, she glanced up for a moment to see Phil appeared next to her.

"What are you talking about?" Before Amy could answer, Phil nodded to her and Amy gave the phone over to him.

"Hey Trace… it's Phil" Phil sighed, waiting for her reaction at the other end of the phone.

"What's happening? What does Amy mean 'you fucked up'?" So many questions wandered through her mind waiting.

"The bachelor party, the whole night got out of control…" Phil continued, he took another deep breathe and looked over to Amy for a second, she gave him a small nod.

"We lost Doug"

"WHAT?" Tracy replied, a hint of panic in her voice – her eyes wide as she turned on the spot in the living room.

"We can't find Doug"

"What are you saying Phil? We are getting married in five hours!" She reminded him, he looked to the ground for a second then up to the sky.

"Yeah, that's not going to happen"

Two days earlier.

"Taxi, taxi…Oh come on!" She cursed, running her hand through her black hair before slumping onto her massive suitcase.

"They're not called 'taxi's'" The woman turned her head around to see a stranger holding a briefcase and wearing a smart suit half smiling.

"They are to me…"

"We are not in Britain anymore, ma'am" The man replied, She glared at him for a few minutes then shook her head facing away.

"Well 'mate' – I'll call them whatever I want too…" She stood once again near the street, waving her hand in the air.

"TAXI!" She yelled and before she knew it – a yellow taxi pulled up next to her, she smiled wide and gave the man a cheeky wink.

"Obviously it does work" She smirked, lifting her two suitcases to the boot of the taxi with the driver helping her.

"Where too Miss?" The driver asked as she hopped into the backseat, adjusting her hoody slightly.

"Richmond Avenue? Um…number 8569" She replied getting out her mobile phone and looking for the right number.

Will be there soon – can't wait to see you.

Tracy smiled as she reached for her phone; she laughed at the text message and walked into the kitchen where her mother and father were.

"She's on her way!"

"We should have met her at the airport…." Tracy's mother complained but her father shook his head side to side.

"She knows the way, what has it been? 5 years? 6?" He asked, Tracy tried to think – it had been a few years since she last saw her cousin, her mum's sister met her husband on a holiday over there and from that she decided to live there – everyone was pleased for them and when their daughter arrived, Tracy had a friend she could play with during their visits over here – she had been there for Tracy through her graduation, college and her first job but the last visit was only a brief one and during that time, she had met Doug – the man she was going to marry.

"I just can't wait to see her…" Tracy beamed again, hugging her mother silently – at that moment, all of them heard a car door slam from outside.

"I think she's here"

The taxi pulled up the long driveway and stopped just outside the door "That's 14.50" The driver nodded back to the woman, she rummaged around in her jean pockets and gave him a 20 dollar bill.

"Keep the change – thanks" She opened up the door, and slammed it shut going towards to the back of the taxi and grabbing her suitcases out – she looked up and noticed two men through the window, one of them was brushing down a suit looking in the mirror.

She laughed and went over; lightly knocking on the glass making them look around.

Doug instantly smiled at the familiar face and waved, he nudged Alan to turn around and she saw her other cousin Alan standing there in just a jockstrap.

"Oh god, my eyes…" She squinted a few times, and raised her eyebrows at Doug who laughed.

Alan waved and smiled wide at the person too making her wave back but suddenly the front door of the house opened wide.


"TRACY! Oh bloody hell – you look amazing!" Amy fully smiled, and wrapped her arms around the slender woman hugging the daylights out of her.

"You look good too! It's been so long" Tracy took a step back and looked Amy up and down – she hadn't changed one bit, her black shoulder length hair was the same, her clothes were always the same style of a baggy t-shirt and navy jeans with a few holes in and the black combat army boots she loved to wear.

Tracy turned her head towards the window, but Amy's hand came up and shielded her eyes quickly.


"Trust me, Trace – you don't wanna look" Amy whispered, she waved again to Doug and Alan leading her away from the window and finally letting her hand go down.

"Just two suitcases…? You travel light" Amy's ears heard the familiar sound of her Aunt's voice float through the air, she looked over Tracy's shoulder to see her standing there with her arms wide open.

"Aunt Linda, firstly I'm sorry mum couldn't make it…" Amy apologized making a face at her but Linda just smiled.

"I know your mother – she's always had work before family and don't worry about it! ALAN!"

Alan appeared next to her grumpily, frowning at his mum.


"Could you please be nice for once and take your cousin's suitcases to the guest room?" She asked, he mumbled something under his breath as he grabbed them and pushed pasted her.

"How was your flight?" Linda led Tracy and Amy into the hallway of the house, Amy's eyes wandered about the furnishings – everything had changed.

"Screaming baby, mad nutter kept throwing his guts up every 10 minutes… it was good" Amy replied sarcastically, and then suddenly she felt someone lift her high into the air!

"DOUG!" Tracy laughed at her fiancée, watching Amy's facial expression of shock.

"You bloody scared me!" Amy laughed playfully hitting his back as he twirled her around a few times before putting her back to the ground.

"That was my hello" Doug came next to Tracy, holding her hand gently.

"Next time – abit of warning eh…? It's good to see you! I can't believe you two are finally getting hitched! I mean, I remember Doug asking me what Trace would think of marriage" Amy explained, Tracy's eyes opened wide and looked at Doug slightly chuckling.

"Oh really…? I've never heard of this!" Tracy began to say, but Doug looked at her and then back at Amy.

"OH! Yes! Um… Amy, can we have a word with you?"


Tracy and Doug jumped together on the sofa, as Amy shouted at them.

"It's only going to be for one night…"

"Hold your horses! You want me to go to Las Vegas with Doug and his friends for his bachelor party? Don't get me wrong but that's normally a bloke's shin dig and no place for a woman to gate crash it" Amy explained. She looked at them both thinking that they were both crazy.

"Technically, you won't be gate crashing – all you need to do is to keep them in line really and make sure they don't do anything…." Tracy began to say and looked over to Doug.


"We won't hunny" Doug reassured her, tightening his grip on her hand.

"There you go – they don't need me" Amy stood up but Doug stood up as well stopping her from moving.

"But I need you – Amy, I think of you as a sister I never had and we have known each other for the last 6 years and I've grown to trust you…."

"Trust is a big word, Doug" Amy replied, sighing.

"Amy…" Tracy stood up also; she took her hand in hers and smiled gently.

"I trust you to make sure nothing happens to him – will you do this? For me?"

Amy sighed out again; she shut her eyes for a second and reopening them to their faces staring at her.

"When do we leave?" She finally gave in; Tracy hugged her madly and swayed her.

"Well you are already packed"


She watched Doug and Tracy walk back into main foyer area, holding hands still.

"What do you mean, I'm already packed?" Amy repeated herself again.

"We are leaving this afternoon"

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