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Chapter 10: Don't forget me

Normal POV:

Madison looked over at Kishan with an utterly depressed look. She had lost all hope in him staying and was trying to except the fact of him leaving her forever. Kishan's head was still buried into her hair. His shaggy raven hair almost completely shaded his Golden eyes from her view.

"Kishan?" she asked.

He didn't answer. He just kept nuzzling his nose into her shoulder. She called his name again. He looked up this time and silently starred into her emerald eyes. A sad smile rested on his face as Madison made a decision. Standing up; she walked upstairs to her room and returned a few moments later with something small wrapped tightly in her hand.

Kishan's eyebrow raised as he walked over to her. Gently opening her clasped hand, he revealed a necklace. It's silver pendent glinted in the morning light. The pendent was held by a thin silver rope that tied at the end. But what really caught his eye was what was painted in the middle of the metal circle. It looked like a Chinese character.

"what does it mean?" he asked softly.

"Tiger." She responded fondly. "My grandmother gave it to me right before she died. It means a lot to me. Take good care of it ok?" she pressed it into his hand.

"your giving it to me?" she nodded and gave him a small smile. Kishan shook his head and placed it back into the palm of her hand. "I cant take this. It's way to important to you."

"That's exactly the reason I'm giving it to you. You're very important to me and I don't want you to forget me." She stood on her toes and pulled it over his head. "so don't ok?"

Starring down at her, he smiled. "It's kind of hard to forget the girl who changed your life forever right?" He had meant it to be a joke but Madison just lowered her head and gave a curt nod.

"I'm going to miss you tiger." At her soft words, Kishan wrapped his strong arms around her shoulders and held her there in a tight hug.

"I'm going to miss you to." 'so much.'

Madison's POV:

We sat there like that for a moment before I realized something that hadn't crosses my mind before. I looked up at Kishan. "Did you realize that didn't seem surprised when I told him that I'd wished you out of a book?

He nodded. "My mother once told me that everyone's story is written down for someone to read. You just seemed to find mine."

I stifled a laugh. "Yeah, me and about a million other people all over the world."

He smiled. "that to." We both let out a string of laughter. But it was pathetic laughter that only seemed to raise the tension in the room.

Pulling away, I wiped my slightly watery eyes with the sleeve of my sweat shirt and smiled up at Kishan. "You-you should probably get going."

"But I promised that I'd stay, remember?" there was a pause.

"I think we both know that that wasn't going to happen… plus, we don't want mr. Kadam to get mad…" there was another pause.

"I don't think I've ever seen truly mad."

"still…" the only reason I was even uttering these words was because I knew that if he didn't leave now, he never would. It's not like I wanted him to though… it's just that if he didn't; he and Ren would be stuck as tigers fro the rest of there lives… and that's not fair to either of them… so, I had to let him go…

Kishan nodded finally and looked deeply into my eyes. As glistening emerald met fiery gold, he ever so slowly started to lean forward. He moved closer and closer until his lips were just centimeters from mine. He paused, waiting fro my reaction. My heart was beating so hard that I didn't doubt that he could hear it through my chest. My face was burning and I could barely breathe. He began to move closer.

My eyes widened and at the last possible moment, I cleared my throat and stepped back. Leaning my back against the wall and keeping my head down. Kishan did the same, stepping back and letting his hair cover his eyes. His face was slightly pink and his mouth was pressed into a tight line.

"I'm sorry…" he muttered under his breath and walked to the door. Waiting a moment before following him out, I stopped at the edge of the porch and watched him walk to the car. When he reached the end of the walk way, he turned back to me. I smiled and waved my hand. I figured that I might as well end this moment with a smile. "Bye Kishan."

He returned the smile and waved back. "Goodbye Madison…"

I realized then that my tiger was gone fore good… because in circumstances like these, goodbye meant Goodbye. He stepped into that passenger side of the hummer and shut the door. I let out a barely audible whisper. "Don't forget about me…"

The car pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street. I stood there until it was out of my sight. As I walked back in the house and shut the door behind me; three thoughts hit me. Kishan was gone, he was never coming back, and I was alone. I sank to my knees and let out all of the built up emotions that I'd held in for that past hour.


*2 years later*

Madison's POV:

Life had long before gone back to normal. I was seventeen now and going to be a senior in high school. My mom was always around nowadays and she pushed me to perfection like she always had. She never asked about what had happened those few weeks she was gone so I never told her. She only knew about when the restaurant blew up and I was sent to the hospital.

Life was boring without him around. There was no one to joke with, no one to yell at for breaking my alarm clock, and no one to look at when I woke up. Right after he had left, I'd have dreams of him almost every night. I would wake up in the middle of the night crying, laughing, or seething in anger. But, I only occasionally dreamt of him now. He was more of a distant memory that would fight its way into your mind now and again.


Groaning, I turned over in my bed and starred at the clock for a few moments before I actually comprehended what time it was.


I glared at the offending numbers. 'Why in all hells did it go off at 5:34 in the fecking morning!'

I glared at the clock again and turned back over in my bed. 'For gosh sake! It's summer!'

Hugging my stuffed tiger closer to my chest, I let my tired eyes flutter close. The dream hit me almost instantly.

Stepping through the think fog that surrounded me, I looked around for what seemed like the millionth time. I glared at the nothing-ness. I'd had this dream many times before and had seen some sort of figure before waking up. And oh, there's the figure. It was the shadow of a tall man. I waited to wake up, but I didn't. My eyebrows creased in confusion as I called out to the shadow. The silence dragged on, and then; the figure stepped though the thick haze.

