The melody persisted, John turned his attention from the couple to the sphere.

On the ball's surface a screen appeared. On that screen an image, of what appeared to be a cockroach, appeared. Words started to pop up next to the image.

The woman looked at the sphere, "This right here is our mission," She gestured to the screen, "Lets see what it says." She squatted infront of it, "Periplaneta usa, oh that creative, is a large bug like creature. Their size varies, strong, and fast. So they are like giant cockroaches? Well everyone," From the sides of the sphere, compartments opened. "grab your suit and a weapon, or weapons. After you do that I'll allow questions."

Since the murder of the man, the crowd had been dead silent. One-by-one they walked to the ball and grabbed cases with their names on them. They stripped down, on seeing that the black suits were to tight otherwise. They grabbed the weapons, that looked like guns.

The crowd split into smaller groups, as crowds usually do.

John was in a group of three, with the other two people being The Boy and Carol. The atmosphere in the room was dense, no one was talking, dead silent. What the hell is going on? No one is doing anything, we're just doing as those two said. Are we really here just to kill some bugs? John thought, standing in his group.

"You all can talk." The man said. His group included his wife and a few others, all seemed to know what was going on.

"So, how did you die?" John asked Carol. She's really hot.

"I don't want to talk about it." She answered.

John turned to The Boy, "Hey what..." What the hell? The Boy's head was gome, with more of him disappearing.