The weather service report urges its residents to remain indoors and away from their windows as the massive and gusting hailstorm sweeps down into Smallville.

Ma Kent clucks her tongue with some disapproval, wiping her soapy hands on a dishrag, as Kon wanders onto the squeaking, wooden porch.

He cups a palm to gather some of the quickly falling, pebble-shaped chunks of ice. "Have you seen this so early in the year before?" A grin over his shoulder to her, lucid and excited, and Ma laughs with her boy as Krypto speed-flies over, spitting out a mouthful of drooled-on hail.


Your-Nuclear-Holocaust challenged me to do a 100-word drabble using Kon-El to 2 of 5 of the following words: "bouncing, service, report, shanghaied, script". Hope you enjoyed~!