This is a sequel to my first story, Retrospective. You may want to read that before this or the storyline here won't make too much sense.

It had been nearly three months since the death of Jim Davis and a lot had changed for Millie and Rachel. For a start, they were now living together in Millie's house. For another, this was the first day back for the both of them; after they were granted leave due to the "Stressful circumstances" they found themselves in three months ago.

Sally had visited practically every week, making sure they were recovering well and grilling Millie about how she was feeling after she heard that Millie had ended up in rape/ sexual assault counselling support group. Terry had decided to move back to London from her flat in Australia because she wanted to get to know the half sister who she thought was her cousin. She was around for dinner every day, for reasons Rachel believed were to check up on them rather than the innocent "Because I'm lonely" excuse she had given when Rachel had asked.

Millie and Rachel grew closer almost every day, but something was wrong and they both knew it. Not with their relationship, they were as happy as they could be, but with the memories. Rachel froze every time Millie bought up the subject of Davis, often making excuses to get away then locking herself into the bathroom and crying her eyes out.

Millie was having her own difficulties also. Sometimes she would let her mind wonder, back to the warehouse and she found herself scared witless and calling for Rachel to hold her. The counselling sessions were helping her deal with how she felt, but her insomnia was 10 time worse every time she went, and she figured it was because vocalizing what had happened to her made it seem more vivid. The only relief she got was when Rachel crawled into bed beside her and wrapped her arms around Millie's waist, holding her close.

They both knew that to get past everything they needed to talk to one and other about what had happened, but they both still found it hard vocalizing the hell they went through, so they kept quiet. It's not like they hadn't tried to talk about it, but they both wound up crying their eyes out when they started to relive what had happened.

Rachel awoke to a gentle kissing on the back of her neck. She smiled and shuffled round in the bed until she was facing Millie, who was propped up on her pillow smiling.

"Morning beautiful." Millie murmured softly, kissing her forehead and moving a lock of hair out of her eyes with a finger.

"Mornin'" Replied Rachel rubbing her eyes like a child and grinning at her lover.

"Sleep well?" Millie asked, caressing her girlfriend's cheek.

"Mmm… well we didn't exactly do much sleeping, did we?" Rachel replied with a mischievous grin on her face.

"You're getting cheekier by the day, you know that?" Said Millie in a joking voice. "Now c'mere!"

Millie pushed Rachel flat onto her back and started kissing her face and tickling her ribs, making Rachel laugh her head off. Rachel then turned the tables on Millie, pushing her off and kissing her neck. They then proceeded to roll off of the bed and onto the floor, collapsing in a pile of limbs shaking with laughter.

"No... No... Stop!" gasped Rachel through laughter, trying to protect her ribs.

"Ok.. ok." Sighed Millie, clambering off of her and staring deep into her eyes before closing the gap between them and kissing her lips.

They stayed there for a moment, holding each other close, and Rachel rubbing Millie's back as their naked bodies touched. It took a couple of minutes for them to regain their senses and realize what day it was.

"Oh damn!" Sighed Millie, as the broke apart. "We don't exactly want to be late on out first day back…"

"We're fine, Sally offered to pick us up, remember?" Rachel replied, grinning.

"What time?" Millie asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Uhm… 8:30 I think." Replied Rachel.

"And the time now is…" Millie began, propping herself up on her pillows to get a look at the alarm clock.

They poked there heads over the bed and stared at the alarm clock, their expressions simultaneously turning from worry to horror.

It was 8:31.

"You two looking forward to being back?" Sally asked as she drove them in a police car to the nick.

Neither Millie nor Rachel answered, instead Millie gripped Rachel's hand a little tighter and Rachel put a hand on her shoulder in response.

"Hey, don't worry. As far as it goes at the nick, everyone knows about you two and they couldn't be more supportive." Sally added reassuringly, staring at them in the mirror.

"What do you mean supportive?" asked Rachel, starring at Sally's eyes on the mirror.

"They are happy for you both; they want to help you move on. That's all." Sally replied. "OI mate what the hell is your game!"

A jet black car had pulled in front of the police car, and was moving at a speed that was at least double the speed limit. Sally let out an angry roar and turned on the sirens, as she sped up and started to give chase. She took one hand of the wheel to chuck her radio to Millie, who caught it with a nod.

"We have sierra Oscar one can you read me?" Millie called through the radio.

"This is sierra Oscar one. Millie? Is that you?" Called Smithy, surprise clear.

