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Elena felt a prod in her dreams, she grumbled and tried to ignore it but something prodded her again. She realised she was not dreaming and she sat up startled to find Murtagh sitting on the edge of her bed, she stared at him bewildered.

'Have you forgotten we are meant to be going hunting?' he asked, the information processed in her head,

'Crap!' she said and pulled back the covers- her bare feet hitting the cool marble floor, 'i'll be one minute.'

Elena scrambled in the cupboards pulling out a cream tunic and brown leggings, she half ran across the bedroom and towards the bathing chamber. As she went she wondered why Murtagh had been watching her but didn't realise until she was in the chamber and had the door closed.

She was wearing a tight blue satin slip with a floaty robe tied over it, 'For goodness sake!' she hissed, I musn't have even looked while i was dressing last night. She whipped off the horrifying 'princess' dress, and got dressed into the tunic and leggings before hobbling around the room as she tried to put her boots on.

Splashing her face with water from the dish, she then ran her fingers through her hair because she had no time to braid it. Grabbing her weapons and cloak she left the chamber and burst into the room. Murtagh stood with his arms folded,

'Are you ready?'

Elena nodded and grabbed an apple from the basket, 'Yep.' She followed him out of the bedroom door and into the walkway which was empty as it was so early.

They made their way to the forest where they had trained as Thorn soared overhead. They walked for sometime deep into the forest when Murtagh stopped and put a finger over his lips, there in the distance was a deer drinking at a small stream- Elena raised her bow. She was about to shoot when the deer twitched and sprinted off into this trees. 'Damn!' Murtagh whispered.

It was four hours before they got another chance, when a large hare jumped out from the forest undergrowth Elena took her chance and aimed, releasing the arrow quickly and hitting the hare sucessfully. Murtagh took the animal, skinned it and prepared it but evening was approaching before it was ready to cook.

They lit a fire in a forest clearing and Murtagh roasted the meat over the fire as the sun began to set and Thorn flew off to hunt for himself. They ate the meat and Murtagh began to speak,

'Do you ever think that by going to lead an army into battle we are risking the lives of ourselves and those who depend on us?'

Elena frowned, 'What do you mean?'

'We are expected to take control of an army- what if we fail or make the wrong decision, what happens to the men? Are their deaths a result of our carelessness?'

' I guess a lot depends on us so we need to make sure we will not fail- we need to trust that we can do this because if we don't believe we can achieve victory, how can the men believe it?' she looked at him sincerely,

He sighed, 'You're right.' Elena grew tired and she found herself resting her head on his shoulder,

'Do you mind? It's just I'm tired,'

He nodded, 'No, it's okay,' and wrapped his arm around her shoulder fiddling with a strand of her hair. She wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes feeling safe.

'Sweet dreams, fair elf.' he said in Elvish and it was the last thing Elena heard before falling asleep.

The moon loomed overhead when Murtagh woke Elena. 'We should be getting back,' he whispered stroking her hair. It wasn't long before they were back and walking along the path to Elena's room.

'Thank you,' she hugged him, 'for today.' Murtagh chuckled and Elena could feel the vibration in his chest,

'You're welcome,' he said pulling her close and whispering, 'I'll see you tomorrow, get some rest okay?'

'Okay.' With that Murtagh walked off disappearing around the corner.