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Ven!- sight!

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The fire crackled and glowed, its colours contrasting with the black night sky. There was a figure sitting close to the flames but it was too distant for Elena to see the details of the creature, ven! she whispered.

In a whirl of colour, her eyes zoomed and closed in on the figure and she was able to see as though she was standing right next to it.

It was human. Elena relaxed a little; she had expected it to be an Orc or Goblin. The human male sat on a large log; he seemed to be cooking meat of some sort. Elena's stomach gave an impatient grumble reminding her of why she had approached the fire in the first place, for the hope of finding food after an unsuccessful hunt.

She pulled the hood of her grey cloak further over her head and sheathed her sword, Aiedail causing the dancing flames to reflect off its sharp blade.

Elena stepped out from the shadows of the thick forest, only five meters away from the tree clearing where the man sat-she could smell the pleasant scent of smoke and roasting meat mixed with pine leaves.

Her feet moved almost silently but confidently forward, her boots crunching dead leaves and soil. If she was greeted with violence she would be ready for attack and kill him before he got the chance.

Elena entered the clearing like a dark shadow but she could feel the heat from the fire, she raised her blade slightly awaiting the man's reaction. The man felt her presence and turned startled, in the light Elena could see this was not a man exactly, but younger, appearing to be two more than her seventeen years.

He got up from the log, grabbing his sword and snarling – his strong chest hidden under a laced cotton shirt. Elena continued to approach, watching him through narrowed eyes but was met with the sharp tip of his sword at her neck, 'Who are you?' he hissed darkly,

Elena hesitated, 'Ah, no one in particular…' her business was her own,

He scowled his grey eyes menacing, 'Why have you come here?' the blade pressed harder into her neck,

'Look here, I don't know who you are but you have food and I haven't eaten in two days,' she glared angrily. The man lowered his blade slowly recognising a female voice,

'You approach with weapons like you want to kill me, yet you only want food?' he seemed amused,

'…yes.' Elena sniffed, the man laughed and sat back down on the log,

Elena walked over reluctantly and sat beside him, why am I trusting him?

His dark hair flopped into his eyes as he served rabbit on to a darkened metal plate and handed it to her; she took it gratefully removing the hood from her head to take in the fire's warmth. 'Thanks,' she murmured, and then began to eat, the warm food filling her stomach.

They had both finished the rabbit and Elena was feeling full and contented.

'What is your name?' he asked abruptly,

'Elena,' she watched the flames, 'and you are?'

'Murtagh.' Elena suddenly remembered the wine skin in her belt and smirked, the sweet taste would be perfect after the meat,

'Here,' she said removing it and handing it to him, 'it's Elven wine.' Murtagh looked at her cautiously understanding that the wine could easily be poisoned,

She sighed, 'It is not poisoned, look,' she took a mouthful from the bottle, the sweet syrup lighting her senses.

Murtagh took the wine skin from her and drank, the flavour bursting in his mouth and the strength making him feel light. Soon the entire wine skin was drank and they were both laughing uncontrollably.

He got up rather dizzy and bowed, 'Would… you like to-dance, fair lady?'

'Why, yes—Sir Murtagh,' Elena answered giggling. They both stood up, Murtagh wrapping his arm around Elena's cloaked waist and they started spinning and dancing around the camp fire.

Between fits of laughter they sang and swore in Elvish not realising what they were saying and cursing the very existence of elves and men.

Murtagh picked up Elena in his arms and spun her around; she let out squeals of excitement as well as hiccups. The dizziness from their drunken behaviour made them fall over each other but they continued to laugh and shout.

They soon became tired and slept where they fell on the forest floor, Elena lying drunk on Murtagh's shoulder.

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