I just thought of this after watching twisted sister. I always wondered though what would happen if Tony and Ziva took revenge a bit too far?

Prologue anyway. Kinda short but then like I said it's just a prologue.


Gibbs felt his body relax as he heard the weak voice.

"Yeah Tim, I'm right here" he called and grabbed his agents hand. Tim squeezed it and felt safer.

"Sorry…boss…" he said and Gibbs shook his head. "Don't apologize, just tell me what happened if you can"

Tim nodded. "I was….alone….in…basement….five….men….beat…me" he slurred.

"Wait…you were alone?" Gibbs asked. Tim nodded. His eyes then drifted and Gibbs turned to see his other two agents.

"We can explain boss" Tony said.

"Can you do it outside boss? I don't want to see them right now" McGee asked and Gibbs could hear the betrayal.

Gibbs nodded and pointed out. Tony and Ziva left quickly. Tim grabbed Gibbs arm before he could join.

"I'm sorry boss" he said. "Not you're fault Tim" Gibbs said and Tim shook his head.

"Not…my…apology" he stammered. He then took a breath and got a shot of pain from his injuries.

"I…I quit…I…I love…working… with you…boss… but…I can't….they almost… killed me….for a…stupid book" he slurred. Tim then shed a tear.

"I'll….really….miss you" he added.

"I'll miss you as well Tim" Gibbs retorted. Tim yawned and Gibbs ruffled his hair as he fell asleep. "I'm so sorry kid" he whispered.

He knew that Tony was always a bit harsh to Tim but he had never done anything because Tony never let it get too out of hand. It was a big brother thing he assumed.

This though, this was unacceptable. Gibbs wasn't sure what to do. He was going to lose another agent he knew but he didn't want it to be Tim. Not for a book. Hell, he even liked the book, thought it was interesting.

Gibbs stormed out of the room with a last sympathetic look to his young agent. He gave his two other agents a murderous glare.

"Boss, it was a joke, we had no idea…."

"No, because you never think DiNozzo!" Gibbs snapped cutting him off.

"I'm sorry boss….I didn't….I mean…" Tony stammered. "Yeah, you did Tony and I just lost another agent because of your stupidity" Gibbs snapped and stormed off.

"Tim quit?" Ziva asked. Tony turned and peeked his head into Tim's room.

"I guess so Ziva, I think we lost Timmy forever all because of a stupid book" he answered softly.