"Smithy, we have a situation. Unknown black car just overtook us, licence plate SE25 F4P. The driver is going at over double the speed limit." Millie called over the radio, ignoring his surprise. "We're turning out of Crescent drive onto Carlow lane now."

"Ok PC brown, I'll be sending backup ASAP." Smithy replied, all traces of surprise gone.

Sally sped up until they were almost scratching the back of the black car with their own. She then suddenly sped up more and swerved in front of the car, making the back car screech to a stop. The driver shot out and so did Rachel, sprinting up to the hooded man too quickly for him to escape. She rugby tackled him the ground, sending them both flying into a nearby ditch. After a brief struggle along with Millie and Sally jumping into the fray and pulling out the hooded man.

"Name. now." Ordered Rachel.

"Gordon Brown." Replied the man with a slight grin on his face.

"And your real name." Commanded Sally, tightening the cuffs.

"None of your damn business sweetheart." Replied the guy, staring at Rachel and Millie. "I didn't think other prisoners were allowed to help with arrests."

"Sergeant Weston. PC Millie brown." Rachel said, pointing at her girlfriend. "Now lets not forget PC Sally Armstrong. I warn you, she does have a tendency to stray form the rules and I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate a kick in a very sensitive area."

"Alright... alright… my names Martin Wayne if you must know." Replied the man staring over his shoulder at Sally who did look about ready to knee him. "What's wrong with PC Brown over there?"

Millie was hiding behind Rachel's shoulder, her expression wide and terrified.

"Millie…" Murmured Rachel softly.

"Everything alright here?" Called Tony from a police car which had pulled up.

"I told you I'm fine… stop fussing please!" Implored Millie.

She had been sitting at Gina's desk for the last half an hour trying to prove that she was fit to go to work. Gina was still eyeing her with same disbelieving expression she had eyed Rachel with, but Rachel was let off after about twenty minutes. Now the focus in Gina's office was 100% Millie.

"I'm not convinced. Millie you looked like you were about to feint according to Tony." Retorted Gina, staring at her with the usual piercing gaze.

"I was not going to feint. I just…" Millie began, staring at Rachel, who was standing in the corner of the room looking stricken for support.

"You just what?" sighed Gina, staring at her with a sympathetic gaze. "Millie, we all know what you and Sergeant Weston have been through, I'm just not sure if should have come back so soon."

"Inspector, with all due respect, to both you and Rach, I couldn't stay at home for a minute longer. I'm scared that… that If I don't come back now, I'm not going to be able to come back at all."

"Millie another couple of weeks won't-" Began Gina, her eyes widening further with sympathy.

Rachel crossed the room in two strides and put her arms around Millie's shoulders, silencing gina with an intense gaze.

"Inspector, what if I pair her with Sally for today? Sally knows what to look for." Interjected Rachel into the staring content going on in the room.

"Hmm..." Muttered Gina a she considered this. "Well alright, but only because we're a few officers short as it is."

Millie turned on her chair and smiled gratefully at Rachel, who gave her a hug.

"Thanks." She muttered into Rachel's shoulder.

"Oi! You two lovebirds; let me make this clear to you. If sally so much as reports that you tripped over and broke a nail, I will have you out of here before you can say "I'm fine". Is that understood?" Barked Gina, making them both jump out of their seats.

"Yes Inspector, we understand." They chimed together.

As they walked out of the Inspector's officer Rachel took Millie's arm and steered her over to where Sally was, during which Millie made a very vocal protest which was ignored by both.

"Right, you better be careful today." Sally warned, staring at her sternly.

"I know, I know…" Moaned Millie.

"Millie, if you want to stay working here without any more extended leave then I think you better take this more seriously." Rachel said, placing her hands on Millie's shoulders.

"I-I'm sorry..." Millie said, looking down.

"Hey, it's ok I'm not mad. But I know how much you want to be here and I want to make sure you've got everything you want." Rachel said gently, stroking her cheeks and gaining several quizzical looks from officers walking past.

"O-ok, I will." Millie said.

Rachel smiled and kissed her forehead, before turning and heading back to Gina's office.

"Ok, you ready to-" began Sally, just as a call crackled through over her radio.

"Sierra Oscar six, are you receiving, over."

"This is sierra Oscar six, what have you got?" Replied Sally, professionally as Millie leaned in to hear better.

"Young women wandering Carlyle Street, she appears to be disorientated and is showing signs of an attack."

"Sierra Oscar six, dealing." Replied Sally. "Let's move."

Millie stayed where she stood a little longer than she should of.

Something about this case was making her skin prickle.