"Are we ever going to talk about it?" I ask him on the way back to the Capitol. After everything is over. Not yet knowing what they'll do to me for challenging them.


"Please talk to me."

"What you did was unthinkable."

"I had to."

"No, you didn't. I wanted to protect you."

"You did, in the beginning. Then, I owed you."


"You did so much for me. I had to do it."

"It would have felt like less of a betrayal if you had asked me."

"Would you have taken it?"

"Yes." I know he's lying.


"Leave me alone." Peeta closes his eyes as if in pain. "Just leave me alone."

"Do you understand that I had to do it?"

"Did you?"

"Please forgive me."

"They could have killed you."

"They didn't. Thresh saved me." I whisper, since I don't know if the Capitol will like that I was supposed to be killed, but wasn't.

"You're lucky that happened."

"I know."

"Do you understand that I want to protect you, even now? I wasn't doing for the cameras. Apparently, you were."

"At first." I admit. "But then I wasn't."

"What changed?"

"Seeing how much you needed me." I tease him, knowing he won't like that reason.

"Do you promise not to drug me again?"

"As long as you promise not to need it."

He pulls me towards him, and I know that he has forgiven me. It's a wonderful feeling.