His black hair was neatly slicked back so that it slightly fanned out at the nape of his neck. He was wearing the most expensive looking suit I'd ever seen and he reminded me of someone, but I couldn't exactly place my finger on who it was.

He smiled at me. It wasn't a kind smile in any way. It was a deceiving smile; the kind that would have made infants cry. I shivered at his stare. Then he spoke.

"well, well, well, it seems as though you survived my little surprise at that restaurant hmm?" his thick Indian accent wove its way through the fog and into my mind. I gasped in realization. "figured it out have we? What a sharp girl. Well you're right, I was the one who set off the explosion two years ago." As he said this, something glinted on his chest. Looking down, I spied a long, silver chained, necklace that ended just above his navel. At the end of the silver chain, there was a res jewel. It glowed slightly with power.

'An amulet?' thinking for a second, I thought of who this man reminded me of. Then it hit me. 'not A amulet; the amulet!'

"You're Lokesh" he looked at me with a crooked smirk playing across his angular face.

"oh, you are smart aren't you. Now I see why Durga picked you."

My face creased in confusion. "what?"

He smirked again as his image began to fade. "wait! What do you mean she 'picked' me?" but, he was already gone.

Sitting up in bed, I breathed heavily; trying to figure out what had just happened. Why did Lokesh want anything to do with me? Why did it seem that I was now the center of his intentions? Why did he even know that I existed? These thoughts along with many others floated through my mind.

Kishan's POV:

I felt terrible. I hadn't been eating right since I left America because I just wasn't hungry anymore. I hadn't been sleeping well either because I just couldn't get to sleep. But, when I did manage to successfully keep my eyes closed, my mind was plagued with dreams of Her…

Ren and Kelsey had gone on there latest quest but returned empty handed. They had said that Durga said that they were missing something important. When they had asked her what it was, she refused to tell them. But, I couldn't find it in me to care. I spent most of my time in the jungle as a tiger anyway. It was quiet and peaceful there. I felt detached from the world. But mostly, I felt alone.

One night, I fell asleep without trying to. Then, the dream began.

I stood in a large room all alone. it reminded me of a ballroom that you would find in a French mansion from the 1600s. Soft darkness loomed in the corners, taunting me. It was eerie, but that's not it. I could hear voices through the large walls and high ceilings. Walking to a wall, I stuck my ear up against it's cool surface. I could hear a party going on. Laughter, music, quiet conversations, and the occasional clinking of wine glasses. Walking to the next wall, I didn't even have to place my ear against it. I heard explosions and screams of terror. I heard walls crumbling and the room I was standing in shook slightly. On the next wall, I heard a woman crying, screaming out curses in French. My eyebrows creased and I walked to the final wall. There was nothing. It was utter silence. The room shook again as another explosion went off on the next room. I looked up at the ceiling and strained my ears to hear the deep, evil laughter emanating from it.

"Do you understand?" I whipped around to find Durga standing in the middle of the room; looking at the ceiling.

"No." I shook my head as she looked over at me, head still turned upwards.

"It's the timeline of suffering." At my confused face, she lowered her head to look at me and gestured to the first wall I had listened to. "Before suffering, there is happiness."

Twinkling laughter echoed from the wall as the goddess turned to the next wall just as the room shook once again. "Then, there is suffering." The room shook harder this time, making dust from the ceiling fall to the floor.

Turning to the next wall, my eyebrows lowered as I heard the painful cries of the woman from before. Durga's mouth pulled into a slight frown. "Then; there it mourning the loss."

She then turned towards me and the silent wall behind me. "Then, there is nothing." The room shook as I nodded and gestured to the ceiling.

"what about the one in the ceiling?"

Looking up again, her frown deepened. "The evil force that creates all suffering in the world."

Silence dragged on. "Why are we here?"

"I am here as a hint. You are here to figure that hint out." She then faded into the darkness. The room ceased shaking as new sounds emanated from the walls. But these were filled with memories. In the first wall I could hear Madison's twinkling laughter. In the next one, I heard her crying. My head lowered and I walked to the third wall. I jumped back in surprise as I heard her yelling in anger.

"gosh, she sounds pissed."

I walked to the final wall and could hear her singing. Her enchanting voice filled my mind as she sang the lyrics to Taylor swift's 'Ronan'. The only reason I new what it was called was because she had sang it so many times that I just had to ask her what it was called. A smiled rested on my face as I looked to the ceiling, it was silent. When I looked back to the floor, I saw a girl lying on her stomach writing something in a notebook. As I got closer, I saw that the girl was Madison. She wore the same sweatpants and sweatshirt that I had last seen her in. Her silky brown hair cascaded down her back. And her feet were stuck up in the air, ricking back and forth ever so slightly. Her head rested in her right hand as she wrote something in the notebook and scowled as she angrily erased it. But, when I got closer, I saw that she wasn't writing, but drawing instead.

"Wow, there's a shocker." I said. She didn't seem to hear me because she kept on adding lines to her drawing. Lying down next to her, I looked at what she was drawing; it was a tiger, but not any tiger, a black tiger. It was standing at the edge of a pool under a waterfall; looking into the clear water. It reminded me of the waterfall that Madison had taken me to those few years ago and I smiled. As I looked closer, I could see the reflection of the tiger showed no tiger, but a man. I smiled wider and stood up as the dream faded.

Sitting up in bed, I frowned softly. She looked to happy.

"Maybe it was better that I left…"

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