Okay, another one-shot based on the latest episode 7x18 which I enjoyed thoroughly! This is set in the scene where the boys have to do some serious binge drinking. Sam's POV.

Thanks to any who read. I own nothing to do with SPN.

Alcohol spirit? Well that's a new one. And that's just great, now Dean actually has a reason to up his liquid diet; to go even more hard core and get tanked. 'Nothing wrong with that when it's all in the name of the hunt', he'd say. But, it'll probably take him like oh, I don't know, umm, about a gallon of booze to do the trick so maybe I'll get this whole stupid thing wrapped up before he even gets his buzz on.

Well, that's a first. I didn't hear one. Not one smartass or sarcastic comment flew in my direction to counteract my clever way of telling him he drinks too much, by way of that vitamin crack. So… either big brother is all business and only into the hunt right now, or, knows he's busted and that any rebuttal he tried on me would sound ultra-lame and make him look like an ass. He isn't fooling anyone, let alone me, and he knows better than to fight a battle when he doesn't have a leg to stand on. I mean sure, I may have been floating along in the crazy boat for a while there but I still know the score.

It's official. No glare or even a look in my direction so yeah, I'll totally go with that theory. Dean is in over his head and in trouble with this crap and even he realizes it. But, then again, he looks a little too excited, like 'kid in a candy store' excited about searching through the liquor rack to find something to help numb him the way beer and whiskey used to.

Okay then, guess I could use a drink.

God, that burns. Forced drinking to be able to see a spirit, life is just full of new ones today.

Well, now, that's just abnormal. Any other human being would just grab the first bottle they see and start in on it but oh no, not my brother, not Dean. I can hear him twist open bottle after bottle over there in hopes of finding the one magic elixir that will have the desired effect on him. And here I am, already feeling warm from one mouthful.

Okay, that sound he just made tells me he found it.

That first swig changes the look on his face and now it screams out satisfaction at the fact that he may have actually found the right poison to do the job on his head. Huh, I wonder how much it'll help to rot out the remainder of his liver.

Wait. Man, did he just chug that first glass down without even pausing to take a breath?

Serious. Problem. Dude. Now that I have been de-Lucifered we are going to have one hell of a long, overdue talk bro.

But, uh, I guess first we have to stop this spirit and, uh... Damn, something better show up soon or I'll be face-planting into this stupid keyboard.

C'mon, c'mon… Woah, wait a minute, there it is. Here we go, show officially back on the road.

Okay, now we're getting somewhere with this whatchamacallit doodad…

Are you kidding me? He feels kinda drunk? I'm practically seeing quadruple and he's just starting to get a buzz? My alcoholic alert is going off in my head. Wait, maybe that's just the blood rushing through my boozified veins.

Come on Sam, focus.

Right. Just to recap and get this straight in my fuzzy brain. The only times he seems to smile are when I'm covered in clown confetti or when he's finished almost an entire bottle of something that must be close to hundred proof?

I can hear him in my head right now.

'Yahtzee! You got it Sammy! Dude, this stuff is totally awesome!'

Man, my head hurts.

End. Thanks for stopping by.