Pirates Make Lousy Husbands

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. They belong to Disney.

"Jack, how can you do this to me?" Elizabeth complained in outrage and shock, the steel manacle tight about her wrist.

"Believe me this, Lizzie, I'm doing you a favor." The pirate explained as he stepped back to survey the situation of his creation. "Pirates make lousy husbands and that eunuch of yours has pirate blood. Ye may think ye want him, but ye really don't. He'll run off and leave you someday."

"And this is your solution?" She raised her right hand to display the cold band of steel about it, a short chain leading down to the matching manacle around a larger wrist.

"I think it be perfect." Jack grinned devilishly. "And it only took a single bottle of rum to think it up."

Elizabeth snorted in disgust. "This is my repayment for saving your life?"

Sparrow continued to grin as he held up the key to the manacles he had stolen and had hidden on his person until now. "Pirate."

"Give me the key!" She demanded and tried to snatch it with her free hand, only to have Jack easily leap out of reach.

"No! It be my key!" Jack pranced further away, heading towards the place he planned on making his exit.

"You can't leave us like this!" She wailed.

"Don't see nothing wrong with it, mate. Besides, he sure likes putting them on me. Thought I'd turn the tables as it were."

"Sparrow, give me the key." Norrington's cool voice ordered, the other end of the manacle around his wrist. "Don't make me hang you again."

"I told you I was rooting for you." Jack leaped up onto the little platform of Fort Charles, the sea at his back. All eyes were on him and the key he held. "If ye be clever, ye might get free in a month or so…"

And with those last words, he stumbled and fell to the sea below, leaving James and Elizabeth manacled together.

"Well, the nerve of that pirate!" Governor Swann said while looking shocked by the man's antics. "He must steal anything not nailed to the floor, even manacles. Now who has a key?"

The marines and navy officers milled about, unsure what to do.

"The keys, I'm afraid, are unique to the locks. If they weren't, the prisoners would just steal a key and have copies made so the manacles would be useless." James informed the Governor. "I'm afraid it won't be easy to get off, which was Sparrow's plan. I can't chase after him while manacled to your daughter."

Elizabeth sighed. It was clear she was going to end up spending lots of time with James in the foreseeable future.