"I don't need this…or that…"

Amy threw out random t-shirts and a few hoodies – she put her hands on her hips nodding down at the progress she made.

"Few tshirts, make up bag, jeans and most importantly – my IPod"

"But you are forgetting something..." A sing song voice came behind her; she turned to see Tracy holding a tiny strap dark red dress on a hanger.

"Oh god no..."

"You will so cute in it though" She came over and softly placed it in the suitcase – instantly, Amy took it out and gave it back.

"It's VEGAS! You need to dress up..."

"I rather stick to my jeans, Trace" Amy argued, she turned around looking through her rucksack – Tracy quickly put the red dress into her suitcase covering it with clothes making sure she wasn't looking and then zipped it up tightly.

"Okay, okay – calm down" Tracy replied, grabbing the suitcase from the bed "I'll take it down for you"

Amy nodded and sighed 'This is the craziest idea they ever had' She thought as she put her messy hair into a ponytail – she snatched the clothes off the floor and headed to the bathroom.

Alan and Doug left the house together, Alan spotted the dog and laughed running after it as Doug watched with a smile on his face.

"Hey Doug"

He turned to see Sid, Tracy's father coming behind him and standing next to him on the porch.

"I don't think I've seen Alan so excited about a..." Before he finished, both of them glanced back over to Alan now sitting down on the driveway letting the dog lick his bushy beard.


Sid peered around and went over, helping Tracy through the door with the suitcase – she smiled and went back inside.

"Doug...come here" Sid waved him over nodding also; Doug looked confused and followed him over towards the garage door.

Sid pressed a button on his key ring and the door raised open showing the grey Mercedes soft top car parked.

"No, Sid – really?" Doug scanned the car with his eyes, walking around one side whilst Sid when around the other.

"Yeah, your family now"

"Are you sure? I mean you love this car" Doug replied to him – he didn't know if Sid was joking or not.

He laughed at him and shook his head from side to side. "It's just a car Doug, just make sure you put some armour oil on the tyres so the sand doesn't sink in" Sid explained.

"Don't worry Sid – it will be in great hands"

"Bloody hell!"

They turned to see Amy standing there – she had changed her clothes into stripy black and white vest top, black jeans with her combat boots along with a pair of 60 style glasses on the edge of her nose.

"Nice car uncle..." Amy touched the hood of the car, inspecting the car.

"Thank you Amy and OH! Don't let Alan drive. There's something wrong with him" All of them regarded the sight behind them – Alan was still on the floor with the dog licking his beard and mouth.

"Yeah, I can see why..." She mumbled under her breathe.

"Understood" Doug said with a smile, looking over to Amy who nodded to him.

"Or Phil either, I don't like him"


"You will meet him later..." Doug replied to her question.

"I will be the only one driving this car" He continued to say, reassuring Sid again.

"What about me?" Amy raised her voice up, tucking her hands into her black hoody pockets and shrugging.

"Hmm..." Sid half smiled and came over putting his arm around her shoulder, giving her a side hug.

"I'll won't scratch it and I'll drive on the right side of the road over here..." Amy gave Sid her largest smile.

"Okay – you may drive it as well...and remember you two – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" Sid reminded the two of them "Except for herpes...that shit will come back with you"

Amy laughed out loud rolling her eyes.

"Classic, Uncle...classic – shall we get a move on eh?" Sid and Amy came out of the garage whilst Doug jumped into the car and he started the engine.

"Wow – listen to that engine" Amy closed her eyes standing next to her case as the car pulled up next to her listening to the noise.

"ALAN!" Amy stopped listening to the car, and raised her eyebrows over to her other cousin as she went to the boot of the car opening it up and placing her case inside.

"Stop snogging that dog and get in the car!" He huffed, letting the dog go as he stood up coming over, pushing Amy out of the way as she was about sit in the front.

"Shot gun!" Alan said quickly and sitting down, resting his arm against the door.

She stuck out her tongue and laughed it off, opening the car door.

"Amy! Wait!"

Tracy ran up to her and placed both hands on her arms before hugging her.

"Have a great time in Vegas – look after them, please" She whispered silently in her ear and took one look at Doug settling in at the driver's side and she looked at Alan too.

"Of course I will"

"Did you have to park so close?"

Amy frowned, watching Alan place his hand to the side of his face – Doug looked at Amy and then back at Alan.

They were parked outside a school for the last 5 minutes, waiting and in that time, Amy stretched her legs out over the back seat.

"Yeah, what's wrong?" Doug replied confused.

