Rachel and Millie walked slowly down the road together from the court house, Rachel's arm draped protectively over her shoulder. They gained a few quizzical looks from passers by but none pf them dare go near Rachel's thunderous expression. Rachel led Millie into a park and sat her down on the bench.

"Rachel I-"

"Millie are you-"

They both grinned sheepishly.

"You go first." Rachel said, taking her hand.

"I'm sorry about everything, I know that I can't stop you going away but I really can't live without you... look." Millie said, taking the tattered photo from her pocket.

Rachel smiled and bought out the note. "I can't live without you, either."

"Rach…" Millie began, but Rachel silenced her with a kiss.

"I know what you're going to ask. But I'm sorry, I have to leave."

Rachel felt a massive twinge of guilt when she saw the tears welling up in her lover's eyes.

"Rach... I can't do this." Millie sobbed, "Please don't go…"

"Millie I'm sorry but I must. I really wish that there was some other way but I have to go." Rachel murmured.

Suddenly an idea hit her.

"Millie… will you come with me? Will you live with me?"

Millie stared at her for several seconds, allowing exactly what her girlfriend had proposed to sink in.

"You... want me to…." Millie stammered, staring at her girlfriend's determined expression with pure shock.

"Millie I know that this is completely out of the blue, but it would give us a fresh start and it would be away from everyone. We would be free of all of this!"

"But our friends are here…" Millie mumbled.

"I know, and I'm not forcing you to come, but this place... has too many memories for me and for you, it's not healthy. We are constantly reminded of what happened."

"You're... You're right…." Millie said.

Millie looked straight into her eyes and smiled something she hadn't done in a very long time. She saw the pain of being hurt by someone and separated for so long, and she also saw the passion and love mixed with the guilt of not telling her about the tape, Rachel was right. That is too much for one person to have to deal with. Millie found herself wondering if she saw the same thing reflected in her eyes.

"Rach, I love you so much, more than I could ever put into words, and I see what you mean, there is too much pain here."

"So…" Coaxed Rachel as she stared deep into her lover's eyes.

"I'll come with you." Millie said, planting yet another kiss on her girlfriend's lips.

It was over, Terry had seen them both off with a giant party of which everyone but Millie and Rachel were still nursing hangovers from, and Sally and Rachel had made up, agreeing that they both should have been easier on each other. Jenny had come around and announced Wayne's 20 year sentence in a gleeful voice and thanked everyone for being so supportive. Gina and everyone else from the nick had wished them well, as they met at the airport. Last night had been something more than just a party for Millie and Rachel too, but the in between the sheets experience they had wasn't what had made them closer than ever, it was the rings that now sat on each other's fingers, not engagement rings, but rings that symbolized exactly what the old photo meant to Millie and the note meant to Rachel.

Pure, honest and true love. You don't find that every day.

"Millie?" Rachel asked the red haired women who had wrapped her arm around Rachel when the first sat down on the plane.

"Mmm?" Millie asked, caressing her girlfriend's hair.

"You know how much I love you right?"

"Yes Rachel, Yes I do."


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