"I shouldn't be here..." Alan muttered, with a hint of worry in his voice – Amy adjusted her glasses and leaned her arms on the back of his seat.

"Why's that Alan?" She enquired also confused but curious at the same time.

"I'm not supposed to be within 200 feet of a school..."

"What? You're joking right?" She raised her eyebrows high and looked over to Doug.

"Or a Chuck E. Cheese" Alan continued, she looked more confused at the back of Alan's head.

"What's a Chuck E. Cheese? Is that a Maccy D's?" Before Doug could answer, all of us heard the school bell ring and the children flooded out, laughing and chatted away.

"Who we waiting for again..." Amy asked, at that moment the school doors opened and she turned her head around to see a gorgeous guy stepping out, wearing a light blue shirt, pale trousers with a brown satchel over his shirt – she blinked again to make sure she wasn't dreaming, her eyes wandered over him again and she noticed he also was wearing a pair of 60 style glasses, he looked like a model that just came out of a catalogue.

"Hey Mr Wennick..."

"It's the weekend Budnick; I don't know you and you don't exist!" The man cut off the boy and walked straight over towards the car but stopped to look at it.

"Shit, nice car!" He exclaimed and threw his satchel into the car hitting Amy in the face.


"I'm driving..." He smiled and stepped onto the side of the car, Amy quickly moved out of the way holding the side of her face with the bag on her lap.

"No chance...Hey, watch the leather..." Doug moaned as the man sat down next to Amy.

"Just shut up and drive before one of these nerds ask me another question" Then he looked over to Amy still holding her face.

"I believe this is yours..."

She threw the bag over onto his lap; he looked down and laughed shaking his head.

"Doug, who's the British girl?"

"British girl?" Amy retorted back, scoffing and shaking her head.

"Phil, be nice – this is Amy Nicolson, she's Tracy's cousin from England and she's coming with us to Vegas" Doug finally introduced them, Phil looked over to the woman again who rolled her eyes at him – he studied the side of her face she was very pale with a slight red mark on her cheek, she was also wearing the same glasses like him hiding her eyes so he couldn't see what colour they were and her black hair tied back into a scruffy ponytail showing a star tattoo on her neck.

"Um, nice to meet you..." Phil spluttered out random which made Doug look at him funnily.

"Who's this...?" Phil then directed his attention to the man sitting in the seat next to Doug.

"It's Alan, Tracy's brother..."

"I met you, like four times" Alan reminded him, Phil nodded pretending to know.

"Oh yeah, how you doing man...?"

"Good, good" Alan smiled, Doug finally started the car and they drove along the street – Amy was staring at all the sights going past her but she felt a pair of eyes on the side of her face.

Phil had been staring at her for the last ten minutes – "Enjoying the view?" Amy interrupted him and looked at him.

"Haha, just wondering if you are going to like Vegas or not – you been before?"


"Really...?" Phil's eyebrow went up; she rolled her eyes again and shook her head.

He's going to be trouble she thought smiling to herself.

"Phil, cut it out" Doug looked at him in his rear view mirror, Phil shrugged back.

"What? I'm just trying to make conversation!"

"More like conversation to try and get into my pants whilst we are in Vegas" Amy laughed, Doug laughed too – Phil looked away and brushed it off.

"Whatever man, we heading to pick up Stu?"

"Yup" Doug replied, turning the corner into a street full of houses and large gardens in front of them.

"Stu... another friend of yours...? How many people do you have coming to this?" The car parked outside the house and all 3 men sat still.

"Aren't you going to go knock?" Amy queried, looking at them in turn but none of them budged.



"Her" Amy took off her sunglasses, placing them onto her head puzzled.

"Melissa...?" She repeated and they all nodded – she looked over to the house and saw through the window to a woman with reading glasses on and holding a cup with another person wearing a jumper around his neck.

"She looks..."

"Like a bitch? Yes she is" Phil interrupted her, giving her another look and then cupped his hands around his mouth.

"This will piss her off..." He gave a smirk to them all; Amy wondered what the hell he was doing.


Amy tried not to laugh and looked over to the front door to see it open with the man standing there with a bag.

"Nice going Phil" He glared at him who ignored him and came over to the side of the car, Amy moved into the middle of the car so he could get in.

"Hey, I'm Amy – Tracy's cousin" Amy introduced herself to the man and shook his hand.

"Dr Stu Price, nice to meet you"

"Don't get excited, he's a dentist" Phil suddenly whispered in her ear making her jump and look at him again.

"Nice to meet you too... right guys – Let's go to Vegas!" Amy cheered, making them all laugh and the car pulled away.

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